How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16?

How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16? The Ultima Weapon holds a revered status as the pinnacle of strength and capability within Final Fantasy 16. With its extraordinary attributes, it surpasses all other weapons available in the game. However, it is important to note that acquiring the Ultima Weapon is not a task to be taken lightly. It demands careful planning, strategic thinking, and unwavering perseverance. As you embark on this exhilarating journey, you will find yourself delving into the intricate mechanics of the game, uncovering hidden quests and secrets, and confronting formidable adversaries that will test your skills to the limit.

How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16?

In the vast and immersive world of Final Fantasy, the Ultima Weapon stands as the epitome of power and excellence. Its awe-inspiring abilities and unmatched stats make it the ultimate objective for dedicated players seeking to enhance their gameplay experience. 

How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy? through the steps of acquiring the Ultima Weapon, including the blueprint, materials, crafting process, and its ultimate location. Prepare to embark on a journey to wield the ultimate power in Final Fantasy 16.

Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16: Blueprint and Unlocking New Game Plus

To obtain the Ultima Weapon, you must first complete the main story of Final Fantasy 16. This achievement will unlock the hidden hardest difficulty setting, known as New Game Plus (NG+). Once you start NG+, you’ll gain access to exclusive content and challenges, including the opportunity to acquire the Ultima Weapon blueprint.

The Ultima Weapon Blueprint in Final Fantasy 16

In NG+, you can obtain the Ultima Weapon blueprint by completing the Blacksmith Blues side quest series. This questline consists of four parts: Blacksmith’s Blues, Blacksmith’s Blues II, Blacksmith’s Blues III, and Blacksmith’s Blues IV. Each quest becomes available as you progress through specific main quests. Completing the Blacksmith Blues series will reward you with the blueprint needed to craft the Ultima Weapon.

Materials for Crafting

Crafting the Ultima Weapon requires three key materials: Gotterdammerung Reforged, Utterance of Creation, and Everdark Reforged. The Gotterdammerung Reforged blueprint can be obtained through the Blacksmith Blues IV side quest. The Utterance of Creation is automatically given to you at the beginning of NG+. Lastly, the Everdark Reforged material is obtained as the final Eikon upgrade for your base sword after defeating Odin.

Crafting Process and Location

How to Get Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16?

Once you have collected all the necessary materials, head to Blackthorne, the renowned smithy in Final Fantasy 16. Blackthorne will be your crafting hub, where you can bring together the Gotterdammerung Reforged, Utterance of Creation, and Everdark Reforged to forge the Ultima Weapon. Upon successfully crafting the weapon, you’ll wield its awe-inspiring power and become a force to be reckoned with.

Ultima Weapon Stats

The Ultima Weapon boasts unparalleled strength and potential, with its impressive stats of 700 for both damage and stagger. These remarkable attributes make it the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 16, providing a significant advantage against even the toughest enemies. With the Ultima Weapon in your arsenal, you’ll be able to face any challenge with confidence.


Obtaining the Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 16 is a journey worth undertaking. Through completing the main story, unlocking NG+, acquiring the blueprint, gathering the necessary materials, and crafting the weapon at Blackthorne, you will harness the immense power of this legendary weapon. 

With its formidable stats and unrivaled abilities, the Ultima Weapon will serve as your ultimate tool for conquering the game’s most challenging battles. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure and let the Ultima Weapon guide you to victory in Final Fantasy 16. May your path be filled with triumph and unforgettable moments as you wield this unparalleled source of power. For more such information, visit Gameophobic

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