Meet Your Maker: How To Change Harvester Path

Meet Your Maker: How To Change Harvester Path: One-half of the Meet Your Maker experience entails constructing outposts with the goal of killing as many players as possible. Unfortunately, the Harvester route mechanic restricts player ingenuity. So, how do you go about changing it?

Meet Your Maker: How To Change Harvester Path

Meet Your Maker has everything set up so that the harvester will take the quickest path to the Genmat. Many builders are unaware that it is possible to alter the harvester’s path. As a result, some Outposts have long, twisting pathways, while others are more straightforward.

Having said this, it is possible to find a workaround to tackle the harvesters. Let us help you with some tips and strategies on Meet Your Maker: How To Change Harvester Path

Meet Your Maker: How To Change Harvester Path in Game

There are several options. Every builder is aware that obstructing the harvester’s route will cause it to “squeal” and halt the entire operation. Finding an alternate route for it to take is one method to address this. If not, simply leave the default path alone.

The kicker is that seasoned Raiders will just zip their way to the Genmat and escape unscathed. Make your Outpost more terrifying in order to have a tougher experience. In addition to branching corridors and tension.

The trick is that builders must plan ahead of time. Things can get messy if they decide to change the harvester’s direction in the middle of the building. Every burial plot comes with a pre-built foundation. As a result, the harvester will march as quickly as possible toward the Genmet.

The Raiders will be looking for this, so do not make it easy for them. As a result, putting a blockage in front of it will cause it to take an alternate route. This must take place within the Outpost’s outer rims. The harvester will take a long route around to the opposite side of the Outpost as a result of this.

From there, it is simple for the players to carve out a new path for the Harvester to make its way to the Genmat.

The Long Approach

Builders can then start constructing passageways, rooms, or arenas far away from the Genmat. They can then proceed from there. A extended Outpost in Meet Your Maker is a totally different experience than a short one. It is a more spectacular and fulfilling experience for the Raiders in the end. It transforms the Outpost into an actual level from Quake II and its ilk. This is something that builders should strive for.

That being stated, the harvester can enter and depart from the Genmat in a variety of ways. Dealing with the little, cubed monster may be intimidating for inexperienced builders. This is why it is best to plan ahead of time.

Alternative Escape Plans

After the Genmat has been taken, it is possible to create a primary path only to have it turn into corrosive cubes or something else. This concept may have been difficult for certain builders. Because the harvester will not recognize this path even with the corrosive cubes, the Second Wave patch is required.

The harvester appears to require two independent routes to and from the Genmat. So, after the Genmat is picked up, one path can be blocked off with corrosive cubes, leaving another open for the harvester to use. This is something that builders should think about.

Hallways and Angles

Another way around this is to align the walls with the angled variation of building cubes. From the beginning, the flooring may be a holograph or even a corrosive cube. The harvester will walk around the traps, staying along the slopes. This can be difficult to pull off, but it is doable.

The harvester isn’t finicky about the terrain; it just doesn’t like players interfering with its pre-determined path. This will also provide you more areas to hide traps. This will also give the whole design a distinct aesthetic that Raiders will remember.

Create A Shelling Around the Genmat

Above and around the Genmat, builders can construct a dome, pyramid, bridge, or walkway. Begin at the burial site’s foundation, then just build an inclined plain that forces the harvester to ascend well above the Genmat and march to the opposite side of the construction. Then, loop it around and have it start from the opposite side of the burial location. This is a weird method of doing things, but it is a realistic option nonetheless.

As a result, builders can place traps like the Plasma Sentinal, Boltshots, and even the Iron Claw in the setup’s outskirts. These traps are effective within narrow passages, but they are also lethal outside. Not to mention that the Hornets are a formidable opponent on the field. They are extremely difficult to strike because of all the extra air space.

Meet Your Maker: Harvester Path Tips to Dupe Raiders

  1. Because the Harvester always shows raiding players where to go, putting it in danger can easily throw raiders off. Remember that it can be killed while running.
  2. Placing many traps and adversaries in the same chamber while the Harvester is traversing a winding flight of stairs or making a sudden bend can result in disastrous results. The Harvester might be slain by traps or players in the midst of the flurry of projectiles, fire, and explosives.
  3. Overstimulating potential raiders may be enough to cause them to panic, resulting in the death of their most effective navigation tool.
  4. This can also work incredibly effectively in tight hallways where the Harvester is more likely to be caught in the crossfire.
  5. After you expect the Harvester to be killed off in your base, build a maze such that reaching the core itself becomes as difficult as avoiding death from foes and traps.
  6. Diverging pathways are another clever approach for making sneaky use of the Harvester. Place a few conspicuous traps along the path if you have two paths. This may motivate raiders to investigate the alternate way in case it is safer.
  7. This longer route will appear safer at first glance but will become more dangerous as players proceed. To make the most of this fake-out, we propose using frivolous traps like the Holocube so they’re never sure where to look.
  8. In fact, employing the Holocube in conjunction with cleverly positioned trap bricks scattered throughout the outpost is an effective technique of fooling anyone. Lull gamers into a false feeling of security by having the Harvester travel a seemingly safe and uncomplicated path, only for it to turn out to be a deathtrap.


Meet Your Maker is just getting started. There are thousands of distinct Outposts available, each with its own set of challenges. Dealing with the harvester is the most difficult aspect of constructing Outposts. It can be a little unpleasant at first, but once players figure out its behavior patterns, it becomes unimportant. Meet Your Maker is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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