How to Perform a Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever

How to Perform a Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever: The exhilarating wrestling game AEW Fight Forever provides players with an immersive experience filled with fierce matches and dynamic fights. The catch counter is one of the fundamental methods that may alter the tide of a match. This lethal move allows you to intercept your opponent’s diving attempts and launch devastating grapples or ground assaults. Catch counters are vital for those looking to dominate the wrestling ring in AEW Fight Forever.

How to Perform a Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever

Catch counters need perfect timing, fast reactions, and a thorough comprehension of your opponent’s plays. It adds an additional dimension of strategy and excitement to the action by allowing you to gain control and unleash your own deadly moves. The thrill of flawlessly performing a catch counter and witnessing your opponent’s astonishment and loss is unparalleled. However, perfecting this method demands practise, patience, and a great sense of timing.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on How to Perform a Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever, along with valuable tips and tricks to enhance your skills in the game.

How to Perform Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever

A catch counter is a powerful move that enables players to intercept and reverse their opponent’s diving attacks. It requires precise timing and knowledge of the game’s mechanics to execute effectively. By successfully performing a catch counter, players can shift momentum in their favor and unleash punishing grapple or ground attacks.

Requirements for a Catch Counter

To perform a catch counter in AEW Fight Forever, ensure that your wrestler meets the prerequisites of Anti-Air Defense Skill. 

If your wrestler does not possess the Anti-Air Defense skill. Access the Moves and Skills menu, navigate to the Action Skills section, and verify if the skill has a checkmark next to it.

Perform a Catch Counter in AEW: Fight Forever

Follow these instructions to perform a catch counter in AEW Fight Forever:

Positioning: Stand in front of your opponent when they initiate a diving attack. Ensure that you are facing them directly to intercept their movement effectively.

Timing: As your opponent is about to land from their diving attack, press the corresponding button for your platform: X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, or Y on Switch. Timing is crucial, so aim for precision.

How to Perform a Catch Counter in AEW Fight Forever

Tips and Tricks for Catch Counters

Patience is Key: Avoid prematurely attempting a catch counter. Wait for the optimal moment to strike, as mistimed counters may result in your opponent landing safely.

Observe Animations: Pay close attention to your opponent’s animations, which often indicate an incoming diving attack. This visual cue will help you anticipate and time your catch counter more accurately.

Practice Makes Perfect: Dedicate time to practice catch counters in the Training mode. Regularly honing your skills will enhance your timing and execution, making you more proficient in performing catch counters during matches.


In AEW Fight Forever, the catch counter is a vital technique that can shift the momentum of a match and provide players with a strategic advantage. By following the requirements and step-by-step instructions outlined in this article, along with implementing the provided tips and tricks, you can become a skilled practitioner of catch counters in AEW Fight Forever. Mastery of this move will enable you to dominate your opponents and achieve victory in the virtual wrestling arena.

Remember, practice and perseverance are key to mastering the art of catch counters. So, step into the ring, hone your skills, and unleash your catch counter prowess in AEW Fight Forever! And if you are stuck on anything just visit Gameophobic to learn more about your game. 

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