Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List

Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List: The number of cards you have may be constrained as you start in Marvel Snap. Effective decks can still be made with the cards in Pool 1.

There are many strong cards and combos in Pool 1, however, we did our best to study each card separately and about the other cards in Pool 1.

With that said, let’s understand Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List. some cards will rank highly because of their synergy, while others will rank highly because of how adaptable they are in various decks.

Pool 1 Deck Tier List in Marvel Snap

Tier S

Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Angela, Scarlet Witch, Ka-Zar, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Odin, America Chavez.

Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List

Tier A

Elektra, Korg, Sentinel, Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Mister Fantastic, Cosmo, Enchantress, Jessica Jones, White Tiger, Devil Dinosaur.

Tier B

Hawkeye, Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, Blade, Cable, Carnage, Armor, Colossus, Medusa, Lizard, Bishop, Captain America, The Punisher, Hulk Buster, Moon Girl, Strong Guy, Namor, White Queen, Professor X, Klaw, Gamora, Spider-Woman, Spectrum, Heimdall, Onslaught, Hulk.

Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List

Tier C

Iron Fist, Mantis, Nova, Uatu The Watcher, Forge, Kraven, Mister Sinister, Star Lord, Multiple Man, Wolverine, Morph, Groot, Lady Sif, Deathlok, Sword Master, Abomination, Apocalypse.

Tier F

Angel, Misty Knight, Quicksilver, Domino, Shocker, Cyclops, The Thing.

Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deck Tier List

Cards Ranking

Let’s discuss our justification for ranking the cards in the order we did now that the complete tier list is available to you.

The Best 1 Cost Cards in Marvel Snap


One of the best cards you can play in the beginning is Ant-Man. Ant-Man will essentially become 4 powers for 1 cost when the effect is in effect. Ant-Man is unquestionably a power card for Zoo decks and decks in general. Pool 1 Zoo decks (aggressive decks with a lot of low-cost cards) are the dominant deck type.


The fact that Nightcrawler is so adaptable makes him S-tier. He may be safely placed on almost any spot, including one that is blind, and moved if necessary. He can also be utilized at the end of the game to shift some power from a successful area to one that is more competitive.


Elektra will be particularly effective in Pool 1 due to the overwhelming popularity of 1-cost cards. You can frequently snipe an Ant-Man later on in the game to win a location if you hang onto Elektra.


Korg is a strong 1 drop simply because his effect is reliable. Sometimes ruining one of your opponent’s draws involves giving them a rock. Being a 1-cost with a reliable impact is beneficial in Pool 1.


Early on, Hawkeye is a respectable card. Hawkeye gains a 1-for-3 advantage as a result of the effect, which is advantageous, but you may have problems if your opponent plays Guardians of the Galaxy cards like Rocket Racoon or Star Lord.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is frequently used in Zoo decks since she will frequently put 1-cost cards on the board that can be upgraded. If you’re not careful, she could clog your board.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy cards in Pool 1 that rewards you when another player plays a card at the same spot. Even though these cards have a lot of potential power, they are unpredictable. This is especially true for the early game cards Rocket and Star Lord. However, Rocket is still saved by the fact that it is a 1-cost, making it a good card for Zoo decks.


Yondu is another one-cost card with a predictable effect. It technically accomplishes nothing, though, in reality. You might get fortunate and get a key card out of your opponent’s deck, but statistically speaking, it doesn’t matter much.


Blade is intriguing because Pool 1 contains a Discard archetype, but it is rather poor when used with Pool 1’s tools. Blade can, however, be utilized in Zoo strategies to help cards like Strong Guy.

Iron Fist

One of the few Movement cards in Pool 1 is Iron Fist. Similar to Discard, several additional Movement cards can also form the foundation of a deck archetype, although Pool 1’s toolkit is insufficient for the deck to be competitive.


Mantis is similar to Rocket Racoon, except she works in concert with Devil Dinosaur to maintain a big hand size. Mantis is a strong card for the Devil Dinosaur deck, which is one of the best in Pool 1. Even so, outside of Devil Dinosaur decks, we don’t believe Mantis has an advantage over other 1-cost cards.


A 1-cost card called Nova complements decks that use Destroy spells like Deathlok or Carnage. Destroy cards don’t have enough tools to be competitive in Pool 1, just like Discard and Movement cards. Nova, however, will undoubtedly advance in Pool 2.


The case of Uatu is intriguing. Finding out about the different sites might be quite beneficial. That only occurs though if Uatu is among your first four or five cards. Outside of such circumstances, Uatu is a standard 1 for 2. Simply put, we believe the other 1 Cards are superior.


Another card that works well with destroy decks is Angel. Even in later pools with better Destroy cards, we still don’t think the card is very good.

Misty Knight

Misty Knight is just a 1 for 2 without any consequences. She is not worth running above any other one-cost card.

Quick Silver

Early on, Quicksilver seems appealing because you always get to draw him, but 1 for 2 is insufficient without a positive effect.

The Best 2 Cost Cards in Marvel Snap


Angela is now one of the greatest cards in the game, not only in Pool 1. Angela will almost certainly be nerfed if there is a balancing update. But, for the time being, she adds so much strength to an area that Angela will be powerful for a long time.

Scarlet Witch

There aren’t many 2 drops that have a nice impact while also having good 2-for-3 ratios. Scarlet Witch is precisely that. She is your only answer to bad positions, and she’s even excellent enough to play on the curve on turn 2.

Sentinel Cable

Sentinel is also a fantastic 2 drop because it replaces itself. Sentinel can cover for you if you don’t have anything to play on turn 3 if you played it on turn 2. Sentinel also works great with Devil Dinosaur.


Carnage can be pretty beneficial if you come into squirrels you don’t want or a -2 Ninja you want to get rid of. Pool 1 has some synergy with cards like Nova, but not nearly enough to get the most value out of Destroy cards.


Cable is a touch below the rate at 2 for 2, but his effect compensates. While not overpowering, drawing a card from your opponent’s deck might provide you with useful information while also potentially being a nice card to play. Once again, Cable works great with Devil Dinosaur.


Armor is a good card for several reasons. Armor is an Ongoing card that will interact with cards such as Spectrum. Second, Armor can be used to shield your Ant-Man from cards like Elektra. Finally, Armor is a straightforward 2 for 3 with an upside in the appropriate decks.


Colossus is another strong 2 drop because of his inability to be destroyed, relocated, or have his power reduced. This, along with 3 power, makes this a solid card in almost any deck. The Ongoing ability now works in tandem with Spectrum.


Medusa is a 2-for-4 when played in the middle position, which is above average. However, being obliged to play her middle to earn the value can be a disadvantage in some games with unfavorable positions.


Lizard is a card with a lot of potential upsides, but also a lot of potential negatives. Lizard can push your opponent to play to a spot where you can abandon the game. You can also combine Lizard with Enchantress for a guaranteed 2 for 5. Lizard, when played correctly, may be an extremely powerful card.


Kraven is another card that works well with Movement but can be difficult to use. You want to play Kraven on the left to use cards like Iron Fist or Heimdall, but this can get you into trouble. Movement decks can also catch your opponent off guard, but when you play Kraven, they know precisely what you’re up to.

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister can appear to be a kind guy. It costs 2 and has 4 power. Taking up two slots in a location, on the other hand, is critical. If Mister Sinister takes up too much space, your opponent can typically overwhelm your position with stronger cards. Mister Sinister does, however, synergize with cards like Ironheart to curve out on turns 1, 2, and 3.

Star Lord

Star Lord, like Rocket Raccoon, works best when you know where your opponent will be playing. The locations can sometimes help you predict, but Star Lord typically becomes a 2 for 2 which is insufficient.

Multiple Man

Multiple Man is a synergistic addition to the Movement decks. It’s nice to be able to duplicate him and even buff him up with cards like Hulk Buster or Forge, but he’s simply not consistent enough.


Wolverine is a Discard synergy card, but even so, he isn’t very good. Even in later pools, as the Discard synergy gains better cards, Wolverine is rarely used. Being played at random on a location can be detrimental, and even ensuring the discard is difficult.


Domino is merely Quicksilver’s two-cost variant. If you don’t have anything else to play with two costs, Domino is an option, but almost every other card is better.


Shocker is a Misty Knight with two drops. A 2 for 3 that accomplishes nothing.

The Best 3 Cost Cards in Marvel Snap


On Reveal, synergies are among the strongest in Pool 1, and Ironheart is no exception. You may not always be able to buff up three cards, but even with two buffed, Ironheart is 3 for 4 while not taking up space on a spot where you want to win. You can use Ironheart at another place while still powering up your other spots.


Wolfsbane is excellent On Reveal for attempting to win a location. Wolfsbane combined with Odin will provide a massive amount of power for any area.

Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic is technically a 3 for 6, but you may not require the power in every spot all of the time. Even so, he can provide you with reach for regions where you can’t play, and he can buff up locations without taking up any space on them.


Cosmo is fantastic at dealing with On Reveal cards and decks. Countering an Odin or White Tiger and playing this down can hurt opponents.


Bishop is a terrific 3 cost card that scales as you play more cards. However, we don’t see him much in Zoo because rounds 4, 5, and 6 are frequently Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and America/Onslaught. As a result, Bishop does not earn as much value as he would in future decks with greater late-game versatility.

Captain America

Captain America is a respectable unit. He is essentially a 3 for 6 on a full location. The main disadvantage is that he requires four cards to be committed to one spot, yet he fits nicely into Zoo decks.

Doctor Strange

Even though movement cards and decks aren’t very strong in Pool 1, Doctor Strange allows you to outwit your opponent on step 6 with a massive movement play. Doctor Strange does not require a full Movement deck to play, and he can win you a lot of cubes.

The Punisher

The Punisher is the polar opposite of Captain America. If your opponent has a full location, he is a 3 for 6. Both are effective in Zoo decks, but Punisher is more useful in non-Zoo decks to oppose a Zoo deck and compete for a complete location.

Hulk Buster

In Pool 1, Hulk Buster has two purposes. He can be used to enhance an Angela location without taking up card space. Second, he combines with Multiple Man to become a 7-power Movement card. Hulk Buster is adequate but not outstanding.


Morph is a full-fledged RNG card. If you want to have some fun, use this to try to snipe a high-cost card from your opponent’s hand.


In Pool 1, Groot is undoubtedly the poorest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Because all places are presented as a 3 drop, it is difficult to forecast where the opponent will play. When compared to cards like Captain America or The Punisher, the upside of 3 for 6 is not that impressive.

Lady Sif

Lady Sif is an excellent card to include in a Discard deck because it guarantees a discard on Apocalypse. Even still, Discard requires more assistance before he can be good.


Deathlok has a 3 for 5 rating, which is solid, but you must play him on an empty site or alongside Nova. Even so, curving into Deathlok on turn 3 doesn’t provide any Nova value. Deathlok will see greater play as Pools 2 and 3 provide more Destroy synergy.

Sword Master

Sword Master is similar to Blade. While Discard decks aren’t great, running Sword Master and Blade alongside Strong Guy can be a Zoo deck variation to obtain a lot of high-powered cards on curve.


A vanilla card, once again, does not see play.

That is all for now on the Pool 1 Deck Tier List in Marvel Snap. Do not that new cards keep releasing often. We will continue to update the list in time.

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