Remnant 2: Severed Hand Its Location and Uses

Remnant 2: Severed Hand Its Location and Uses: In the mystical realm of Remnant 2, where danger lurks around every corner and secrets lie hidden in the shadows, adventurers will encounter a multitude of peculiar and fascinating items. Among these enigmatic treasures, the Severed Hand stands as a haunting mystery, captivating all who dare to uncover its secrets.

Remnant 2: Severed Hand Its Location and Uses

Imagine venturing into the depths of The Great Sewers, a labyrinthine and waterlogged world, where eerie sights and chilling encounters await. It is here that the Severed Hand beckons, suspended in a cage, emitting an otherworldly purple glow. What purpose does this macabre item hold? Is it a vital quest item or a mere curiosity in the player’s inventory?

Join us as we embark on a journey to unveil the truth behind Remnant 2: Severed Hand Its Location and Uses, and the lore that shrouds it in darkness. Get ready to immerse yourself in the mysteries of Remnant 2 as we delve into the captivating tale of the Severed Hand and its significance in this mesmerizing world of adventure and intrigue.

Location of the Severed Hand in Remnants 2

The Severed Hand can be found within the depths of The Great Sewers, a labyrinthine and waterlogged area in the world of Losomn. However, it’s essential to note that the world of Remnant 2 is procedurally generated, leading to randomised locations for The Great Sewers. Nevertheless, the entrance to this area remains consistent across playthroughs, making it relatively easy to locate in subsequent quests.

Quest and Uses of the Severed Hand in Remnants 2

Upon exploring The Great Sewers, players may stumble upon a chilling sight – a body trapped within a cage, suspended from the ceiling. A distinctive purple glow emanates from this body, catching the players’ attention. To progress, players must interact with this eerie scene by shooting the cage, causing the Severed Hand to drop to the ground.

Once obtained, players should inspect the Severed Hand in their inventory. Doing so reveals its true value – it grants the player one of two powerful rewards: the Ring of the Damned or the Strong Arm Band. The selection between the two is randomized with each playthrough, making it necessary for players to revisit The Great Sewers multiple times to acquire both rings. Players can achieve this by rerolling Losomn at the World Stone.

Remnant 2: Severed Hand Its Location and Uses


The Ring of the Damned is a potent accessory that bestows a 10% damage boost when the player’s health is in the gray zone. Despite its potentially cursed nature, the ring proves invaluable in augmenting the player’s offensive capabilities, providing a significant advantage in combat.

On the other hand, the Strong Arm Band, although not a conventional armband, is a remarkable ring with unique properties. It enhances the player’s throw distance by an impressive 30 meters and boosts the effectiveness of combat consumables by 0.5%. With this item, players can engage enemies from a greater distance and maximize the impact of their combat consumables, giving them an edge in challenging encounters.

Lore and Secrets

The true origins and purpose of the Severed Hand remain shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue and fascination to its presence in the game. Players are left to speculate about its significance in the narrative, inviting them to delve deeper into the captivating lore of Remnant 2.

In addition to its inherent secrets, players have discovered a peculiar bug concerning the drop rate of the Severed Hand. For some, the Strong Arm Band’s drop rate appears to be quite elusive, while others seem to obtain the Ring of the Damned more frequently. This bug may pique the curiosity of adventurous players, encouraging them to explore the game’s mechanics further.


The Severed Hand is an intriguing and versatile quest item in Remnant 2. The benefits it delivers through inspection and its existence in The Great Sewers enthrall players and make their trip more challenging. As they interact with this strange object, gamers start an exciting mission to learn the mysteries and secrets of Remnant 2’s universe.

So gather your bravery, enter The Great Sewers, and seize the Severed Hand’s power. Explore Remnant 2’s enthralling world, unravel its mystifying mythology, earn its rewards, and let it lead you on an amazing adventure. Have fun playing!

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