How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy: With a little clever levitation magic, players in Hogwarts Legacy can complete the Bell Tower Puzzle, earning a harmonic toll as a reward.

The puzzle is relatively easy to crack for those of you who want to explore. But if you are impatient and curious like us, you’d want to know How to solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Location of the Bell Tower Puzzle

The Bell Tower Puzzle is located above the Choir Room in the Bell Tower Wing, on the western section of Hogwarts; the Bell Tower Courtyard is the nearest Floo Flame spot to the chamber. It may be found after beginning the Solved by the Bell side quest.

The Choir Room will be the next room over once you ascend the first flight of stairs to your right from the courtyard. You’ll reach a little corridor with an Eye Chest at the end of it. You may get to the Bell Tower by going to the back of the room and ascending the wooden stairs.

Solving the Bell Tower Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Players should initially cast Leviosa on either of the two bells once they possess the magic that will be most helpful in repositioning the bells. Timing becomes vital to position their character in a way that best utilizes Accio because this briefly raises the object into the air.

The player can stand directly across from the hinge of the medium-sized bell on a little platform across from the area that looks down on the full bell collection since Accio pulls everything directly in their direction. Players have an excellent angle when casting Accio to draw the bell into the location where it locks into place after using Leviosa to raise the bell up on this overlook.

While players are utilizing the best spells for the circumstance in Hogwarts Legacy, the placement of the second, smaller bell has an impact on the object’s height. Players are advised to keep the bell as far above them as possible when using Accio on it because the hinge for this bell still has to be higher up and without a platform to aid it.

Players will hear a joyful tune play as a celebration once they have solved the Bell Tower challenge in Hogwarts Legacy by utilizing a clever mix of Leviosa to bring the bell down the stairs and then Accio to pull it towards the upper hinge.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. While PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are currently in development.

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