Redfall: Character Skins List

Character Skins List in Redfall: The ability to customise characters is an important component that enriches the player’s experience in the dynamic and immersive world of gaming. Personalising your avatar in-game with distinct clothing, skins, and accessories adds a new element of depth, excitement, and originality to the action.

Redfall, Arkane Studios’ highly anticipated action role-playing game, recognises the importanc-=e of character customisation.

Character Skins List in Redfall

Redfall allows users to build visually appealing and memorable heroes with an amazing variety of character skins. These unique skins enable players to stand out in the supernatural war against vampires, adding their own distinctive touch to the fascinating adventures that await in the game’s environment.

In this article, we will give you an overview about each Character Skins List in Redfall, with also including about the Bite Back Edition

Redfall: Character Skins List: Unlock Your Style

One of the exciting aspects of Redfall’s character customization lies in the assortment of outfits, head accessories, and backpacks that can be equipped. Each hero in Redfall possesses their own exclusive selection of skins, ensuring that players can tailor their characters to reflect their personal taste and style. Whether you prefer a rugged and battle-worn appearance or a sleek and futuristic aesthetic, Redfall has options to suit every player’s preference.

Cosmetic Rewards Through Gameplay

Redfall embraces the satisfaction of earning cosmetic items by making them accessible through gameplay. Unlike some games that limit exclusive skins to microtransactions, Redfall takes a different approach. With the exception of pre-order bonuses, every cosmetic item in the game can be obtained by simply playing and progressing through the game world. These items can be found while exploring the environment or earned as rewards for completing quests and challenges, fostering a sense of accomplishment and immersion.

Each Redfall Characters Skins List

Whether you prefer a rugged and battle-worn look, a sleek and futuristic style, or something entirely unique, the customization options in Redfall allow you to unleash your creativity and showcase your hero’s individuality. Below is just a brief overview how each characters look in the game with also the Back Bite Edition:

Devinder Outfit 

Basic Outfit  

The standard outfit for the character named Dev in the game Redfall consists of a yellow jacket with silver buttons, a light shirt with a high collar, and light gray pants. Dev is also wearing tactical boots and gloves, with the collar of his jacket and shirt covering his neck. The outfit has a traveler and somewhat military-style look, with various straps and a utility pouch attached to the jacket and pants. Additionally, Dev is wearing a small device on his left wrist, which could be a gadget or tool used in the game.

Northern Expedition Outfit 

Dev, in the Bite Back Edition, is wearing the Northern Expedition outfit. The outfit consists of a long-sleeved jacket with several pockets and patches, tactical pants, and black boots. With the jacket, Dev is also wearing a scarf, a beanie with goggles, a bundle of rope for his adventures, and a fur-lined collar. The jacket also has a gadget on the right shoulder and the Redfall logo on the left. Dev is also wearing black gloves and a black watch on his left wrist.

Jacob Outfit 

Character Skins List in Redfall

Basic Outfit 

The basic outfit for Jakob in Redfall. It features a dark jacket with leather details, a black shirt, and dark pants. The most striking element of the outfit is the hooded cloak that Jakob is wearing, which has a tattered, worn look and features various straps and buckles. The outfit gives off a mysterious and stealthy vibe, fitting for a hero who relies on his wits and agility to take down enemies.

Jakob’s Eyes in the Dark Outfit 

The outfit in the link is called “Eyes in the Dark Outfit for Jakob” in Redfall. It consists of a black tactical jacket with shoulder padding, black pants with pouches for gear, and black boots. The outfit has various silver details, such as buckles on the jacket, zippers on the pants, and a black face mask. We can also see Jakob wearing gloves with knuckle support. Overall, the outfit gives off a rugged and tactical look, suitable for the action-packed world of Redfall.

Layla Outfit

Basic Outfit 

Layla’s standard outfit in Redfall is a red sweatshirt over a black undershirt and worn out jeans with a belt. Her boots are also brown and have a rugged, worn-out appearance. On her left hand, she has a glove that appears to have some sort of technology embedded in it. The outfit gives off a modern, adventurous vibe and fits well with the game’s post-apocalyptic setting.

Layla’s War Clothes Outfit

The image shows Layla, one of the playable heroes in Redfall, wearing her War Clothes Outfit. The outfit consists of a black and green tactical vest with various pockets and pouches, paired with a matching pair of pants. She wears a dark-colored scarf around her neck and black gloves on her hands. Additionally, Layla has a pair of black boots and a utility belt around her waist. The overall look is both practical and stylish, with a militaristic vibe fitting for the game’s action-packed setting.

Remi Outfits 

Character Skins List in Redfall

Basic Outfit 

The standard outfit Remi is wearing in Redfall is simple. The outfit consists of a dark green jacket with black accents and padding on the knees and elbows. She has a brown utility belt with pouches on her waist and a matching brown backpack. She is also wearing black gloves and boots, and her hair is tied back in a ponytail. The overall aesthetic of the outfit is practical and utilitarian, suitable for someone who is skilled in engineering and combat.

Engineering Volunteer Outfit 

Remi, one of the heroes in Redfall, is wearing the Engineer Volunteer Outfit. This outfit consists of a yellow graphic t-shirt with elbow guards in both arms, a jacket tied around the waist, and combat boots. Remi also wears a protective headset, and gloves. The outfit gives the impression that Remi is ready for any technical challenges she may encounter while battling vampires in the game.


Redfall’s character skins add an extra layer of depth and personalization to the game, allowing players to create heroes that are not only formidable in combat but also visually captivating. The inclusion of diverse cosmetic options, the availability of skins through gameplay, and the attention to detail in design exemplify Arkane Studios’ commitment to delivering a truly immersive and engaging experience. 

As you gear up to take on the supernatural forces threatening humanity in Redfall, embrace the opportunity to showcase your style and become a true icon of the battle against the vampires.

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