Starfield: Target Engines (Explained)

Starfield: Target Engines (Explained): Starfield is the latest and greatest from Bethesda. The game has been garnering a lot of popularity thanks to its representation of our Milky Way Galaxy and how it allows players to explore space.

Starfield: Target Engines (Explained)

There is a gameplay mechanic in Starfield that allows players to take control, board, and even loot ships of other players. In order to pull this off, you need to first disable their engines.

In Starfield, you must target engines in order to cripple spacecraft without destroying them. Don’t know how? We are here with our Starfield guide on how to target engines and disable them before boarding a hostile ship in Starfield.

How to Target Engines in Starfield: Explained

The Targeting Control Systems Skill from Tier 1 of the Tech Skill Tree is required to target engines in Starfield. This Skill’s Rank 1 enables ship targeting functionality, allowing you to zoom in on select portions of a ship during combat for only one Skill Point.

When you have unlocked the Targeting Control Systems Skill, hit the button to lock on to a ship (‘A’ on Xbox and ‘E’ on PC), then press the ‘Target Lock’ button when it is fully locked on (‘X’ on Xbox and ‘R’ on PC). When you use the targeting skill, time slows down and the screen zooms into the ship, revealing certain portions of the ship that you can precisely shoot at by altering your vision.

You can now target and destroy the engines without destroying the entire ship.

Starfield: Target Engines (Explained)

Once the engines are destroyed, the now-stranded ship will be able to dock. Take caution when approaching docking range, as weapons will still be active for your target – they will fire you. Aside from that, make sure you have one of the greatest Starfield weapons you can grab at your current level in hand because things are going to get gnarly in there.

Starfield: The Old Neighborhood: How to Target Engines

In the story mission ‘The Old Neighborhood,’ Sarah wants you to target the engines of Moara’s ship so you can disable it without harming him.

While you can do this with the Targeting Control Systems Skill like you would deactivate any other ship, this isn’t required during ‘The Old Neighborhood’. You can simply shoot at Moara’s ship as usual until its shields and health are depleted.


In Starfield, this is how you target engines in Starfield. Keep an eye out for all those Starfield crew members and Starfield pals you’ll want to pressgang (or politely invite onboard) your pirate ship while you’re out there exploring the universe.

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