How To Play With Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

How To Play With Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game? Grandpa is a key character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. He brings a handful of nifty tricks to the mix. But there is a catch, to find out how to play Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, read on.

How To Play With Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

The talents in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game are what distinguishes the experience and makes it more difficult for all players. Not only do the murderous characters have special skills, but so does the special killer Grandpa. These powers become available when he is fed more during a round, and they can quickly give the Family the upper hand.

So how exactly can you utilize this special player to your advantage? How does Grandpa help murder the victims? By now you might have noticed that he is not available for playing through the conventional character selection page. Read our guide on how to play with Grandpa in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

How To Play With Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Matches are played in this horror game between a team of four victims and a team of three murderous family members. TCM victims however, will find themselves up against four Family members. The problem is that one of them is restricted to a wheelchair and remains motionless during the game.

And that one stationary player NPC is the Grandpa. Yes, you heard it right!

How To Play With Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Grandpa cannot be played as a separate character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. He is partially playable in a way that his abilities can be utilized to help the family murder the otherwise outnumbered Victims.

So, what exactly are these abilities and how can you play with Grandpa in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Let us find out now.

How to Wake up Grandpa

At the outset of each match, Grandpa is fast asleep. He can always be located in specified regions, but players must become acquainted with the game’s maps in order to locate him quickly. Although either team can wake him up ahead of time, Grandpa will always become active during the match. You won’t be able to eke out a victory without him.

The noise made by a victim opening the cellar door will wake Grandpa awake. If a Family member attempts to feed him when he is asleep, he will wake up. Grandpa will scream in agony as soon as this happens. Victims who do not remain motionless will have their silhouettes highlighted in yellow for a brief period, alerting family members to their whereabouts.

How to Feed Grandpa

Naturally, Grandpa will become more and more dangerous as the game progresses. Blood bags will be strewn on the game’s map for family members to gather blood. They also collect blood when they successfully assault a victim. If that victim is slain, a large amount of blood will be collected automatically. Grandpa’s victim echolocation ability has numerous levels, and the only way to level up is to give him enough blood. The cooldown between uses of this ability decreases with each level.

Naturally, victim players would prefer that Grandpa not level up as quickly. Fortunately, they have a solution. In bone piles, victims can locate bone scraps. All a victim requires is a bone scrap to assault Grandpa with. You should be aware that this will alarm the rest of the household.

All Grandpa Abilities in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Always in Sync: When activated, the duration of the Family Focus ability is increased and the cooldown is lowered.

Animal Farm: Expands the detection radius of chickens

Barg to the Point: Barging doors always work the first time.

Brutal Power: Increases melee damage for all Family members slightly.

Don’t Have All Day: Sprinting stamina drain is reduced by 20%.

Excited Grandpa: At each level, the delay between Grandpa’s Sonar ability is reduced by 20%.

Experienced Stalkers: Reduces the proximity warning range of the Family for Victims.

Exterior Alarms: When turned on, all essential doors and gates are highlighted for 5 seconds if they are opened.

Nobody Gets Out of Hell: For all Victims, the minigame for closed doors is 40% more tough.

Suffocating Grip: Close encounter minigame is 20% easier for Perk holders.

Swing for the Fences: Reduces melee stamina usage by 20%.

Well fed Young’uns: When Grandpa’s Sonar is triggered, all Family members gain 50 stamina instantaneously.

Well Well Well: Victims who fall down wells suffer 50% greater damage.

Windoom: When victims jump out of windows, they receive 50% greater damage.

How to Avoid Grandpa as A Victim?

After being attacked, Grandpa will be stunned for a brief while, preventing him from informing the family of the other team’s location until he recovers. That being said, Grandpa isn’t inherently a threat until his blood level reaches its peak. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre warns victims when Grandpa is going to find them, but only while they are moving. If the player does not move after being warned, their silhouette will not appear.

Grandpa’s echolocation detects players regardless of movement at its maximum level, making it far more deadly. It’s worth noting that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will not allow family members to hurry Grandpa’s level-ups because he can only be fed blood when he’s hungry.


In the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Grandpa is a vital tool for the Family, as well as a huge thorn in the side of any Victim unfortunate enough to have to deal with him at his most dangerous. Grandpa isn’t the only item to think about when escaping or securing the Texas Chain Saw Massacre exits, nor is he the only family survivor can assault, so if you intend on playing as one of the game’s teenagers, learn how to fight back as a victim.

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