Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug Fixed

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug Fixed: There are a lot of challenges in Jedi: Survivor, the Star Wars’ latest video game entry, particularly when it comes to getting to places. The missions are a complete mix of puzzles and action-adventure elements that make it a truly delightful experience.

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug Fixed

These experiences can however be tainted if we get stuck due to some bugs and glitches in our favorite game. As game development is evolving, there has been an increase in the number of bugs being discovered in newly launched games. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is no exception to this.

In this article, we will talk about Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug and whether it has been fixed. We have also included a detailed guide as to how players can easily navigate through the problem and complete the mission!

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges’ Secret Not Working Bug

During one of the main story missions of the game, Find the Gorge’s Secret Rumour, many players across various platforms have been reporting a new bug that has been discovered in the game.

What exactly causes this is not known yet. However, players have reported that even after completing the quest objectives and missions, the game does not detect it to be complete. Players have reported that even after restarting the game and reinstalling it have not resulted in it being fixed.

This points towards the fact that this might be a bug sourcing from the codes of the game itself. The only way it can be fixed is through a patch update from the developers.

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug Fixed

Currently, there are no reports of any updates being published. However, EA Games has always been quick to resolve such issues, so a patch update is surely due. It is just a matter of time now.

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret: Walkthrough

Allow us to guide you through the complete mission and explain how and where the bug causes an issue that has led to players reporting the issue on every platform.

Where is the Rumour?

After advancing the plot to the Forest Array and receiving your Nekko mount(which opens in a new tab), you can speak with numerous NPCs in and around Rambler’s Reach. You can find the secret of the Gorge by speaking with the prospector in Pyloon’s Saloon’s back room.

A new feature should be visible on your map: a sizable beast should be marked next to the Derelict Dam, and a rumor marker should be there as well, encouraging you to discover the Gorge’s secret. By going to the meditation at the Derelict Dam, you can get there quickly.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Winding Ravine location

You can’t miss the Trontoshell, so keep an eye out for it. Then, move in its direction, jumping the gap to cross the oily pool to the other side. Once there, you can use mind control to convince the Trontoshell to drop its head. From there, jump to the part of the tusk that has a climbable surface.

Jump off the platform when it raises you to the next one, then climb the path to the Winding Ravine. Once you get there, the path splits into two directions to the left and right.

Look for the mobile container in the area to your left as you cross a darkened chamber and turn left. To utilize the box to climb up to the ledge. You can move it with force along the slope to the right and along the tight passageway. Once there, wall run around to the opposite side to find yourself gazing down on the place from which you came. Push this other crate over the side because it’s up here.

Jump back down and use the first box as a bridge by lowering it back down the hill. To reach the ledge above and capture the Force essence, force tug the second box across. Go back to the fork in the road and turn right this time.

How to Find the Gorge’s Secret

To reach a ledge, a wall sprints across to the right while being mindful of the gap in the middle. Wall dash forward to grab a Priorite Shard (opens in new tab). Then spin around and take the upward-sloping path to the exterior.

The next step can be challenging. Wall-run by jumping between the pillars up ahead. From there, use the Force to grip the end of the rope and swing to safety. There is a Gorocco here that you must defeat. As soon as you’ve defeated it, climb up onto the ledge where it was waiting and use the Relter to cross to the other side of the ravine.

You can now open a shortcut and get the components for your Hunter lightsaber from the chest in front of you. This ends the Find the Gorge’s Secret rumor as well. As a result, you can return to the Derelict Dam meditation by using the router to your left.

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug Fixed

Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug and When will it be fixed?

As mentioned by several Reddit users, even after meticulously following the steps above. The game does not recognize when the mission is completed.

Even though there isint a fix for this bug yet, fans are confident that EA Games will step on it and release a patch to fix the Jedi Survivor Find the Gorges Secret Not Working Bug as soon as possible.

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