Marvel Snap Upgrade Guide

Marvel Snap Upgrade Guide: A guide on upgrading cards Marvel Snap to win rewards and expand your collection.

Marvel Snap Upgrade Guide

Marvel Snap is a fairly simple smartphone game that welcomes players of all skill levels. While you don’t need to know much more than the basics to play properly, understanding some of the game’s other features will help you get more out of it. Upgrading your cards may not immediately contribute to wins, but it does grant you access to deck-building tools.

This article is our Marvel Snap Upgrade Guide. Let us dive straight in!

Why Upgrade in Marvel Snap?

Players construct decks from the cards they unlock. When you have twelve cards in your collection, you assemble a deck. Deck building is a broad topic that we won’t cover in this article, but the important principle is that adding cards to your collection provides you with more options.

Upgrading your cards is largely cosmetic, with most changes consisting of changing the color of the border or adding elements such as 3D and animation. The Collection Level points rise as the rarity level of each card increases. These points can be used to get things like Credits, extra Boosters, and Mystery Cards.

When you begin upgrading, you gain additional points with each rarity level increase. The more you level up, the more goodies you receive. As you progress through the Collection Levels, it will usually require two points to unlock anything.

Infinity is the rarest rarity, and it gets you +10 points. By making a clone of itself that starts at the Common level, Infinity rarity enables another round of upgrade potential.

In sequence, below are the seven rarity levels and their respective Collection Level point rewards:

  • Common
  • Uncommon +1
  • Rare +2
  • Epic +4
  • Legendary +6
  • Ultra +8
  • Infinity +10

Credits and Boosters

Credits and boosters are required to upgrade your cards. Boosters are unique to each card and can be obtained through prizes or just by playing the cards in matches. Bonus boosters can be unlocked as a prize in the Collection Levels, but they can also be purchased with credits in the Shop.

If you have a lot of credits but are running out on boosters, the Shop Fast Upgrades are for you. However, playing cards frequently gets you more than enough money to upgrade. You may save credits by switching up your deck every now and then.

Credits are a type of cash that you can obtain far more frequently than gold in the game. Using gold to acquire extra credits in limited quantities each day is an easy method to go on an upgrade binge. Other ways to earn credits include completing missions, claiming daily rewards, and earning bonuses in the Collection Levels.

How to Upgrade Your Cards

The usual method of boosting your cards for points occurs in your collection. When a card is ready to be upgraded, it will glow green and have some green-up arrows on the card’s face.

When you click the card, a button that looks like a card with up arrows appears on the bottom right. Click on that button, you are asked whether you want to upgrade that card. The screen will show you which rarity level you will be upgrading to and how many points you will get.

The price will be displayed in credits and boosters on a large purple button. For example, upgrading Rocket Raccoon from Rare to Epic will cost you 200 credits and 20 boosters but will net you 4 points. This upgrade button will not be available if you do not have enough boosters or credits.

The only other way to upgrade is through the previously mentioned Fast Upgrades area of the Shop. Because just three random cards from your collection are available here every 8 hours, it isn’t a reliable means to upgrade regularly.

That’s all there is to it. When you start unlocking cool cards, upgrading becomes more addictive. You join another Deck Pool with higher-power cards to unlock if you pass Collection Level 214.

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