How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available for consoles and PC, and players all over the world are embarking on their second planet-hopping adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan introduced in 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order, returns in the open-world video game sequel.

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

Cal can return to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost after reaching and investigating the Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to begin the Investigate the Abandoned Shack Rumor. A side quest that tasks him with searching Koboh for a workshop said to contain some unique rewards. The shack itself is fairly easy to find, but getting inside can be challenging.

So, let us explore the abandoned shack with Cal Kestis as we tell you How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor in this blog.

How To Find The Abandoned Shack In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal can return to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost after visiting the Forest Array and interact with the Prospector standing inside the Stables entrance to begin the side quest. This NPC will inform Cal that an abandoned workshop somewhere on Koboh is rumored to be full of treasures.

The player should fast-travel to the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point, turn around, and enter the cave leading to Foothill Falls to find the Abandoned Shack. Cal must then jump into the pool below and climb up the grate on the opposite side to reach solid ground.

If players have yet to find and recruit Skoova, they can do so by interacting with him here. Otherwise, they should turn to the right and glide to a new area using the Relter overlooking the ravine.

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

Cal will be attacked by a Rawka and three Raider Grunts upon landing. The Rawka are easily defeated, but the Raiders can be a little more difficult. If players are having trouble defeating this trio, they can use the Mind Trick ability to turn them against themselves.

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

In Jedi Survivor, there are two ways to enter the abandoned shack. A partially melted door inside the building and an underground area with a large object that Cal he can’t move. Both are initially accessible by yanking on a variety of doors and shutters with Force pull.

How to Open the Melted Door

To open the melted door in the abandoned shack in Jedi Survivor, you must first reach the roller mine dispenser with the red lights on. You won’t be able to get there until you can tame and ride Nekkos in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

If you are facing the cliff edge, look for the path that heads down to the right. Follow that around until you reach a cave with a nekko inside. Jump on the creature and ride it to the shack, where you can super jump from the creature’s back to the wall run. This leads to a higher ledge.

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor

You can then swing across to the mine dispenser, have BD-1 slice it, and then get the mine that appears to follow you to the edge. Jump back down to the shack, and the mine will remain behind. Use Force grab and then drop it through the roof hole, and throw it at the door. You will be rewarded with an extra Stim Canister.

Get Into The Basement of Abandoned Shack

You can enter the abandoned shack’s basement by pulling up the shutters on the floor entrance. Once the enemies are defeated, there will be a couple of Raiders and a droid called T-1N8 that you can recruit. The caverns are beyond the small gap in the wall you can squeeze through after forcing the panel off the wall.

Inside the caverns, you will find an unusable lift and a meditation point, as well as a slew of exploding droids, so be prepared. You will need the Force lift ability to raise the large metal object Cal initially claims he can’t move in order to fully enter the caverns.

Once it is up, you can enter the new area by dropping through the hole. It’s a good idea to have a few stim canisters on hand before entering because there’s a lot of danger below, including a rancor and a triple boss fight.

Rewards for Exploring Abandoned Shack

There’s a lot down here, so explore it thoroughly, but here are the key things to look for as you go:

  • A second Rancor to fight.
  • Several data discs, including a number hidden in vases that can be broken
  • A BD-1 upgrade that highlights all undiscovered chests, stims, and BD1 upgrades on the map.
  • The essence of force
  • tear with force
  • A hidden boss battles three enemies at once.
  • Skoova Stev the Fisherman and the Fish with a Barbed Hook
  • Lift back up to make a shortcut.

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