Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug Not Working

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug Not Working: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers an exhilarating action-adventure set in the iconic Star Wars universe. Available on various platforms, including the Xbox Series X, players embark on an epic journey alongside the resilient Jedi Knight, Cal Kestis. However, as with any intricate game, occasional issues may arise that impact the overall enjoyment. 

One such issue reported by players involves becoming trapped in the Chamber of Reason. This problem is consistently encountered without fail each time. While Star Wars Jedi: Survivor delivers an enthralling gameplay experience, complete with intense combat and a captivating storyline, it is crucial to address and rectify any technical difficulties that may arise to ensure players can fully immerse themselves in this remarkable universe.

This guide will provide information about the Chamber of Reason bug in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, including potential fixes that have proven effective for other players as well as the actions being taken by EA to address the issue.

Explaining the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug Not Working

Players of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have encountered a bug within the Chamber of Reason that restricts their progress. This bug occurs when players manipulate the two balls by pulling and pushing them towards the far corners of the room, typically from the edges of the platforms. Consequently, players find themselves trapped on one side of the chamber while the balls become stuck in the opposite corner. Regrettably, there is currently no available method to reset the chamber or reposition the balls to their initial locations, rendering it impossible to retry the mission.

Trapped in The Chamber of Reasons

This bug prevents players from progressing in the game, as they are unable to reset the Chamber of Reason or retrieve the balls to continue solving the puzzle. Even reloading the game, dying, or quitting and relaunching the game does not resolve the issue. The lack of a reset function or respawn feature for the chamber hinders players’ ability to overcome this obstacle.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug: Possible Solution

Some gamers have observed that loading an older save file may help solve the problem. It is crucial to note, however, that this method does not guarantee a repair for everyone who is affected by the issue. Loading a previous save file may undo progress in other parts of the game, so act with caution and think about the potential effects.

Additional Player Experiences

Several players have encountered similar issues in the Chamber of Reason. One player mentioned that after attempting to pull the ball through a crack in the wall, they became stuck inside the map and had to respawn. Another player reported being unable to access the balls after respawning, leaving them permanently locked and unreachable.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason Bug

Community Support

The game’s community manager suggested loading an earlier save as a potential solution, but players noted that there is only one standard save available, making this option impractical. However, one player discovered an alternative workaround by utilizing a mod that allows them to adjust the jump height, enabling them to correct the problem and progress further in the game.

Player Suggestions

Some players have shared additional tips to overcome the issue. One player recommended exploring the bottom floor near the switch after the rope descent. They discovered that the back walls in that area are runnable, providing a way to return to the upper level. This method allowed them to bypass the problem and continue their journey.

Seeking Official Support

Players have also reached out to the game’s support team in hopes of finding a resolution. However, the response from the support team regarding loading previous saves was not helpful, as the game typically only offers a single save slot.


To conclude, the Chamber of Reason bug in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Xbox Series X hinders players from advancing as the balls become stuck in inaccessible locations. Although some players have discovered workarounds through mods or alternative paths, the absence of an official reset or respawn feature for the chamber restricts available solutions.

It is recommended that affected players stay informed by regularly checking official support channels and forums for potential updates or patches addressing this issue. For more content related to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and other gaming topics, be sure to visit Gameophobic.

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