Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination

Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination: Embark on a thrilling and spine-chilling adventure as you step into the haunting world of Remnant 2. Prepare to explore the enigmatic and ominous Morrow Parish Sanatorium, a place filled with dark mysteries and eerie secrets. Among the shadows and sinister characters, you’ll come across a locked safe, its contents shrouded in mystery and intrigue. 

Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination.

To unlock its secrets, you must venture forth and unearth the hidden Stone-Carved Dolls, which hold the key to the safe’s enigmatic code. As you delve deeper into the past of Doctor Morrow, the former head of the asylum now trapped in her own creation, listen closely to her haunting song for the vital clues. Decipher the mysterious verses, and the safe will reveal its legendary prizeā€”the powerful and game-changing Double Barrel shotgun, perfect for dominating close-quarters combat and empowering your journey through the haunting realm of Remnant 2.

In this article, we will talk about Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination. and uncover the secret weapons it holds.

Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe in Remnant 2

Upon entering the Morrow Parish Sanatorium, players will encounter peculiar characters and sealed doors. One of these locked doors conceals a safe that requires a four-digit combination to unlock. If you’re looking to access the treasure within, follow this step-by-step guide to decipher the safe combination.

Collecting the Stone-Carved Dolls

Before attempting to unlock the safe, you must first find three Stone-Carved Dolls scattered throughout the Sanatorium. These dolls hold the key to revealing the safe combination. Be thorough in your exploration, as these items are hidden in different locations:

First Doll

On the main floor of the Sanatorium, check the bookshelves close to the corner.

Second Doll

In the front yard of the Sanatorium, search near a pile of rubble on the right side.

Third Doll

Head to the third floor of the Sanatorium and find it next to a well-lit wall.

The Singing Doctor

Once you have collected all three dolls, proceed to the Sanatorium’s basement. There, you will find a locked room with a woman’s voice emanating from within. This woman is Doctor Morrow, the former head doctor, now a prisoner in her own asylum. Approach the door and initiate a conversation with her.

Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination.

Remnant 2: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Safe Combination.

Hand over the Stone-Carved Dolls to Doctor Morrow, and she will sing a haunting song from her past. Pay close attention to the lyrics, as they contain the clue to unlocking the safe. The verse goes as follows:

“Two shiny copper teeth removed from // nine discarded combs, and // seven yellowed leaves excised from // one forgotten tome.”

The numbers in the song hold the secret to unlocking the safe. Combine the numbers mentioned in each line to form the four-digit code: 2-9-7-1.

Unlocking the Safe and the Double Barrel Shotgun

With the code in hand, head back upstairs to the safe on the main floor. Enter the combination 2-9-7-1 on the lockpad, and the safe will open before you. Inside, you will discover the legendary Double Barrel shotgun, an incredibly powerful weapon ideal for close-quarters combat.

The Double Barrel shotgun is one of Remnant 2’s secret weapons, coveted for its immense firepower and fast reload speed. As a secondary weapon, it can deal a staggering base damage of 121 per bullet, making it a perfect choice for DPS-focused classes like the Gunslinger. With only two magazines in the chamber, each shot must count, but the Double Barrel’s high damage output more than compensates for its limited ammunition.


Unraveling the Morrow Parish Sanatorium safe combination in Remnant 2 opens up a world of possibilities. The legendary Double Barrel shotgun, hidden within the safe, becomes a powerful asset in your arsenal. Armed with this knowledge, venture forth into the haunting world of Remnant 2, explore its secrets, and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. May your adventures be filled with triumph and glory as you wield the extraordinary Double Barrel shotgun to overcome your foes. Happy hunting!

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