Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide | Walkthrough

Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide | Walkthrough Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless is a dungeon that you can encounter in the game Remnant 2, which is a third-person action RPG with a focus on co-op and survival. The dungeon is located in the world of N’Erud, a giant construct built by the Drzyr, a technologically advanced race obsessed with finding other sentient life in the universe.

The Vault of the Formless Overview:

The Vault of the Formless is an immense stasis chamber transformed into a cemetery, where countless lifeless Drzyr bodies lie corrupted by a dark miasma. Within this dungeon, adventurers will navigate through three main areas: The Entrance, The Chamber of Stasis, and The Boss Room. Each section poses unique challenges and secrets to be unraveled during the thrilling expedition.

The Entrance:

Our adventure begins in the Wardak Ruins, where we find the entrance to the Vault of the Formless. Here, we will face N’erud Zombies, relatively easy to defeat, but beware of their “Suppression” status effect that slows you down. Explore the area fully to find two chests and a secret room hidden behind some breakable crates. Inside the secret room lies a valuable ring, but there’s also a mysterious Red Door yet to be unlocked

Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide| Walkthrough

The Chamber of Stasis:

As we progress deeper into the Vault, we encounter the Chamber of Stasis, a vast area filled with dangerous stasis beds that freeze players on contact. To survive this perilous place, we must eliminate N’erud Zombies, Possessed, Corpse Balls, Robot Grunts, and Specters while avoiding the deadly stasis beds. A hidden passage within the Chamber houses the House Lythia Glyph, a vital piece of the puzzle to unlock the Glyph Door.

Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide| Walkthrough

The Boss Room:

The culmination of our journey leads us to the final area, the Boss Room, where the Zombie Horde awaits. This challenging boss fight requires us to eliminate waves of enemies until we reach a locked door. By persevering through the onslaught, the door will unlock, granting us access to the Glyph Door (Lythia), behind which lies the coveted Rupture Cannon, a powerful weapon capable of turning the tides of battle.

Tips for Success:

To emerge victorious in the Vault of the Formless, patience is key. Wait for large structures to turn and grant you access to new areas. Utilize area-of-effect damage to deal with numerous lesser enemies and maintain a healthy ammo economy. Be cautious not to get mobbed by enemies and avoid the purple goo left behind by defeated foes, as it causes Suppression, hindering charge rates for perks and skills.

Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide| Walkthrough

Conclusion for Remnant 2: Vault Of The Formless Guide| Walkthrough

Remnant 2 – Vault of the Formless, we sincerely hope you now feel prepared to take on this formidable dungeon and unearth its concealed treasures. Remember to stay determined, thoroughly explore every nook and cranny, and adjust your strategies to face the various adversaries you may encounter. Approach this adventure with confidence, and may luck be on your side as you fearlessly venture into the Vault of the Formless! Happy hunting, brave adventurers!

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