How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits: Blox Fruits is a popular anime-themed game that can be found on a variety of gaming platforms, including Roblox. The game is based on the iconic anime and manga series One Piece and allows players to embark on nautical adventures and discover different islands while playing as a pirate.

With over millions of players, this game is still popular. While the game is based on One Piece, it features its own pirate crew.

In this article, we will go through How to Create a Crew in Blox Fruits and answer any questions you may have regarding it.

How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

What Exactly is a Crew in Blox Fruits?

A “crew” in Blox Fruits refers to a team of players who collaborate to explore the game’s world and embark on sea adventures. Players have the option to either join an existing crew or create one themselves, with a maximum of ten members per crew.

Joining a crew provides players with the opportunity to team up and face more challenging enemies and bosses together. Additionally, crew members can share treasure and support each other in completing the game’s story objectives. Crews have the ability to form alliances with other crews to further enhance their capabilities and undertake even greater challenges.

Players may also earn bounties for their crew by beating powerful enemies and bosses, which can be utilized to enhance the ship and equipment of the crew. The crew’s ship serves as a base of operations and may be upgraded to boost combat and exploration skills.

What You Need for a Crew in Blox Fruits?

When forming a crew in Blox Fruits, make sure you understand the various terms that the leader must follow in the game; if not, read the following points:

  •  To form a crew, the player must be at least level 300
  • The basic crew size is set at 15 people.
  • By acquiring slots, you may expand your crew.
  • Gamers may expand their crew to a maximum of 25 individuals by collecting a maximum of 10 slots.
  • Any player with a level below 300 can join a crew, but they cannot form one.
  • Crew Reward refers to rewards gained by crew personnel.
  • In Blox Fruits, all crew members will be an ally.
  • The captain can invite any player to join the crew also  whether or not to discharge a crew member.
  • If the crew is ranked in the top ten, they will be awarded a certificate.
  • Blox Fruits rates the best teams and the quantity of prize received.
How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

How to Make a Crew in Blox Fruits

Open the game and click the “Menu” button at the bottom of the screen: Launch the game and choose the “Menu” button at the bottom of the screen to build a crew.

Choose “Crew” and then “Create Crew”: Choose “Staff” after selecting “Menu.” Next, select “Create Crew” to begin the process of forming your own crew.

Enter a name for your crew and choose a logo: When forming a crew, you must give it a name and choose a logo to symbolize it. This will help other players recognize and differentiate your group from others.

Add players to your crew by clicking the “Invite” button and providing their username: To invite players to your crew, click the “Invite” button and input their username. This will give them an invitation to join your team.

Players can also join a crew by selecting “Join Crew” and inputting the crew name or ID: If you wish to join a crew, click on the “Join Crew” button and input the crew’s name or ID. This will submit a request to the crew captain, who will be able to accept or deny it.

You can begin recruiting crew members once you have created a crew. Crew members can assist you in exploring new islands, combating foes, and completing objectives. Furthermore, crew members can contribute to your crew’s total bounty, which is a reflection of the crew’s strength and achievements. Completing tasks, beating opponents, and gathering treasure will boost your crew’s bounty, give you a reputation, and other players will notice your crew’s strength and achievements.


Blox Fruits is an entertaining game for lovers of the One Piece anime and manga franchise. Gamers can go off on a pirate voyage with their crew in order to become the Pirate King.

Therefore, join the game, discover your “Nakama,” and begin your pirate adventure right now!

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