MW3- Small Gun Scope Bug [Fixed]

MW3- Small Gun Scope Bug [Fixed] If you are a fan of Modern Warfare 3, you might have encountered a graphics error with the small gun scope. This bug causes the scope to flicker or disappear when aiming at certain angles or distances. This can be very annoying and affect your gameplay, especially if you rely on the scope for accuracy and stealth.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this bug that has been deployed by the developers. In this blog post, I will explain what causes the bug, and how to fix it.

What causes the bug?

The small gun scope bug is caused by a conflict between the game engine and the graphics settings. The game engine uses a technique called dynamic resolution scaling to adjust the resolution of the game based on the performance of your device. This means that the game will lower the resolution when there is a lot of action on the screen, and increase it when there is less.

However, this technique can also cause some graphical glitches, such as the scope bug. When the game lowers the resolution, the scope texture becomes smaller and less detailed, making it harder to see. Sometimes, the scope texture can even disappear completely, leaving you with a blank screen.

MW3- Small Gun Scope Bug [Fixed]

How to fix the bug?

The fix for the bug is simple: you need to disable the dynamic resolution scaling option in the game settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the main menu and select Options.
  • Select Graphics and scroll down to the Performance section.
  • Find the option Dynamic Resolution Scaling and set it to Off.
  • Save the changes and restart the game.

This will prevent the game from changing the resolution dynamically, and keep the scope texture consistent and visible. However, this might also affect the performance of the game, depending on your device. If you experience lag or stuttering, you might need to lower some other graphics settings, such as Texture Quality, Shadow Quality, or Anti-Aliasing.

Conclusion for MW3- Small Gun Scope Bug [Fixed]

The small gun scope bug is a graphics error that can ruin your experience in Modern Warfare 3. It is caused by the dynamic resolution scaling option, which can make the scope texture flicker or disappear. The fix for the bug is to disable the option in the game settings, but this might also affect the performance of the game. You can also avoid the bug by using other attachments or sights, or by using the iron sights of your weapon.

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