Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Untamed Downs Breakable Door Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Untamed Downs Breakable Door Guide: Untamed Downs is one of the regions in the Koboh map of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It is a large area filled with rocky terrain, caves, and ancient ruins. You will encounter a variety of hostile creatures and enemies as they explore the region, including Nekkos and Mogus. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Untamed Downs Breakable Door Guide

The area is also home to several hidden chests that you can discover to obtain valuable loot. Lightsabers, cosmetic items, and materials for upgrading their gear, etc. To unlock some of these chests, players will need to use their skills and abilities. Unlocking the electro-dart ability, and solve puzzles to reach them in the way.

This article is a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Untamed Downs Breakable Door Guide. We will also discuss about other collectibles that you can collect in the Untamed Downs.

Guide to Breaking the Untamed Downs Breakable Wall in Roller Mines

If you’re seeking to shatter the Untamed Downs breakable wall with roller mines, you may find it difficult. It is, however, possible to achieve with the right strategy. We’ll lead you through the steps of breaking through the wall, gaining roller mines, and obtaining Santari Khri’s lightsaber.

Finding the Jedi Survivor Untamed Downs area

To get to the Jedi Survivor Untamed Downs area, head over to the yellow bridge near Rambler’s Reach Outpost. From there, head head towards Untamed Downs. Once you’re there, find the small cave opening that leads to the watery area, which appears to be a dead end.

Obtaining the Roller Mines

Exit the cave, and turn left until you find the Empire base with a green laser gate inside. You can obtain the Roller Mines here. However, before you can get them, you’ll need to defeat the enemies in the area (not necessary, but it will be difficult with them present) and then Slice the console on the left side of the base. This will cause the Roller Mines to appear.

Leading the Roller Mines

Once you’ve obtained the Roller Mines, lead them from the base back to the cave, making sure to stay in the blue to yellow range so that they don’t explode on red. The blue to yellow range is the safe distance for the roller mines, and it is important to stay within this range while leading them to avoid explosions. If you move too far away, the roller mines will explode.

Breaking the Wall

Once you’re back in the cave with the breakable wall, use force pull to grab the roller mine, and then use force push to launch it at the structure. This will break the wall and allow you to enter the room beyond.

Obtaining Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

Finally, head inside and open the chest at the end to get Santari Khri’s lightsaber.

Untamed Downs Undiscovered Secrets

Untamed Downs is a location in Jedi: Survivor that provides players with a variety of difficulties. It has force echoes that explain the planet’s past, databank records that give lore and insight, skill point essences that improve abilities, and chests guarded by strong competitors. You can explore this dangerous landscape and discover all of its mysteries.

Untamed Downs Chests Guide in Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Untamed Downs Breakable Door Guide

In Jedi: Survivor, loot chests found in the Untamed Downs area contain a variety of skins that may seem out of place in a random crate. The loot chests in Untamed Downs have both useful items and cosmetic skins, which may include clothing, lightsaber parts, and character customization options.

Chest #1: Santari Khri Lightsaber

Location: In an Untamed Downs cave

Method: Use a roller mine from a previous bunker and guide it into the cave to break the wall.

Chest #2: Geonosian Audio Sensors

Location: In an untamed Downs cave that requires jumping to reach

Method: Follow the path to the top and use vines on the roof to climb higher, kill the Mogu, turn right, and run across the wall to find the chest.

Chest #3: Arakyd Heavy Grip

Location: In the center of the Untamed Downs region, on the edge of a drop.

Method: Requires the electro-dart ability, shoot the nearby electrical conduit to open the chest.

Chest #4: Hunter Material

Location: Between the two pillars on the border between Untamed Downs and Harvest Ridge.

Method: Requires the electro-dart ability, shoot a dart at the nearby electrical conduit to open the chest.

Chest #5: Mountaineer Jacket

Location: In Bilemaw Cave.

Method: Jump onto a pillar and climb vines, follow the path around, jump from the ledge to the second pillar; and use mind control on Garra to move them off the chest.

Chest #6: Swooper Legs

Location: In an indoor cave-like area.

Method: Shoot a dart through the grate around the right of the door to open it, then collect the chest inside.

Untamed Downs Essences locations

These are bright spheres that may be collected throughout the game and used to grant Cal new skills and improvements. They can be obtained by defeating enemies, discovering hidden areas, or completing specific objectives. The following essence may be found in Untamed Downs:

Skill Point Essence #1

This essence is located past the green forcefield at the end of the bunker with all the mines.

To access it, use Force Lift on the door on the right and head through, then turn left.

Skill Point Essence #2

This essence is hidden behind a waterfall on Koboh.

To reach it, dash over the gap in front of the Untamed Downs Meditation Point and follow the path until you reach the arena with the three large beasts.

Behind the waterfall is where the essence can be found.

Databank Entries

Databank entries can give extra insight into the game’s mythology by containing information on different themes such as people, creatures, places, or events. Some of them can be found in Untamed Downs:

Databank (An Ecological Study): This entry may be found in a cave beyond the Untamed Downs Meditation Point. To access the cave and scan the data, descend the ridge.

Databank (Mogu Den): Jump to the Untamed Downs, then follow the trail to the scan point for this entry.

Databank (The Deep Caverns): This entry is behind a hanging box on the right-hand side, behind the green forcefield at the end of a mine-filled bunker.

Force (Gift of Fire) Databank: To discover this databank entry, open the entrance on the right side of the mine-filled bunker and turn left.

Force Databank (The Truth): For this databank entry, lift the door on the right side of the mine-filled bunker and then turn right.

Databank (Bilemaw Burrow): To locate this entry, go to Harvest Ridge and investigate the Bilemaw cave.

Databank (Warning Sign): After rushing across the gap in front of the Untamed Downs Meditation Point, follow the trail to find a sign that relates to this databank entry.

Force Echo Locations

Dispersed across the game environment and may be located by scanning with the BD-1. They usually contain information or memories about the area or characters, giving the game’s narrative some backstory or context. Follow the steps below to learn more about their locations:

  • A Force Echo may be found by breaking through a locked door up the slope from the combat droids in the Untamed Downs.
  • When you re-enter the Untamed Downs through the back of Fort Kah’Lin, look for an alcove on the left to find another Force Echo.
  • A Force Echo awaits discovery in the bunker with the protected entryway, guarded by roller mines near the end of the Untamed Downs field.
  • Use a roller mine from a previous bunker to shatter the wall and discover a Force Echo in the Untamed Downs cave.
  • Climb the wall and find a Force Echo after crossing the gap in front of the Untamed Downs Meditation Point and reaching the arena with three big monsters.
  • Ride the glider to the center rock on the edge of the Untamed Downs, use the bar to swing to the top, and enter the cave to locate a Force Echo.
  • In Harvest Ridge, climbing the vines on the pillar and following the path around Bilemaw Cave will lead you to a Force Echo.


As mentioned above, the Untamed Downs is a fascinating and challenging region in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, allowing players to explore and discover various hidden treasures such as force echoes, databank entries, skill point essences, and chests with difficult enemies. It’s also simple to get to the riches behind the breakable doors; all you need to do is use your force, and it’ll be like a walk in the park, only with a mine!

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