The Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide

Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide: Trophies in gaming provide a psychological reward, adding enjoyment and a sense of progress to the overall experience. They have become a popular feature in modern gaming, appealing to both casual players and completionists. 

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide

In The Lord of the Rings Gollum, collecting trophies allows you to showcase your mastery of the game’s mechanics, exploration skills, and ability to overcome challenges. From platinum to bronze, each trophy represents specific accomplishments and provides a unique sense of achievement, underscoring your dedication and skill in the game.

This Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide will provide you with enough information to go into the wild and obtain these trophies to achieve your final goal of being a perfectionist. 

Exploring The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the Rings Gollum game immerses players in a Middle Earth journey full of difficulties and secret riches. As you go on this exciting voyage, you’ll have the chance to acquire 37 trophies, each of which represents a crucial milestone in your progress. 

This guide will help you achieve every trophy and become a genuine Lord of the Rings Gollum expert, whether you’re a completionist or simply want to improve your gaming experience.

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide

Before delving into the specific trophies, it’s important to understand the different types you’ll encounter in The Lord of the Rings Gollum. The game offers platinum, gold, silver, and bronze trophies, each with its own requirements and significance. 

Platinum and Gold Trophies

Platinum trophies are the ultimate achievement and are obtained by unlocking all other trophies in the game. Gold trophies typically involve completing major milestones or accomplishing challenging tasks.

Perfectionist – Earn all the trophies in the game.

We Wants It! We Needs It! – No room for Gollum.

Good Smeagol – Gather all collectibles.

Rule Them All! – Collect all items in the game.

Scout – Discover all vantage points.

How Did You Do That? – Complete the game without dying.

Silver Trophies

Silver trophies encompass various accomplishments that contribute to your progress

River Hobbit – Continuously dive into the river.

And Now We Wish… – Uncover the mysterious wish.

He’s So Annoying – Eliminate the Grashneg in various ways.

Collectible Part 2 – Gather 20 Collectibles throughout the game.

Nervous Hands – Successfully complete a segment without taking damage.

Sweet Darkness – Navigate through a place filled with excessive light sources.

Made a Song – Ring all the bells at the bell tower.

Elf-Friend – Rescue the cook, Elf guards, and the Riddlemaster.

We Hates Them! – Witness the death of the cook, Elf guards, and the Riddlemaster.

Bronze Trophies

Bronze trophies are often tied to story progression and simpler objectives.

Memories – Exhibit curiosity in your actions.

Welcome to Mordor – Experience your first death in Barad-Dur.

The Wraith – Complete Chapter 1.

The Maggot – Complete Chapter 2.

The Breeder – Complete Chapter 3.

The Veteran – Complete Chapter 4.

The Traitor – Complete Chapter 5.

The Spider – Complete Chapter 6.

Good as Fish – Complete  Chapter 7.

Her Eyes – Complete  Chapter 8.

Gollum/Smeagol – Complete Chapter 9.

The Friend – Complete Chapter 10.

Collectibles Part 1 – Locate your initial collectible

Trigger-Happy – Continuously throw stones.

Ss ss ss… – Steal food from Mell’s table.

So Tasty! – Discover all food items at the bell tower.

Murderer – Engage in a deadly game.

Wait! Wait! Not Yet! – Encounter a lava-related mishap.

Like Flying… – Take a perilous plunge from great heights.

Master of the Old Game – Demonstrate proficiency in riddles.

So Silly! – Appreciate art in an amusing manner.

Break a Leg! – Engage in daring tower jumps, learning from past attempts.

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide

The Lord of the Rings Gollum Trophy Guide: Tips and Strategies

  • Explore Thoroughly: Take your time exploring each region because many awards are related to obtaining treasures or uncovering hidden mysteries.
  • Experiment and Interact: To unlock trophies like “He’s So Annoying” or “Made a Song,” experiment with different ways and interact with the environment to generate the appropriate occurrences.
  • Optimize Stealth: As Gollum, subtlety is your best friend. To evade discovery and complete portions without receiving damage, use shadows, diversions, and your nimble mobility.
  • Plan Your Jumps: In certain tasks, precise leaping and timing are required. To prevent falling or failing, take a minute to evaluate your surroundings and plan your leaps properly.
  • Prioritize Collectibles: Collectibles are spread throughout the game. Make it a point to discover and collect them in order to obtain gold trophies such as “Good Smeagol” and “Rule Them All!”


Achieving all the trophies in The Lord of the Rings Gollum is a thrilling endeavor that enhances the overall gameplay experience. By following this comprehensive trophy guide, you will be well-prepared for each task and able to successfully unlock every achievement.

Regardless of whether you are a devoted fan of the Lord of the Rings series or simply enjoy engaging in captivating adventures, the satisfaction of obtaining the coveted gold trophy will be immensely rewarding. So, venture forth and embrace your inner Gollum as you strive to become the ultimate ruler of Middle-Earth!

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