Like A Dragon Gaiden – How To Unlock Pocket Circuit

Like A Dragon Gaiden – How To Unlock Pocket Circuit Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name is a spin-off game of the Yakuza series that follows the story of a former yakuza who tries to erase his past and start a new life. The game features many side activities and mini-games that fans of the series will recognize and enjoy, such as Coliseum, Cabaret Club, Karaoke, Boutique, Arcade, and Master System Games. One of these mini-games is Pocket Circuit, a fan-favorite from Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami, where you can customize and race toy cars on various tracks. If you are wondering how to unlock Pocket Circuits in Like a Dragon Gaiden, this guide will help you.

What is a Pocket Circuit?

pocket Circuit is a mini-game where you build a small race car on a limited parts budget and use it to race around a track against opponents. You can choose from different car bodies, motors, tires, gears, batteries, stabilizers, and decals to create your own unique car. Each part has different stats and effects, such as speed, acceleration, grip, weight, and durability, that affect your car’s performance and behavior on the track. You can also boost your car’s speed by pressing the X button at the right time, but be careful not to overheat your car or make it fly off the track. The goal is to finish the race in the fastest time possible, or at least ahead of your rivals.

Like A Dragon Gaiden - How To Unlock Pocket Circuit

How to Unlock Pocket Circuit?

Pocket Circuit is unlocked during the second chapter of the game, after completing a long battle to rescue an ally. You will be automatically introduced to Pocket Circuit by a character named Ran, who is the Pocket Circuit Fighter of Sotenbori. He will explain the basics of the mini-game and give you your first car and some parts. He will also invite you to join the Pocket Circuit Club, where you can participate in various races and challenges, and earn points that you can use to buy more parts from the vendor in the building. You can also meet and race against other Pocket Circuit enthusiasts, who will appear as Stroll n’Patrol missions on the map as you progress through the races.

Where to Find Pocket Circuit?

You can play Pocket Circuit at CourStar, a bar and cafe in Sotenbori, located in the southeast corner of the map. You can access it by entering the building with a sign that says “Pocket Circuit Stadium” and going up the stairs. There, you will find the Pocket Circuit track, the vendor, and Ran, who will help you with the mini-game. You can also find some parts for Pocket Circuit in other locations, such as shops, lockers, casinos, and gambling halls. You can use the Spider gadget to grab some parts that are out of reach, such as on rooftops or signs.

Like A Dragon Gaiden - How To Unlock Pocket Circuit

Why Play Pocket Circuit?

Pocket Circuit is a fun and addictive mini-game that can offer you hours of entertainment and challenge. It can also reward you with some trophies, such as Pocket Circuit Pro, for unlocking the Master Circuit, and Left in the Dust, for beating any three rivals. Moreover, Pocket Circuit can also help you bond with Akame, one of the main characters and potential love interests in the game. If you increase your friendship level with her enough, you will be able to race with her and unlock some special scenes and dialogue. Pocket Circuit is also a great way to experience the nostalgia and charm of the Yakuza series, as it features some familiar faces and references from previous games.

Conclusion for Like A Dragon Gaiden – How To Unlock Pocket Circuit

Pocket Circuit is one of the many mini-games that you can enjoy in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. It is a simple but engaging mini-game that lets you customize and race toy cars on various tracks. You can unlock Pocket Circuit in the second chapter of the game, and play it at CourStar in Sotenbori.

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