How to Get MVP in Rocket League Sideswipe

How to Get MVP in Rocket League Sideswipe: In 2021, the video game Rocket League Sideswipe, which features vehicular soccer, was created. As players progress through the game, more cars, rewards, and challenges are added. This game was a spinoff from the original Rocket League launched back in 2015 which is available exclusively on PC and Consoles.

How to Get MVP in Rocket League

In the mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe, you must also utilize your vehicle to hit the ball. The main difference between the mobile and desktop versions is that you can only play in 2D and with two players per team. However, a few elements from the original game, such as the MVP, are still present. In this post, we will explain how to get MVP in Rocket League.

What is MVP in Rocket League’

In almost every instance where the acronym is used, MVP refers to the “Most Valuable Player. Rocket League Sideswipe is no exception.

This signifies that you were the best player in the game. The player with the most points—whose total can be shown on the scoreboard at the conclusion or throughout a game—is designated as the MVP.

At the conclusion of a game, a star icon is displayed to the right of the name on the scoreboard. That player is the one declared as MVP.

How to Get MVP in Rocket League

How to Get MVP

Playing a “Casual” 2v2 match is the quickest method to earn MVP in Rocket League. In contrast to striving to win the MVP award in a 3v3 or Chaos (4v4) competition. In a 2v2 match, you only need to compete against three other players to get the highest score in the match. This ensures that you have the highest probability of scoring the MVP title.

Earning MVP in a casual 2v2 competition should be far simpler than trying to do so in a competitive-ranked match. This holds true even in a game with more players present at once. To have the best chance of winning MVP, try to contribute to the action as much as you can. This can be done by scoring a few goals, making a few saves, and being involved in the play.

Tips to Become MVP in Rocket League

In any case, the best way to consistently get the MVP title is to improve your Soccer skills and keep practicing. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you improve your gameplay. We are quite confident that this will set you up on the path of being a regular MVP in your matches in Rocket League.


Making your car spin is one of the most recognizable tricks and freestyle moves. Even though it might seem challenging at first, practice will make it easy. The best approach to perform a spin is to boost up to get off the ground. And then aiming upward or in any upward-angled direction. When you are airborne, release your grip on the joystick but instantly re-grab it in an upward motion. From there, you can go in whatever direction you like.

Flick Shots

If you just started the game, you might think that repeatedly pressing the boost button in front of the ball is the greatest approach to make a strong shot. Even though it is quite effective, inexperienced players frequently use this strategy, and some seasoned players even occasionally use it. To get strong shots, you should, however, go as close to the ball as you can before doing a flip. The flip will send the ball flying in the direction you are pointing with a significant thrust.

Dash Past Opponents in the Beginning

The ball shouldn’t ideally be near your goal since it raises the possibility that your opponent will score. Additionally, it also means that you might unintentionally score a self-goal. To avoid doing that, boost toward the direction of the ball at the start of each round, perform a half-front flip, and then immediately click the Jump-Boost button. This will enable you to score by putting the ball just inside your opponent’s goal.

Use Jump Boost

Much like the last tip, except instead of flipping, you can repeatedly touch the Jump-Boost button as long as you are making contact with and leaving the ground. You can jump multiple times at once because of the jump + reset that is brought about by this. Your ability to pick up speed quickly and significantly faster thanks to this mechanism.


Since there are no limitations on how you can or cannot control your car with your joystick if you are not an excellent flipper, you can fake a flip. You can achieve this by boosting up to the ball and lightly lifting the joystick when striking it; this will have the same effect as flipping the ball.

With these tips, we have come to the end of our guide on how to get MVP in the Rocket League. For more exciting content, visit our website here.

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