Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an exciting action-adventure game that takes place in the renowned Star Wars universe. The game offers players the opportunity to explore the enigmatic planet of Koboh, interact with a range of Star Wars creatures and characters, and challenge the notorious Bedlam Raiders – a group of smugglers and outlaws notorious for their cruel tactics and aggressive conduct.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher

Furthermore, the game also features the legendary Gen’Dai race, known for their incredible regenerative abilities and combat resilience. As players delve deeper into the world of the Bedlam Raiders, they will unravel the group’s secrets, which are shrouded in mystery. The Bedlam Raiders present a formidable challenge, and players must use all of their skills to defeat them. With a reputation for being cunning and unpredictable, the Bedlam Raiders promise an exciting and unforgettable gaming experience in the Star Wars universe.

In this article, we will be discussing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher as well as the group’s leader, along with a brief overview of Gen’Dai and Bedlam.

Bedlam Raiders: The Notorious Marauders

The Bedlam Raiders were a group of marauders led by Rayvis, a Gen’Dai, consisting of various species, including humans, Rodians, and Klatooinians. They were known for their brutal attacks on Jedi, and their base on Koboh was considered impenetrable. After Rayvis was defeated in single combat by Jedi Master Dagan Gera, he pledged his loyalty to Gera and served him after he was placed in stasis. However, Rayvis later escaped imprisonment and formed the Bedlam Raiders to search for Gera.

Gen’Dai: The Regenerating Humanoids of Star Wars

The Gen’Dai species, known for their unique physical attributes, have made their mark in the Star Wars universe. Their large bodies, consisting of regenerative tentacles, enabled them to heal quickly from injuries, making them formidable warriors. While they were once a peaceful culture, the devastation of their homeworld led to a change in behavior, and they became violent nomads. This transformation occurred centuries before the Imperial Era, during which they witnessed the rise and fall of the Jedi Order and the emergence of the Galactic Empire.

Notable Gen’Dai Members in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Two notable members of the Gen’Dai species featured in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game are Rayvis and Durge. Rayvis was a warrior and leader of the Bedlam Raiders, a group of marauders based on Koboh during the High Republic Era. The Bedlam Raiders were notorious for their attacks on Jedi, with Rayvis collecting their lightsabers as trophies.

Bedlam: A Planet Ravaged by War

Bedlam, the homeworld of the Bedlam Raiders, was a planet ravaged by war. The constant fighting between factions led to the destruction of cities and natural resources. The Bedlam Raiders became the dominant force on the planet, with their base serving as a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the war.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Rayvis encounters Jedi Knight Cal Kestis, who defeats him in combat. Rayvis then informs Kestis about the location of a compass in Santari Khri’s personal observatory. Later, Rayvis travels to the Shattered Moon to activate an array and is challenged to a duel by Kestis. After yielding to Kestis, Rayvis gives him the location of the final compass.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bedlam Smasher: A Fearsome Marauder of the Bedlam Raiders

Bedlam Smasher is a formidable member of the notorious Bedlam Raiders, led by the Gen’Dai warrior Rayvis. This group of criminals is known for causing havoc throughout the galaxy, and Bedlam Smasher is among their most feared members.

Standing at over 3 meters tall and weighing more than 1,000 kilograms, Bedlam Smasher is an enormous humanoid creature. He is heavily armored and carries a massive hammer that he wields with deadly force in combat. He can charge at high speed, causing immense damage to anything in his path.

To defeat Bedlam Smasher, players must utilize evasive tactics and carefully timed attacks. They must dodge his powerful hammer strikes and charged attacks, while also dealing damage to him whenever possible. As the fight progresses, Bedlam Smasher becomes increasingly aggressive, making it more challenging for players to avoid his attacks.

Defeating Bedlam Smasher is a significant achievement in the game, as he is one of the toughest bosses. Players will need to rely on their skills and strategy to emerge victorious in this epic battle.

Holotactics and Scanning for Success and Trophies

Holotactics is a tabletop strategy game that players may enjoy while exploring the planet Koboh in Jedi Survivor. To succeed in this game and receive prizes, players must first learn the basics of holotactics.

At the start of each game, players must choose an enemy from a list of enemies they have encountered during their journey through Koboh. As players continue to explore and meet new characters, additional opponents will become available. The game consists of three rounds of battles, in which players must strategically place units on the board to defeat the enemy waves. Victory hinges on selecting the appropriate troops, tactically arranging them, and adapting tactics to counter the opposition’s deployed forces.

However, before mastering the game’s strategies, players must scan every enemy they encounter on Koboh. Scanning each adversary exposes their strengths and weaknesses, allowing players to plan appropriately while deploying their Holotactics soldiers. Furthermore, scanning every enemy is required for the “Intergalactic Geographic” trophy, which requires players to complete scans of all enemies to fill out the tactical guide.


Finally, Rayvis, Bedlam, Holotactics, and Bedlam Smasher are all intriguing topics for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans to investigate. The Bedlam Smasher, in particular, provides gamers with a one-of-a-kind challenge as they are a key element of the dangerous world of the Bedlam Raiders, an infamous bunch of outlaws and smugglers. The game’s holotactics system is also an important component that players must understand in order to overcome their opponents.

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