Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest Guide [Solved]

Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest Guide [Solved] Jagged Alliance 3 is a tactical RPG that lets you lead a team of mercenaries in a war-torn country. You can recruit, train, and equip your soldiers, and engage in turn-based combat with various enemies. You can also explore the world and find hidden secrets, such as the Lenore quest.

The Lenore quest is a mystery to solve, a puzzle referring to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem titled Lenore. It is located in the Wetlands Sector H15, and it rewards you with a unique weapon called the Raven’s Claw.

Requirements for Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest

1. A flying vehicle.
2. A sniper rifle.
3. A mercenary with high marksmanship and perception skills.
  • A flying vehicle. you must finish the mission known as The Flying Dutchman, where you’ll have to save a pilot named Dutch from a prison camp.
  • A sniper rifle. You can buy one from the weapon shop or find one in the loot.
  • A mercenary with high marksmanship and perception skills. You can hire one from the mercenary agency or train one yourself.
Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest

Steps to Find the Lenore Quest

  • Fly to the Wetlands Sector H15 and land on the island with the tree.
  • Look for a small statue of a bird-like creature on a branch. This is the Statue of the Sky Mistress, which is part of another puzzle that rewards you with the Branch of Aviana¬≤.
  • Interact with the statue and give it the Mark of Aviana, which you can get by solving the Statue of the Bear Lord puzzle¬≥.
  • After giving the statue the Mark of Aviana, you will hear a raven’s caw and see a message saying “Lenore”.
  • Look around the sector and find six wooden signs with verses from Poe’s poem. They are scattered around the swamp, and some of them are hidden by vegetation or water. You can use your sniper rifle and perception skill to spot them from a distance.
  • Shoot all six signs with your sniper rifle. You don’t have to shoot them in any particular order, but you have to shoot them all in one visit. If you leave the sector and come back, the signs will reset.
  • After shooting all six signs, you will hear another raven’s caw and see a message saying “Nevermore”.
  • Go back to the island with the tree and look for a wooden chest near the statue.
Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest

Rewards For Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest

“The Raven’s Claw” is a unique sniper rifle that has the following stats:

  • Damage: 80
  • Range: 50
  • Accuracy: 100
  • AP Cost: 10
  • Ammo: 5
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Special: +10% critical hit chance, +10 perception, +10 stealth

The Raven’s Claw is one of the best sniper rifles in the game, and it also gives you a bonus to your perception and stealth skills. You can use it to snipe your enemies from afar, or to scout the area and find hidden secrets.

Conclusion For Jagged Alliance 3- Lenore Quest Guide [Solved]

The Lenore quest is one of the hidden secrets of Jagged Alliance 3 that you can discover and solve. By solving this quest, you can get a unique weapon that enhances your sniping and scouting abilities. I hope this blog post helped you solve the Lenore quest and enjoy the game without any problems.

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