Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths: No Nekko Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths: No Nekko Walkthrough: In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, puzzles transcend their role as mere roadblocks and emerge as gateways to rewarding discoveries. These intricate enigmas hold the potential to unveil hidden treasures, ancient artifacts, and invaluable resources that significantly contribute to the player’s quest. Beyond their immediate challenges, solving these puzzles bestows players with enhanced gameplay experiences, empowering them with newfound abilities, equipment, and knowledge that enrich their ongoing journey.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths: No Nekko Walkthrough

Venturing into the Moldy Depths demands traversing a meticulously designed path fraught with treacherous terrain and formidable obstacles. Players must unlock the secrets of concealed passages, master acrobatic maneuvers, and harness their Jedi prowess to progress further into the depths. The interplay of dexterity, problem-solving skills, and the Force becomes pivotal in navigating the intricate web of challenges that guard the path to enlightenment.

In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths No Nekko Walkthrough, we will delve into the depths, find collectibles, and harness the power of friendship to conquer the enigmatic puzzle.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths: No Nekko Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor leads players on an epic journey throughout the galaxy as they join Cal Kestis on his quest. Along the way, players encounter various challenges and secret areas, including the enigmatic Moldy Depths.

Navigating this perilous environment necessitates solving a door problem and carefully utilizing your surroundings. We will lead you through the Moldy Depths, ensuring that you overcome obstacles, avoid becoming stranded, and uncover the hidden treasures therein.

Unfortunately, the only way to get through this section is to have a Nekko ready with you. Without it, as it seems, the mechanics of the game will not allow the players to pass through the area.

Let us now understand each and every step necessary to cross the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths.

Discovering the Moldy Depths

The Moldy Depths is a mysterious area located in Koboh. To reach this intriguing location, begin your journey from the front entrance of Pyloon’s Saloon and turn left towards the Untamed Downs. As you traverse the landscape, jump up to a ledge after crossing the stream, then continue hugging the right wall through a small cave system. This path will eventually lead you to an area known as Harvest Ridge, where the entrance to the Moldy Depths awaits.

Solving the Moldy Depths Door Puzzle

Upon entering the Moldy Depths, you will encounter a yellow gate at the center of Harvest Ridge. Approach the gate and notice a rope beside it. Grab the rope to open the gate and gain access to the depths. Proceed forward, following the designated path, until you reach a small gap that you must squeeze through. You will arrive at the heart of the moldy depths by overcoming this obstacle.

Exploring the Moldy Depths

As you venture deeper into the Moldy Depths, take a moment to absorb the eerie ambiance and mysterious surroundings. You’ll find yourself sliding down a watery slope, emerging in a new area. Navigate through this section, being mindful of your surroundings and any potential hazards that may impede your progress.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Moldy Depths: No Nekko Walkthrough

Collecting the Datadisc

Keep a keen eye out for valuable collectibles within the Moldy Depths. You’ll discover a Datadisc waiting to be claimed in one corner of the room. Make sure to grab it to enhance your knowledge and unlock potential rewards.

Unlocking the Path Ahead

To continue your journey, you must make use of a Nekko mount found in the next area. This mount is crucial for completing the remaining steps of the puzzle. Interact with the Nekko and utilize your Force powers to establish a connection, enabling you to control and ride the creature.

Overcoming Obstacles with the Nekko

As you ride the Nekko, approach the gate that you previously encountered but couldn’t open permanently. Pull the rope nearby to temporarily unlock the gate and allow the Nekko to pass through. Timing is crucial, as you need to ensure the Nekko makes it through the gate before it closes again.

Navigating Challenging Terrain

Having successfully crossed the gate with the Nekko, dismount and proceed forward. You’ll encounter a series of challenging obstacles, including gaps, cliffs, and walls. Utilize your agility and Force abilities to overcome these obstacles, ensuring a safe passage for both yourself and the Nekko.

Reaching the Harvest Ridge Barn

By skillfully maneuvering through the challenging terrain, you will eventually arrive at the Harvest Ridge barn. This location serves as a significant milestone in your journey, as it provides access to the highest point in Harvest Ridge.

Note: Successfully traversing the Moldy Depths and reaching the Harvest Ridge barn unlocks the prestigious “King of the World” achievement or trophy. 

No Nekko, No King of the World

The Moldy Depths gates initially seem impenetrable, but with the Nekko by your side, a solution becomes apparent. These gates can only be temporarily opened by pulling a nearby rope. However, to fully unlock the gate and allow passage through, the Nekko’s jump boost ability is essential. Without the Nekko, attempting to open the gate and cross the threshold becomes an impossible task.

As you pull the rope to momentarily open the gate, the Nekko needs to pass through before the gate closes again. After opening the game, you can call Nekko while holding the rope through the open gate, and then release the rope to close the door and continue ahead. 

The Moldy Depths present various obstacles such as gaps, cliffs, and walls that require the Nekko’s agile movements and jump boost to overcome. Its unique abilities provide the necessary mobility and vertical reach to traverse these treacherous paths effectively.


The Moldy Depths in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor present players with a thrilling and immersive task to conquer. This section delivers a thrilling gaming experience with its numerous puzzles, scary roads, and hidden surprises. By following the informative tour, gamers may confidently travel the Moldy Depths and acquire precious treasures along the way.

Your trip into the Moldy Depths as Cal Kestis will put your talents to the test, demanding careful navigation and cunning puzzle-solving. You may overcome the challenges and unleash the full potential of this interesting place by skillfully utilizing your Jedi powers and enlisting the assistance of partners like the Nekko.

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