Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough: Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desert moon of Jedha in the immersive world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. As you set foot on this enigmatic planet, a realm of adventure and discovery unravels before you. Within its vast expanse, Jedha beckons with its captivating landscapes and storied history.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough

Once a revered world where the Force was explored by one of the first civilizations, Jedha now stands as a holy site, drawing pilgrims from across the galaxy in search of spiritual enlightenment. But the Empire’s iron grip has tightened around Jedha, igniting a relentless battle between Imperial forces and scattered Rebels within its timeworn streets.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha Walkthrough will give you an in-depth in sight on the planet. We will discuss the main story missions that take place here with some details, as well as every collectible area wise that is available on Jedha and a little description about how to get them. We will take a deep dive into the Jedha planet, so grab a drink and continue reading. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha Walkthrough: Story Missions

Embark on a thrilling adventure as we start with the main story missions set on planet Jedha. In this we will delve into the heart of Jedha’s narrative, exploring the moments and challenges faced by Cal.

“Bring Compass to Cordova” mission in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

When you get to Jedha, go to the archive and talk to Cordova to start a cutscene. You’ll wake up outside where you and the team were camping, and you’ll need to check in on Cordova’s progress. A cutscene will play if you enter the base and reach the archive.

Chasing Bode

When you recover control, pursue Bode, who will take you around the planet during an Imperial onslaught. Both Bode and Scout Troopers will assault you, and you must defeat them in a quicktime event.

Boss Fight with Bode

Cal will knock Bode off his speeder at the end of the chase. You must combat Bode after a brief sequence. He’s a tough opponent, and you don’t have any stims to heal yourself. You are not expected to win this fight, but it is an excellent opportunity to study Bode’s attacks and moves.

Bode will eventually knock you down, and when you recover control, you will be controlling Cere.

In short, the “Bring Compass to Cordova” task in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor entails tracking Bode throughout Jedha while under Imperial attack, ending in a boss battle with Bode.

“Stall the Empire’s Assault” in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

After gaining control of Cere, use her ultimate ability to create a protective barrier and block incoming fire from Stormtroopers. Defeat them with the knockback effect. As waves of Imperial forces arrive, they continuously use Cere’s ultimate ability. Eventually, unleash a Force Slam on a large ship to progress.

Venturing Into the Base

Follow Merrin into the base, using the meditation point for healing. Defeat Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers along the way.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough
Stalling the Empire’s Attack

Step outside and stall the Empire’s attack. Slide down the wall, confront a group of Stormtroopers, and proceed along the cliff.

Scaling the Hill

Climb the hill using raised rocks. Engage a Purge Trooper and more enemies, utilizing your Ultimate ability. Use Force Push to launch a ball at the AT-ATs.

Journey through the Cave

Enter the newly opened cave, reaching the Highland Vista Meditation Point. Defeat the stormtroopers and dislodge another ball to strike the remaining AT-AT using Force Pull.

By employing Cere’s abilities, battling Imperial forces, and strategically using the Force, you can effectively stall the Empire’s assault. Push forward with determination and overcome each obstacle in your path.

“Reaching the Hangar” Story Mission 

After defeating the AT-ATs, utilize Merrin’s ability to knock down a rope. Enter the building and descend the broken elevator shaft using the wall. Rest at the bottom Meditation Point before following Merrin further.

Assaulting the Base

Encounter Stormtroopers as you progress deeper into the base. Open locked doors with Cere’s strength and be prepared to battle numerous Stormtroopers along the way.

Closing the Hangar Door

Interact with the terminal at the end of the path to close the hangar door. Ride the elevator down, ensuring you also reach the nearby Meditation Point.

Repelling the Imperial Onslaught

Imperial forces will breach the door, unleashing waves of enemies including Purge Troopers and Rocket Troopers. Utilize Cere’s Ultimate ability to fend off the onslaught. The sequence culminates with an AT-ST entering the hangar, requiring a strategy to defeat it.

Prevent two additional AT-STs from entering by using Force Slam to obstruct their path with rubble. A cutscene follows.

Journey to the Archive

Exit the Mantis and proceed towards the Archive. Rest at the Meditation Point outside before engaging in a boss battle. After resting, enter the Archive and interact with the bench where BD-1 has landed.

Continue your adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor as you confront challenging encounters and unravel the mysteries of the Archive. Stay focused, utilize your abilities wisely, and prepare for the battles that lie ahead.

“Defeating Darth Vader” 

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, facing battle against the fearsome Darth Vader is a huge task. Darth Vader is a sluggish yet formidable foe that can do massive damage. He will approach you cautiously, trying an unblockable grab strike. While he uses his lightsaber on occasion, your main priority should be avoiding the grab assault.

Breaking Through Vader’s Defenses

Directly damaging Darth Vader is challenging since he can block your attacks and possesses a substantial stun gauge. To break his stun, focus on parrying his attacks, as this deals significant damage to his stun gauge. Look for opportunities to counter-attack during these moments.

Seizing Attack Windows

Another opportunity to strike arises after Vader performs his unblockable grab attack. Seize this moment to land a single stab, but be cautious not to get caught by his subsequent attacks.

Handling Vader’s Force Abilities

As the battle progresses and a portion of Vader’s health is depleted, he will unleash a wider range of Force abilities. He may attempt to grab you and pull you in, followed by swift lightsaber attacks. Stay vigilant and be prepared to block during these sequences.

The Fiery Climax

Vader will reappear burned in flames after Cere destroys the archive. His assaults get more ferocious, and his three-hit combination ends with an unblockable blow. Concentrate on deflecting his lightsaber assaults and avoiding his unblockable blows.

The Final Showdown

You will enter a quicktime event while Vader’s health continues to deteriorate. Prepare to respond quickly when Vader uses the Force to keep Cere’s blade back. Evade his stomping assault after this occurs to avoid receiving damage.

Darth Vader must be defeated with talent, patience, and exact timing. Parry his strikes, exploit gaps in his defenses, and stay alert during his force-driven assault. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha Collectibles Walkthrough

After completing the major plot tasks on Jedha, it’s time to begin a new adventure: locating the numerous collectibles spread around this huge planet. We will go into the nooks and crannies of Jedha in this detailed guide, revealing every hidden gem and mystery waiting to be discovered. 

Whether you’re a completionist looking to improve your Jedi’s talents or simply enjoy the thrill of discovery, this comprehensive guide to Jedha’s treasures will be your valued friend. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough: Monastery Walls Collectibles

  • Nocular Head – BD-1: Follow the left wall, climb a ledge, and slide down a slope to find it.
  • Wanderer Shirt: Similar path as above, but hop across pillars to reach the chest.
  • Nocular Audio Sensors – BD-1: Located in an opening to the right of a large gate.
  • Nocular Photoreceptors – BD-1: Hop up to the ledge above the Workbench.
  • Wanderer Materials: Reach a Force Tear, dash across a gap, and parkour up to find the chest.
  • Skeleton Key Blaster: Follow the same path as above, but jump, dash, and wall-run to reach another ledge and find the chest.

Monastery Walls Essences

  • Health Essence: Hop over pillars near the Monastery Walls workbench to reach a small ledge.
  • Skill Point Essence: Wall-run across pillars, then drop down to find the essence.

Monastery Walls Databanks

  • Prayer Wheels: Hop across the sand to a low structure.
  • Pilgrims, Lost Force Echo: Hug the left wall while crossing the sand.
  • Communal Space: Defeat enemies, then scan the center of the nearby camp.

Force Tear

  • Fractured Tradition: Slide down a slope, grapple up, and hop across pillars to find it.
Monastery Walls Treasures
  • Jedha Scroll #1: Found by hugging the left wall while crossing the sand near the Meditation Point.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Pull open the large gate across the sand, defeat enemies, and acquire the scroll.
  • Jedha Scroll #3: Located near the Workbench, up the ledge from the giant scorpion encounter.
  • Jedha Scroll #4: Hop down to the sand from the Meditation Point, hug the right wall, and climb up a ledge.
  • Jedha Scroll #5: Wall-run across the pillars near the Essence, then drop down and find the scroll in a corridor.
  • Jedha Scroll #6: Reach the Force Tear above the Sutaban and Stormtroopers, dash across a gap, and uncover the scroll.
  • Jedha Scroll #7: Follow the same path as above, but jump, dash, and find the scroll on another ledge.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough: Halls of Ranvell Collectibles


  • Undercut Hair: Wall run and climb back after Merrin eliminates stormtroopers to find the chest.
  • Common Plastoid BD-1 Materials: Jump across a gap at the top of the wall-running/climbing section to find a room with stormtroopers and the chest.


  • Skill Point Essence: Located across the wall-run from the Halls of Ranvell Meditation Point, navigate the area to reach the top and collect the essence.
  • Force Essence: Drop onto a ledge below the top of the wall-running/climbing section and descend metal ramps to find scorch marks near a pit’s edge. Jump to the ledge above the scorch marks to discover this essence.


  • Force Echo (Pilgrims, Attacked): Found next to the Halls of Ranvell Meditation Point.
  • Databank (Ancient Ruins): Grapple up, traverse the ceiling, and descend the stairs.
  • Databank (Scorch Marks):  Drop below the top ledge and descend metal ramps.
  • Databank (Ancient Wars):Defeat stormtroopers and scan the ancient Jedi statues.


  • Jedha Scroll #1: Found in the cave passageway near the Halls of Ranvell Meditation Point.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Use parkour moves to reach the scroll while traversing the exterior wall after Merrin’s takedown.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough

Divine Oasis Collectibles:

  • Databank: After killing the Skriton monster, continue on the main route to find a Force Echo labelled “Pilgrims, Saved.”

Divine Oasis Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: At the oasis, under a tent.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Use a mount to climb a high ledge on the right side of the oasis after entering it.

Sheltered Hollow Collectibles

  • Stim Canister #1: It is located on the main path after the overnight cutscenes with Merrin.
  • Jedha Scroll #1: Acquired by defeating a Scavenger Droid, shortly after exiting the overnight cave with Merrin. 

Arid Flats Collectibles


  • Chest #1 (Commander Pants): Near Arid Flats Meditation Point.
  • Chest #2 (Commander Jacket): Left from Arid Flats Meditation Point, climb ledge near Sutaban cave.
  • Chest #3 (Exile Jacket): Jump up ledge from Skoova Stev, reach shaded ledge using grapple hook and balloon.
  • Chest #4 (Detachment Emitter): Top of Wayfinder’s Tomb, cross broken bridge with grapple hook and balloons.


  1. Force Essence #1: Ledge in Sutaban cave.
  2. Skill Point Essence #2: Use dash ability to climb structure near Anchorite Base Meditation Point, acquire door codes, claim essence.
  3. Health Essence #3: Top of Wayfinder’s Tomb, cross broken bridge with grapple hook, collect essence.


  • Multiple Force Echoes: Desert Passages, center of desert, near Skoova Stev, around Beasts of Jedha bones.
  • Databank (Cordova’s Travels on Jedha III): Defeat Stormtroopers near end of Path of Conviction, use Spanel to boost jump and access ledge.
  • Databank (Cere’s Journey): Located at the base of Wayfinder’s Tomb, near a large urn in a shaded corner.

Arid Flats Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Climb pillars ahead of Anchorite Base Meditation Point.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Base of climbable pillars, lookout for a Scavenger Droid.
  • Jedha Scroll #3: Left ledge near Wayfinder’s Tomb entrance.
  • Jedha Scroll #4: Left of Sutaban cave entrance, left of Meditation Point.
  • Jedha Scroll #5: Use advanced grapple hook to reach a hidden passage.
  • Jedha Scroll #6: Reach higher ledge with advanced grapple hook.
  • Jedha Scroll #7: Balloon near Skoova Stev, defeat Skriton, smash rock.
  • Jedha Scroll #8: Zip across a gap using advanced grapple hook to reach a pillar.
  • Jedha Scroll #9: Top of Wayfinder’s Tomb, drop down to a ledge.

Path of Conviction

  • Essence: Solve the orb puzzle in the desert ruins tomb for a new perk slot.
  • Treasure: Break a vase at the end of the wall-climbing segment.

Collectibles in Path of Persistence

  • Chest: Grapple and leap across ledges to a sandy ledge with a chest.
  • Essence: Climb to the top, force push the orb for a new perk slot.
  • Databank (Cordova’s Travels on Jedha I): Zipline across to stormtroopers and scan left of the nearby passageway.
  • Force Echo (Cordova’s Wonder): Scan the echo up the steps after fighting stormtroopers and security droids.
  • Jedha Scroll #1: Climb the ledge and check ahead of the resting stormtrooper.

Path of Restoration

  • Chest: Climb, dash, turn right, climb again, and wall run to find the chest.
  • Essence: Zipline to the top, push the ball on the altar for a new perk slot.
  • Databank (Cordova’s Travels on Jedha II): Follow the path, climb, and scan near the entrance.
  • Force Echo (Voice to the Past): Dash, climb, and wall run to find the echo.
  • Force Echo (A Master’s Realisation): Parkour to a chest, zipline up, and find the echo on the altar.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough: Wayfinder’s Tomb Collectibles

Wayfinder’s Tomb Chests

  • Chest #1 (Eno Cordova’s Lightsaber): Accessible by completing the three Paths and taking the elevator down.
  • Chest #2 (Map Upgrade – Treasures): Obtainable after completing the three Paths and descending via the elevator.


  • Databank (Cordova’s Travels on Jedha IV): Ascend to the top of Wayfinder’s Tomb and scan the circle on the floor.
  • Force Echo (The Final Lesson): Unveiled by completing the three Paths and descending via the elevator.

Wayfinder’s Tomb Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Found on a low ledge in Wayfinder’s Tomb, between the Anchorite Base and Arid Flats Meditation Points.

Desert Ridge Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough


  • Chest #1 (Kaminoan Legs): Located next to the Desert Ridge Meditation Point, amidst the ruins.
  • Chest #2 (Serenity Switch): Take the road from the Desert Ridge Meditation Point to the Abandoned Tradeway shortcut zipline.
  • Chest #3 (Revisit Waters Music Track): Follow the Desert Ridge trail from Arid Flats to a rope shortcut leading back to Cere’s Base. Wall sprint to the left of the rope and leap to the ridge to find the chest.
  • Chest #4 (Temperance Emitter): Ascend the Path of Conviction, use a flying creature to travel down to Desert Ridge, then go upward and to the right to reach the chest on a tall peak.

Desert Ridge Essences

  • Perk (Unflinching): Obtainable after defeating Golden Skriton and locating it at the end of the boss arena.


  • Databank (Jedha Politics): Behind the ruin housing the Desert Ridge Meditation Point.
  • Databank (A Pilgrimage): Access the cave near the laser door in Desert Ridge using Force push, and find the force echo inside.

Desert Ridge Force Tears

  • Force Tear (Fractured Determination): Accessed through the green laser door, which requires Merrin’s Charm.

Desert Ridge Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Start at the Desert Ridge shortcut leading back to Cere’s Base. Wall run to reach the Music Track Chest, then continue with another wall run to find a glint on the wall. Slide down and automatically grab the treasure.

Narkis Highlands Collectibles


  • Kaminoan Audio Sensors: Found in the chamber where you moved a part of the wall to open the door.
  • Materials for Jedha Paint BD-1: After beating Skriton, use wall-running to access the treasure nearby.

Narkis Highlands Essences

  • Skill Point Essence #1: Zipline over from Arid Flats, turn right, zipline again, use dash and parkour to climb the wall and acquire this essence.
  • Skill Point Essence #2: Located in the area of the Skriton fight, zip up to the hovering balloon, bounce to the grapple point, wall-run, and continue traversing until you discover the essence.

Narkis Highlands Treasure

  • Jedha Scroll #1: During the Skriton fight, navigate the walls, reach the ledge, and collect this scroll.

Veiled Hangar Collectibles


  • Cere Junda Lightsaber: Find this chest near the Archive door after a major story event towards the end of the game.
  • Scrapyard Emitter: Take the lift near the practice dummy, go down the corridor, and turn left to discover this chest in the darkness.

Veiled Hangar Databank

  • Force Echo (The Master’s Arrival): Enter the hangar and turn left to discover this force echo.

The Archive Collectibles

The Archive Chests

  • Chest #1 (Scrapyard Switch): Dash through a green laser door after squeezing through a gap to find the chest.
  • Chest #2 (Scrapyard Grip): Use the advanced grapple hook to reach the central balloon and leap to the middle level ledge for the chest.


  • Skill Point Essence #1: Dash through a green door, perform parkour maneuvers to reach the final ledge and collect the essence.
  • Force Essence #2: Utilize the advanced grapple hook to access the central balloon and leap to a nearby ledge to obtain the essence.

The Archive Databanks

  • Force Echo (Old Connections, New Paths): Ascend the ramp near The Archive Meditation Point to discover this force echo.
  • Force Echo (A New Path): Climb the ledge to the left of the elevator next to Sister Taske’s shop to find this force echo.

The Archive Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Ascend side ramp, pass talking Anchorites, go through gap to acquire scroll.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Traverse side passage, climb wall, squeeze through gap to find scroll with conversing Anchorites.
  • Jedha Scroll #3: Dash through green laser door, ascend from chest’s location, follow path to obtain scroll.
  • Jedha Scroll #4: Dash through green door, ascend from chest’s location, cross ledges, dash to another ledge for scroll.
  • Jedha Scroll #5: Use advanced grapple hook near Sister Taske’s shop, access middle-level ledges, find scroll on crate.

Penitent Chambers Collectibles


  • Chest #1 (Wanderer Material): Climb the column in front of you after following Merrin up the initial wall-run section.
  • Chest #2 (Nocular Body): Near the end of the area, grapple onto a wall, climb the first section, and then turn right at the end to find the chest.

Penitent Chambers Essence

  • Force Essence: Opposite the Nocular Body chest, follow the wall-run path to find it.

Penitent Chambers Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Ascend the ledge after encountering and battling Merrin.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Upon finding the Nocular Body chest, backtrack and head toward the stormtrooper to discover a Scavenger Droid in the same corridor.

Desert Passages Collectibles

  • Chest #1 (Solar BD-1): Found in a room with a speeder bike after taking the elevator up from Sister Taske’s.
  • Chest #2 (Scrapyard Pommel): Located beside the totem after opening the door at the bottom of the slope by pulling the orbs back towards the elevator.
  • Databank (Witch):  In a circular room along the left-hand path after taking the elevator up. The force echo can be found on the left side.

Trailhead Pantheon Collectibles

Trailhead Pantheon Chests

  • Chest #1 (Justice Grip): Found in the alcove at the end of the room where the Sutaban is defeated.
  • Chest #2 (Jedi Outfit): Located by performing a wall-run along the edge in the nearby room from the Crypt Of Uhrma Meditation Point.


  • Databank (The Path):Scan the arch as you enter Trailhead Pantheon after the Skriton fight.
  • Databank (Ancient Crypt): Take a left turn after using the cube to ascend to the dark area above the Sutaban room.
  • Databank (Map of Pilgrim’s Path):  Swing and parkour into the previously locked room near the workbench after passing through the dark cave above the Sutaban room.
  • Databank (Meditation Hall):  Scan the wall near the Stormtroopers in the nearby room from the Crypt Of Uhrma Meditation Point.

Trailhead Pantheon Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Found by turning left after using the cube to ascend to the dark area above the Sutaban room.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Discover it by swinging and parkouring into the previously locked room near the workbench, then descending downstairs.
  • Jedha Scroll #3: Hidden within jars, it can be found by proceeding straight ahead from the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point and hopping up the ledge.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Jedha Walkthrough

Whistling Drop Collectibles

Whistling Drop Chests

  • K3 Vindicator Grip: Dash through a laser door near the Whistling Drop Meditation Point.
  • K3 Vindicator Barrel: Located behind the damaged ship.


  • Force Echo “One Journey Ends”: Found in front of a force field near the Whistling Drop Meditation Point.
  • Databank “Onwards, Traveler”: Follow the path to a zipline away from the damaged ship.

Whistling Drop Treasure

  • Jedha Scroll #1: After wall-running and climbing sections, find it past the Stormtroopers discussing the “desert ghost.”

Blustery Mesa Collectibles


  • Justice Pommel Chest: Defeat the DT sentry droid, scale the windy slope, and find the chest in an alcove.

Blustery Mesa Databanks

  • Ghost or Guardian Force Echo: Slide and wall-run to the right, enter the cave inhabited by Hardshells to discover this Force Echo.
  • Catacombs of the Weary Databank: Descend the slope towards the Crypt of Uhrma and scan the prayer scrolls on the left.

Force Tears

  • Fractured Dexterity Force Tear: Start from the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point, pass through a door, climb stairs to Blustery Mesa, use wall-run and dash techniques to cross a gap, and obtain the Force Tear.

Blustery Mesa Treasures

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Follow the cliff’s edge, overcome obstacles, pull out and climb along the underside, reach an elevator, and leap to the opposite ledge to find this treasure.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Ascend the wall near the Crypt of Uhrma elevator, turn right around a rock formation, and discover this treasure.
  • Jedha Scroll #3: Depart from the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Point, navigate through Stormtroopers, ascend to Blustery Mesa, execute a wall-run and dash across a gap, and find a Scavenger Droid on a nearby platform.

Crypt of Uhrma Collectibles

  • Chest: After opening the puzzle door, jump to the opposite side of the next room.
  • Essence: Perk (Gambler): It is in Sutaban Alpha boss arena.
  • Databanks: Side path after entering the Crypt Of Uhrma.
  • Force Echo: After opening the puzzle door, jump to the opposite side of the next room.
  • Treasure: Side path after entering the Crypt Of Uhrma.

Timeworn Bridge Collectibles

  • Chest: Use Dash ability to cross the bridge and double back over the middle.
  • Force Tear: Run through the green laser door near the DT droid battle area.
  • Treasures #1: Push the gate in the Meditation Point chamber open, go down the steep path, and turn around.
  • Treasure #2: After defeating the DT robot with Merrin, Force pull the grate on the building, enter, grapple up, and wall-run across to find it hidden behind a rock.

Singing Ruins Collectibles


  • Trespassers Of The Storm: Use the wind to jump into the Singing Ruins and take the left path to locate this Force Echo.

Singing Ruins Treasure

  • Jedha Scroll #1: Follow the right path in the Singing Ruins, squeeze through a gap, and turn left around a rock to find this treasure.

Sanctuary Temple Collectibles

  • Essence –  Force Essence #1: Obtainable through the green door next to the workbench with Merrin’s Charm upgrade.
  • Databank – The Destination and the Beginning: Found on a wall mural when entering the temple.
  • Force Echo – Sanctuary Revived: Discovered after crossing the Timeworn Bridge inside the temple.
  • Force Echo –  Underground Canals: Encountered on the main path beyond the drill machine’s arm.
  • Jedha Scroll #1:Uncovered by turning right after climbing into the temple and defeating Stormtroopers.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: Located near a green laser door opposite the workbench in the Sanctuary Temple.

Buried Refuge Collectibles

  • Chest (Kaminoan Photoreceptors): At the end of the swimming section, below the resurfacing point.


  • Hidden Path, Exposed: Scan the skeleton on the right after the puzzle door.
  • Temple Evacuation: On the skeleton in the corridor after the puzzle door.
  • A Noble Deed: On the circular podium in the center of the room after the puzzle door.

Buried Refuge Treasure

  • Jedha Scroll #1: After resurfacing from the swimming section, inspect the floor where an object was pulled on the right.
  • Jedha Scroll #2: On the floor in the room with the circular podium, where the Noble Deed Force Echo is found.


As we conclude our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha Walkthrough, we hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with invaluable insights and assistance throughout your adventure on this captivating planet. From the thrilling main story missions that unfolded on Jedha to the extensive exploration of its diverse landscapes and the collection of hidden treasures, we have aimed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer every challenge.

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