How to Play Sports in GTA 5

How to Play Sports in GTA 5: The variety of mini-games and sports available in GTA 5 will keep players occupied for a very long time. With a variety of regulations, scoring systems, and movement dynamics, the game’s sports aspects could be very complex but also offer an immersive experience. 

How to Play Sports in GTA 5

The mini-games offer players a fun experience as well as the chance to earn in-game currency that can be used to buy items like houses, cars, and weapons. Additionally, GTA 5 offers multiplayer, which is a great way to enjoy the game’s various features with your friends.

In this blog, we will discuss How to Play Sports in GTA 5 and also dive into the different types of mini-games available and the controls for playing sports in GTA 5. So continue reading below.

How to Play Sports in GTA 5 With Friends

In GTA 5, playing sports with friends is even more enjoyable. You can play sports and mini-games with other people online in the game’s multiplayer mode. Since you can compete with other players and see who wins, this element ups the excitement level of the game.

You can play sports in GTA 5 with your friends.This is also an excellent chance to meet new people and build connections. Tennis, golf, or darts are just a few of the sports you may form teams for and compete against other teams in. It’s a great chance to learn new tactics and methods while also putting your talents to the test against other gamers.

In addition, participating in sports with friends in GTA 5 might result in some humorous situations and surprising results. Due to the realistic animations and in-game physics, you and your friends can laugh out loud at some hilarious accidents and dumb shenanigans. The sports are explained below


Tennis is one of the mini-games available in GTA 5, and it’s an entertaining and realistic way to take a break from the main storyline. In GTA 5, tennis is a multiplayer game, and you can play it with other players online or against the game’s AI.

To find the tennis game in GTA 5, you need to head to the Los Santos Golf Club. You can find it on the map, and it’s located in the Vinewood Hills area. Once you arrive, you can approach the tennis court and start the game.

To start playing tennis in GTA 5, you need to meet a few conditions. First, you need to have completed the “Friends Reunited” mission, which is part of the main storyline. Secondly, you need to be playing as Michael or Trevor to access the tennis mini-game.

The gameplay mechanics for tennis in GTA 5 are relatively simple. You use the left joystick to move your character around the court, and the right joystick to aim your shots. The A or X button is used to hit a groundstroke, and the Y or triangle button is used to hit a lob or drop shot.

Playing tennis in GTA 5 is an enjoyable and immersive experience. The game features realistic animations, sounds, and physics, making it feel like a real-life game of tennis. Also, invite your friends to share the fun and have a great time.


How to Play Sports in GTA 5

To play golf in GTA 5, players will need to find the golf course located in Los Santos, which can be found in the northern part of the city near the Galileo Observatory.

Once you arrive at the golf course, you’ll need to pay the entrance fee to begin playing. The entrance fee varies depending on the course you choose to play. Players can choose to play either a full game of 9 or 18 holes, or they can opt for a quick 3-hole game.

To begin playing, use the left joystick or mouse, if you are on a PC, to aim your shot and press and hold the X or mouse click to start your swing. Timing is crucial in golf, so players must release the button at the right time to hit the ball. The game provides a bar that shows the power and accuracy of the swing, and players must aim to hit the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes.

Playing golf in GTA 5 is not just about hitting the ball; it also involves strategic thinking and planning. Players must take into account the wind direction, distance, and slope of the green when taking their shots. The game’s physics engine is quite impressive, and the ball reacts realistically to the terrain and obstacles, making the game feel more authentic.

It’s a great way to unwind, and players can even play with friends in multiplayer mode. So, grab your golf clubs, head to the golf course, and get ready to tee off!

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a fun mini-game available in GTA 5 that can be played against the computer or another player. To initiate an arm wrestling match, players must look for the blue arm wrestling icons on the map. These icons indicate the location of the arm wrestling mini-game. Once players reach the location, they can start the game by pressing the indicated button.

To play arm wrestling in GTA 5, players must rapidly press the A button (X button on the PlayStation) to push their opponent’s arm down while pressing the B button (circle button on the PlayStation) to defend against their opponent’s attacks. The first player to push their opponent’s arm down three times wins the match.

Arm wrestling can be a fun way to pass the time in GTA 5 and earn some extra in-game cash. However, it’s worth noting that some of the characters you may encounter during an arm wrestling match can be quite strong and difficult to beat. It’s recommended that players level up their character’s strength before attempting to take on the stronger opponents.


To play darts in GTA 5, players need to visit one of the bars in Los Santos or Blaine County, such as the Yellow Jack Inn in Sandy Shores, the Hen House in Paleto Bay, or the Tequi-la-La in West Vinewood. Once inside the bar, players can interact with the dartboard and begin the game. The game can also be accessed through the pause menu by selecting the ‘Darts’ option.

When playing darts in GTA 5, players need to aim their throw using the left joystick and press and hold the A or X button to set their power level. Releasing the button at the right time will make the dart fly. The dartboard is divided into different sections, each with its own corresponding point value. Hitting the center bullseye is worth the most points, while hitting the outer rings will score fewer points.

Shooting Range

The shooting range in GTA 5 is a mini-game that allows players to test their shooting skills with various weapons. The game can be found on the map at the Ammu-Nation gun store located in the Pillbox Hill district of Los Santos. To begin, players must visit the gun store and interact with the shooting range.

Once in the shooting range, players will be provided with a range of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles, which they can use to shoot at targets. There are various types of targets available, such as stationary targets, moving targets, and exploding targets. Each target has a different point value, and players can earn money by scoring points.

The game offers different levels of difficulty, with more challenging levels unlocking as the player’s skills improve. In addition, players can compete with their friends on the shooting range to see who scores the most points.

The shooting range is an excellent way to practice shooting and improve accuracy. It’s also a fun mini-game that provides an exciting break from the game’s main storyline. However, to play the shooting range mini-game, players must first unlock it by completing certain missions in the game. Once unlocked, players can visit the Ammu-Nation gun store and play the shooting range mini-game anytime they want.


If you want to do well at sports in GTA 5. First off, remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t lose heart if you don’t perform well at first. Because each sport has its own set of rules, it is essential to learn those rules. You can learn what works best for you by experimenting with a variety of methods and strategies. 

Also remember that sports mini-games are a way to practice your skills while also having fun with others. Lastly, remember to take breaks because playing sports in GTA 5 could be really demanding.

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