Lies of P – What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them

Lies of P – What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them: Lies of P is a Soulslike with a distinct mechanic. And, like the other games in this genre, it has a mechanic that you might not notice during your time with it.

Lies of P - What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them

But, since this is a Pinocchio game, there must be some kind of secret involving lying. And, while it does not play a significant role in the game, it is still worth exploring if you are a Completionist, i.e. someone who likes to get all the trophies in the game.

This blog will explain in deep what the Humanity points are in Lies of and how are they triggered in the game. So read on to find out all there is about the Humanity point system.

What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them in Lies of P

The streets of Lies of P are filled with difficult bosses and intriguing side quests that further promote the game’s soul-like theme, but Spring, the orange cat, is the one character who will brighten up the entire atmosphere. Spring’s presence provides a welcome contrast to the game’s overall dark and gloomy features. Providing players with a moment of respite amidst the chaos.

Some may recognize Spring as the cat who hangs out at Hotel Krat, and they may be perplexed as to why Spring, the seemingly adorable feline, sometimes responds defensively, hissing or fleeing when players approach or pet it. This is because of a key game mechanic: humanity points.

After performing certain actions, phrases such as “Your springs are moving,” “The Ergo is whispering,” “The Ergo is responding,” and “Your Ergo is rising” will appear on the screen. These are all prompts linked to the Humanity Point system in the game.

Lies of P - What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them

How to Collect Humanity Points in Lies of P

  • In dialogue options, whether you lie or tell the truth determines your humanity. In Lies of P’s universe, one of the most important things that most puppets cannot do is lie.
  • That is what distinguishes your character and demonstrates that they are more human-like than any other puppet. Choosing to lie will thus have a significant positive impact on your humanity.
  • You can also increase your Humanity in Lies of P by listening to music on the Gramaphone in Hotel Krat. However, it is unclear whether it increases your Humanity as much as lying in dialogue options does.
  • Another cool way to boost your Humanity is to make certain gestures toward certain characters. Clapping at Venigni, for example, should boost your Humanity.

Lies of P: How to Check Humanity Level?

In Lies of P, there is no strict meter that displays your Humanity, so it is bound to keep some information from you. But, despite its hidden nature, there is a way to test your humanity. After defeating the Black Brotherhood’s Eldest Brother, you will enter a small building. A painting that appears to be similar to your character can be found in the room to the left.

If you return this painting to Gepetto, he will proudly display it on a nearby wall. Take a close look at the boy’s nose in the painting to determine where your Humanity is. If your nose has grown longer, your humanity has grown.

Lies of P - What Are Humanity Points and How To Collect Them


In the original Pinocchio story, the puppet’s nose grows longer as he tells lies. Because Lies of P is a darker story, it would not have worked as well if your character’s nose grew as well. As a result, the painting is a good compromise and a fun nod to the original story.

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