The Spider Mission in Ready or Not

The Spider Mission in Ready or Not The Spider is one of the missions in Ready or Not, a tactical first-person shooter game that simulates realistic SWAT operations. In this mission, you have to raid a talent agency that is involved in an illicit pornography ring. In this blog post, we will provide some information and tips on how to complete The Spider mission.‍

Mission Briefing

The primary objective of the mission is to apprehend George Brixley, the owner of the talent agency. The secondary objectives are to bring order to chaos, rescue all of the civilians, and secure the evidence. The special task is to arrest at least 15 suspects without killing them.

The Spider Mission in Ready or Not

Map Layout for The Spider Mission in Ready or Not

The map for The Spider is a three-story building with multiple rooms and corridors. The building has two entrances: the front door and the back door. The front door leads to the reception area, where you can find a staircase and an elevator. The back door leads to the storage area, where you can find another staircase and a fire escape. The second floor has several offices and studios, where you can encounter most of the suspects and civilians. The third floor has a penthouse, where George Brixley is hiding.

Tips and Tricks for The Spider Mission in Ready or Not

Here are some tips and tricks on how to complete The Spider mission:

  • Use your tools and gadgets to scout and breach the building. You can use cameras, drones, and mirrors to check the rooms and hallways before entering. You can also use breaching charges, shotguns, and lockpicks to open the doors and windows.
  • Use your team and commands to coordinate and execute your plan. You can use the command interface and the helmet camera to communicate and direct your team. You can also use the tactical map and the waypoints to mark your objectives and routes.
  • Follow the rules of engagement and use appropriate force when dealing with suspects and civilians. You cannot shoot anyone on sight, unless they pose an immediate threat to you or others. You must give clear commands and warnings, and use non-lethal options when possible. You must also respect the rights and dignity of the people you encounter, and avoid unnecessary violence or brutality.
The Spider Mission in Ready or Not
  • Manage your time and resources efficiently. The faster you complete the mission, the higher your rank will be. However, speed is not everything. You also need to be careful with your resources, such as ammunition, equipment, and health. The less resources you use, the higher your rank will be. However, you should not compromise your safety or effectiveness for the sake of saving resources. You need to find a balance between speed and resource management that suits your playstyle and the mission requirements.
  • Practice and improve your skills and strategies. The game is challenging and demanding, and requires a lot of skill and strategy. You will not complete the mission on your first try, or even your tenth try. You will need to play the mission multiple times, learn from your mistakes, and adapt to different situations. You will need to master your weapons, your tactics, and your team. You will need to study the map, the enemies, and the objectives. You will need to practice and improve until you can achieve the perfect run.

Conclusion for The Spider Mission in Ready or Not

We hope this blog post was helpful and informative. If you want to learn more about Ready or Not and its missions. you can check out our other blogs for Ready or Not.

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