Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Caij

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Caij: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor introduces the captivating Holotactics mini-game, providing players with an engaging strategic experience. While embarking on your adventure across the expansive open locations, you’ll come across a diverse array of NPCs ready to be recruited into Pyloon’s Saloon. These recruits, in turn, become formidable opponents on the Holotactics board, each enticing players with their own set of exclusive rewards. 

As you navigate through this challenging game mode, you’ll need to employ careful strategy and tactical decision-making to outwit your adversaries. The Holotactics mini-game serves as a thrilling addition to the overall gameplay experience in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, offering the opportunity to engage in intense battles and unlock valuable rewards along the way. 

In this post, we will look at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Caij, how to defeat Caij and other opponents in holotactics, the best troops to have when starting the grueling match, and finally, lots of advice to aid you.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics: Effective Unit Combinations

To increase your chances of success against Caij, consider incorporating the following units into your Holotactics team:

Roller Mine

The Roller Mine is an exceptional tool when facing larger targets. With its remarkable speed, it can dash across the board, explode, and potentially eliminate a substantial threat in one fell swoop. When relying on roller mines, it is advisable to avoid melee units, as their proximity can trigger the explosion. Instead, focus on deploying ranged units that can stand back and maintain a safe distance.


The Droideka, noted for its distinctive look, is one of Holotactic’s most formidable ranged soldiers. It is a formidable foe owing to its ability to deliver powerful bursts of fire while keeping shields to protect against counterattacks. When you achieve a numerical advantage, the Droideka becomes nigh invincible, wreaking havoc on the enemies.


For a reliable melee unit, the Magnaguard is a cost-effective option. With its strength and durability, the Magnaguard can hold its ground against various opponents. Deploying multiple Magnaguards on the board can provide a solid defense and pave the way for an easy victory.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Opponents List in Order

Before we delve into the strategies to defeat Caij, let’s briefly recap the opponents and rewards you encounter in Holotactics:

  • Turgle – Defeat Turgle to obtain a valuable Priorite Shard.
  • Greez – Overcome Greez to acquire a stylish Clothing Item, specifically a Jacket.
  • Tulakt – Best Tulakt to obtain a useful Material.
  • Merrin – Outmatch Merrin to obtain a coveted Jedi Scroll.
  • Caij – Triumph over Caij to secure a valuable Bounty Chip.
  • Skoova – Outmaneuver Skoova to obtain a unique Facial Hair item.
  • T-1N8 – Overpower T-1N8 to acquire an insightful Datadisc.
  • Tulli – As a former champion Tulli rewards an additional Skill Point after defeating it.

Now, let’s shift our attention to Caij and explore the strategies to conquer this formidable opponent.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics: Understanding Caij

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Caij

Caij is a skilled opponent in holotactics, known for his cunning tactics and strategic prowess. Defeating Caij will reward you with a valuable bounty chip, which can aid you in various aspects of the game. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to devise a well-thought-out strategy and assemble a formidable team of units.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics: Caij Holotactics Battle Strategy

Wave 1 – Defeating Caij

To defeat Caij in the first wave of Holotactics combat in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, send out two shield troopers with a purge trooper commander in the back. This strategic placement will allow you to save 6 battle points, which can be advantageous for upcoming waves.

Wave 2 – Confronting Caij

As you progress to the second wave, counter Caij by positioning a shield trooper with a DT Sentry Droid equipped with the Hammer and Missiles in the back center. This combination of units will provide a strong defense against Caij’s forces.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics Caij

Wave 3 – The Final Showdown with Caij

In the ultimate wave, prepare for an intense battle by placing two security droids beside the front center tile. To bolster your defense further, position a Droideka at the back center. Lastly, deploy a Scout Trooper Commander in the front center to enhance your offensive capabilities.

By following these tactical recommendations, you will be able to overcome Caij and win the Holotactics combat. Adjust your approach based on the distinct obstacles offered in each wave, and make use of our units’ diverse talents and strengths to ensure success.

Maintain a Balanced Team

Creating a well-balanced team composition is key to success in holotactics. Ensure you have a mix of ranged and melee units, each serving a specific purpose. Ranged units can provide long-range firepower, while melee units excel in close-quarters combat. 

By maintaining a balanced team, you can effectively counter Caij’s tactics and adapt to changing battlefield conditions.

Prioritize Target Selection

During battles, observe Caij’s unit placement and prioritize your targets wisely. Identify high-value units that pose the most significant threat to your team and focus your attacks on them first. By eliminating key units quickly, you can disrupt Caij’s strategy and gain an advantage.

Utilize Abilities and Special Attacks

Don’t overlook the abilities and special attacks of your units. These unique skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Strategically time and use these abilities to maximize their impact. For example, using a unit’s area-of-effect attack at the right moment can deal significant damage to multiple enemy units and weaken Caij’s defenses.

Adapt and Evolve

Holotactics is not a static game. As you progress and face stronger opponents like Caij, be prepared to adapt your strategies and evolve your team composition. Experiment with different unit combinations, tactics, and formations to find what works best against Caij’s specific playstyle. Flexibility and the ability to adjust on the fly will greatly enhance your chances of victory.

Learn from Defeats

Even if you face defeat against Caij initially, don’t be discouraged. Use each defeat as a learning opportunity to understand Caij’s tactics and identify areas where your strategy fell short. Adjust your approach accordingly and try again. Holotactics is a game of trial and error, and each defeat brings you closer to victory.

Strategic Approaches

While having the right units is crucial, it is equally important to employ effective strategies when facing Caij. Here are some approaches that have proven successful against this formidable opponent:

Exploit Weaknesses

Carefully analyze Caij’s gameplay patterns and weaknesses. Take note of any specific unit types or strategies he favors, and adapt your approach accordingly. Exploiting weaknesses in his formation or counterattacking when he exposes vulnerabilities can tilt the battle in your favor.


To become a master of holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it is crucial to employ strategic thinking, adaptability, and a well-rounded team of units. The challenge of facing opponents like Caij tests your abilities, but by employing the right combination of units, careful planning, and a willingness to learn from defeats, victory can be achieved.

Exploiting weaknesses, maintaining a balanced team composition, prioritizing targets, utilizing unit abilities effectively, and adapting strategies based on the situation are key to overcoming the formidable Caij and obtaining the highly sought-after Bounty Chip.

So, gather your team, analyze your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and may the Force guide you on your Holotactics journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. For more engaging gaming content, be sure to visit Gameophobic, your go-to source. 

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