Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Orcs Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Orcs Walkthrough: The primary character in Lord of the Rings: Gollum will begin the game in the Mirkwood dungeons, under the watchful eye of the Elves, but soon he will start telling Gandalf about his time in Barad-dûr.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Orcs Walkthrough

This marks the start of the game’s playable portion, during which Gollum will spend his time working for several Orc Masters before trying to flee Mordor. He must achieve this by getting to the Rattler, which is beyond a number of tunnels filled with Orcs that he must either slip by or choke.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum devs are working to put things right despite the game’s dismal initial reception and numerous issues. While that is uncertain, the game pledges to stick closely to the storylines of the novels rather than drawing inspiration from any earlier adaptations.

In this article, we will try to explain the Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Orcs Walkthrough and tell you how to escape without getting caught.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: How to Escape the Orcs Walkthrough

Gollum will have the opportunity to escape Mordor by sneaking to the Rattler after spending a few days working for various Orcs there. But in order to do that, he will have to slink past other Orcs. Prior to it, he will first be pursued by numerous animals, which will take him to a segment of platforming that goes up before he enters the region where he must slip past.

Stick to the shadows in the first room after scaling the wall, then move to the right side of the room. The wall has a gap that Gollum can squeeze through. In order to sneak up behind the Orc in this room and throttle him, he will emerge from behind a set of barrels.

Go over a collection of wooden cubes and go on to the table’s interactive item after that. Switch it off and proceed directly around the tree to elude the Orc. Follow the tree’s shadow to the following chamber while remaining in it. Till Gollum encounters the next Orc in the hall, continue along the corridor. Stay in the shadows; you can’t choke this one. Make sure you’re in a shadow and remain motionless when the Orc is looking at Gollum. Time the Orc’s back-and-forth turns with Gollum’s motions.

After that, turn right and get the stones that are lying there. Hit the metal object in the room’s middle with one of them. Gollum can sneak through the chamber to the wall he was in front of while the guard looks into it. To get all the way to the wall before the guard turns around, Gollum might have to repeat this maneuver twice. Follow the ledges into the subsequent room after scaling the wall.

At this stage of Gollum’s trip into Mordor, the player will once more encounter the Rattler. Drop to the ground and stay as close to the room’s edge as you can, this time avoiding as much light as you can. Gollum can scale a pillar on the room’s left side before using a platform to cross a ledge. Gollum can jump to a broken wall at the end of the ledge and move along it to reach the other side of the area. To move on to the following section of platforming, use the prompt.

At the conclusion of that, Gollum will be atop another pillar, from which he can descend while maintaining his left side, landing behind the wooden boxes. There is an Orc standing right next to the boxes, so move forward with extreme caution. Gollum must advance while hiding behind the barriers until he enters a new room.

There will be a staircase and a higher platform on the left. Climb the ladder, jump to a wall segment that can be scaled, and then go to the bridge. Orcs are in great numbers here. Wait for the one with the light to go, then stay in the shadows and enter the Rattler from behind the Orcs.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Orcs Walkthrough

Gollum will then enter the following section of the level, offering him a chance to permanently leave Barad-dûr. Gollum can hone his stealth abilities on this task since they will become increasingly important as the game progresses.

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