Starfield War Relics Guide – Should You Persuade or Pay Gel?

Starfield War Relics Guide – Should You Persuade or Pay Gel? Starfield is brimming with unique and interesting characters and a captivating storyline. Gel, a character who demands payment or persuasion in exchange for information holds the key to locating Kaiser.

Starfield War Relics Guide - Should You Persuade or Pay Gel?

During the War Relics quest, you must locate a robot named Kaiser. Only one person has the information you seek, but he will only give it to you in exchange for money or persuasion. This is as choice that many players can get stuck on, trying to figure out the best approach.

In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at the situations that present themselves during the Starfield War Relics quest. Should you persuade or Pay Gel? Find out in this exciting post.

Starfield War Relics Quest Guide

The War Relics quest begins with a visit to and conversation with Hadrian Sanon. She will give players a rundown of what they need to do in the aftermath of the Terrormorph attack on the New Atlantis Spaceport, as well as introduce Vae Victis into the bigger picture.

She specifically instructs players to locate Kaiser, a long-missing member of the UC Xenowarfare division. With that, set off to Niira. This planet is in the Narion system, northeast of the Sol system. Make the jump over there and land on one-of-a-kind Salvage.

Once here, proceed to the building ahead and go inside to find a man named Gel. He should be working on something mechanical. Gel knows where Kaiser is and is willing to share his knowledge for a fee. In this section, we will tell you whether you should persuade or pay Gel in Starfield.

Starfield War Relics Guide – Should You Persuade or Pay Gel?

You should convince Gel in Starfield to give you the discount. To begin the persuasion process with Gel, you must be skilled at negotiating.

When the conversation starts, your goal is to fill eight persuasion bars in three rounds or less. This will ensure that Gel provides you with the information you seek. You can accomplish this by following the mentioned set of acts.

Convince Gel for an Irresistible Offer: Begin by convincing Gel that he will not receive a better offer anywhere else. Emphasize the uniqueness and value of the information you are looking for. This will interest Gel and make him more willing to bargain.

Diplomacy and Trust: Build a rapport with Gel by demonstrating your belief in his integrity. Assure him that you do not believe he is deceiving you. This can help to lay the groundwork for trust and open the door to further negotiation.

Starfield War Relics Guide - Should You Persuade or Pay Gel?

Using Kaiser’s Importance: Highlight Kaiser’s importance in combating Terrormorph attacks. Persuade Gel that Kaiser is the key to ending these destructive incidents. By emphasizing Kaiser’s importance in the game’s narrative, you can strengthen your negotiating position and possibly receive a discounted rate.

Additionally, if you allow your companions to express their thoughts, Gel will be more inclined to share the information for a reduced fee. The lowest you can go is 350 credits, so pay him right away and get the data.


Finally, when dealing with Gel during the War Relics quest in Starfield, it is best to take the persuasion route. To persuade him to reveal Kaiser’s whereabouts, you must demonstrate your negotiation skills.

As long as you improve your relationship with Gel, he is a delightful character who will give up the location for a heavy discount.

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