How to Logout From Free Fire

How to Logout from Free Fire: Free Fire is a Third-Person Shooting (TPS) Battle Royale Game in which 50 players converge on a distant island and fight to the death or to be the last one remaining. Through its gameplay, the game provides a realistic experience.

How to Logout From Free Fire

Free Fire can be played against or with players from all around the world. You may even recruit your friends to join your squad and compete against other players. The Account system was added in the Free Fire to save your data/progress and make inviting friends easier.

You can now quickly create an account in Free Fire using your Facebook, Google, or VK account, or you can create a Guest Account. After logging into any of the accounts, your progress is saved to that account. However, there are situations when you need to log out of your Account but are unable to do so. We will show you how to logout from your Free Fire account.

What is the Use of Logging Out of Free Fire on Other Devices

Logging out of Free Fire on other devices helps us secure our account from theft and fraud.

This is because it will only be available on our mobile or computer, which is especially important if we have opened free fire in public locations or on someone else’s mobile.

Or if we have misplaced our previous device on which we had our gaming account open.

How to Logout from Garena Free Fire Account?

Open Settings menu– The Settings button may be found in the lobby at the upper right corner of your screen.

How to Logout From Free Fire

Make Certain That You Are in The Basic Tab– There are several tabs available under settings, such as Basic, Sensitivity, Controls, Sound, and so on. You must first navigate to the Basic Tab.

Scroll Down and Select ‘Logout’- The Log Out button is located at the bottom of the basic Tab. So, scroll down until you see the ‘Log Out button.

How to Logout From Free Fire

Logged Out Successfully- You have successfully logged out of your Free Fire Account after completing the procedures outlined above.

It is that simple to log out of your Free Fire account. But there is another way to accomplish the same thing. You can log out of your Free Fire Account with a single tap using this method.

When you start the Free Fire App, after a brief loading period, the game prompts you to ‘Tap To Begin.’ You may or may not have noticed, but on this screen, you also have the option to log out. There is a Logout button at the bottom left of the screen.

To log out of your Free Fire account, simply hit the button. You can use either approach; both will take you to the same screen after logging out. You can then log in to your account, whether it is the same or a different one.

How to Keep your Account safe?

There are some simple things you can take right now to keep your Free Fire account safe from hackers. Check them out below!

Change your Password Frequently

Because your password is the first and most important security layer protecting your Free Fire account from hackers, updating your password regularly is the first thing you should do. If you are not too lazy, you should update your password at least every 3 or 6 months to keep hackers at bay.

How to Logout From Free Fire

Do not share your Account

One of the most important laws of the virtual world: never trust anyone. Even if your buddies ask to borrow your account for a short time for an event, be cautious and double-check to see if you’re truly texting your friends. Many people lost their accounts simply by lending them to a friend, only to discover that it was their friend’s account that had been compromised by hackers.

Do not Visit untrusted Websites

One of the most common scam websites appears to be a trustworthy Garena website. These websites promise to give away free gems and skins in exchange for certain personal information. However, gamers that participate in this online fraud risk losing their accounts as well as all of their diamonds to hackers.

How to Logout From Free Fire

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