How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2?

How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2? Embarking on a journey through the captivating world of Remnant 2, players encounter not only formidable foes but also intriguing puzzles that test their wit and observation skills. One such puzzle, the Lemark District Clock Puzzle, stands as a brain-teasing challenge that demands attention to detail and a keen eye for time. 

Hidden within the vast expanse of Losomn, the merging of Dran and Fae worlds, the Lemark District houses a mysterious clock puzzle. The centerpiece of this puzzle is a towering clock tower, but to unlock its secrets, a missing gear must first be found. With determination and perseverance, players will venture into the Clockmaker’s House within the Lemark District, where a room filled with an abundance of clocks awaits.

In this article, we’ll walk you through How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2? And help you claim your reward in the vast and mysterious world of Remnant 2.

Locating the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

The Lemark District Clock Puzzle is tucked away in the region of Losomn, a convergence of the worlds Dran and Fae. As you explore this area, you’ll come across a towering clock tower, but you’ll notice it’s missing a crucial gear. Your quest to solve this puzzle starts by finding the missing gear within the Lemark District.

How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2?

Journey to the Clockmaker’s House

To begin, head towards the Lemark District, a part of Losomn accessible from Ironborough. As you make your way through the district, be prepared to face some enemies along the path. Once you reach the Clockmaker’s House, you’ll find yourself in a room filled with an abundance of clocks.

Identify the Right Clock

Among the many clocks in the room, one particular clock on the back wall is the key to solving the puzzle. Interact with this clock, and you’ll be able to adjust its hands to show the correct time. However, determining the correct time is not as simple as looking at the clocks in the room.

Solving the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

Leave the house and position yourself to get a clear view of the clock tower, as shown in the image. The time displayed on the clock tower will hold the answer to the puzzle. Take note of the current time from the clock tower, and remember it for the next step.

Set the Clock Hands

Return to the Clockmaker’s House and adjust the hands of the clock on the wall to match the time you observed on the clock tower. Once you’ve set the correct time on the cuckoo clock, it will unlock, revealing the missing gear you’ve been searching for.

How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2?

Restoring the Clock Tower

Now that you possess the missing gear, it’s time to head back to the clock tower. Climb to the top and place the gear in its designated slot among the other gears. With the missing gear now restored, pull the lever to set the clocktower in motion once again.

Claiming Your Reward

Congratulations! You’ve successfully solved the Lemark District Clock Puzzle. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with a Broken Timepiece, a valuable crafting material. Take this Broken Timepiece to Ava McCabe at Ward 13, and she will exchange it for the powerful Time Lapse Weapon Mod.

The Time Lapse Weapon Mod

The Time Lapse Mod boasts a Mod Power Requirement of 1,000. When equipped, it grants you the ability to create a six-meter blast radius that freezes regular enemies for seven seconds. However, be aware that bosses are immune to this freezing effect. Keep in mind that attacking frozen enemies will instantly deactivate the freezing effect, although the Slow effect will still affect them.


By solving the Lemark District Clock Puzzle, you’ve not only proven your problem-solving skills but also gained a powerful advantage in the form of the Time Lapse Weapon Mod. With this knowledge, venture forth into the world of Remnant 2. Armed with your newfound abilities, and face the challenges that lie ahead. May you emerge victorious in your adventures!

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