Top 10 Best Shooting Games for PC

Games of the shooter or first-person shooter (FPS) genre are the most popular on PCs. In addition to stunning firearms and gunplay, shooters provide compelling narratives and compelling action scenes. In addition to these, shooting games such as Apex Legends, CS: GO, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege have played a significant role in esports competitions all around the world. Games like Borderlands 3, Destiny 2, and Doom Eternal cater to gamers that seek more Player versus Environment (PvE) content.

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Here’s a quick look at some of the best shooting games for PC available right now:

1. Halo Infinite

Nothing compares to the thrill of taking out adversaries with your assault rifle, galloping over the countryside in a Warthog, or slicing through foes with your Energy Sword, and now PC users may enjoy all of these Halo-exclusive experiences. With new additions like a grappling hook and open-world gameplay, Halo Infinite perfectly (sorry) captures the nostalgia and feel of the original Halo games while keeping it current.

Halo’s concept of arena-shooter-type battles, drawn-out gunfights, and Halo Infinite weapon spawns is a welcome change from other FPS multiplayer modes available. Our Halo Infinite review compliments the delivery and emotional weight of Master Chief’s journey throughout the single-player campaign.

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2. Call of Duty: Vanguard

The most recent Call of Duty game revisits the Second World War, but Vanguard’s single-player campaign transports players to the Pacific, North Africa, and the Eastern front rather than the well-known battlegrounds of the European theatre. The campaign is enjoyable to go through even if the plot is based on an alternative chronology of WWII events and is undoubtedly more grandiose than authentic.

A frantic co-op narrative mode called Vanguard’s Zombies continues the Dark Aether plot from earlier Call of Duty games. In order to improve your equipment, purchase new perks, and equip strong powers, you and your friends must survive waves of the undead while navigating portals and fighting hordes of the undead at a base in Stalingrad. Vanguard’s multiplayer increases the weapon configuration and now offers up to 10 attachments on each weapon for those who love fiddling and playing with them. Ian Boudreau calls Call of Duty Vanguard “the most engaging chapter in the latest triptych” in our review of the game.

3. Quake

Quake, which debuted in 1996, is unquestionably one of the FPS genre’s founding icons. Many so-called “boomer shooters” have emerged in recent years, attempting to capture the same nostalgic appeal, maze-like levels, and high-speed shooting featured in iD Software’s vintage 3D titles.

Nothing, however, comes close to the original. If you were unable to play Quake when it initially came out, Bethesda published a remastered version of the game at QuakeCon 2021, replete with gorgeous new visuals and even more episodes to experience. The gothic, mediaeval dark fantasy atmosphere of Quake has never looked better, but don’t worry, the gameplay is still the same. It’s time to work on your strafe-jumping.

4. Black Mesa

Black Mesa is the newest Source engine-powered recreation of Half-Life 1 made solely by enthusiasts. Black Mesa’s 1.0 release eventually arrived in 2020 after 15 years of development, and the wait was well worth it. In order to offer a more condensed experience, the remake strips out any antiquated riddles and fight scenes from the original single-player campaign. Even the last segment of Half-Life 1’s alien world, Xen, which was purportedly cut short by Valve, was enlarged by the game’s creators.

Although there is no doubting that Half-Life 1 is a fantastic game, its gameplay isn’t ideal; nonetheless, the adjustments in Black Mesa fix these problems. Black Mesa is the ideal method to enjoy this vintage FPS if you haven’t played the first Half-Life game and want to see what you’ve been missing.


The gameplay loop from the 2016 blockbuster hit is used in Doom Eternal, but everything is turned up to eleven. The creators could have simply produced a sequel that played much the same as Doom 2016, but instead, they decided to advance each fundamental gameplay element. From the variety of weaponry at your disposal to the many mobility choices that quicken the game’s speed, everything has been updated. Stronger foes with their own set of strengths and vulnerabilities for you to take advantage of come along with all this added power. If you really wanted to, you could play Doom 2016 with only one weapon, but Doom Eternal penalises players for following the same strategy.

You’ll never have enough resources until you use the variety of equipment at your disposal to defeat adversaries. As players slay armies of Hell’s deadliest horrors, Doom Eternal develops into a lightning-fast shooter by stealing aspects from the finest action games. Doom Eternal was chosen as one of the best shooting games of the Year for 2020 for a reason—it is genuinely amazing.


If you choose, you can compare Overwatch to League of Legends or Team Fortress 2. Both games have enough in common to share part of their attraction, but Overwatch is sufficiently distinct that it will take players months to discover the greatest character combinations. In Overwatch, collaboration is more important than who killed you or how many headshots you scored. What matters more is how you used your varied mix of skills to win a round, whether it was by exploiting Reinhart’s shield to advance the payload or Mercy to revive a crucial sniper on the capture point.

Although there weren’t many features at first, Overwatch updates are arriving often, and new Overwatch heroes are also being introduced. The e-sports potential of the game has also been crystallised by Overwatch League. But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of eight-hour practise sessions; Overwatch’s appeal as a pick-up-and-play title makes it one of the finest FPS games on PC.


Half-Life 2 is generally praised as one of the greatest PC games of all time because it is so much more than a development of its excellent predecessor. These honours are also well-deserved. The long-awaited Half-Life sequel is extremely ambitious and gains from being created by a much more self-assured Valve. It’s a blockbuster, but a clever one. Everything is bigger than the 1998 original: the settings, the foes, and the tale. There are competent AI companions, actual individuals that aren’t just there to die funny, and mechanics that make the environment seem substantial and real.

Once again, Valve’s landscapes are magical. They are still made with the same care and attention to detail, although frequently being bigger and more open than those in Half-Life. Additionally, they are still noteworthy today, from the eerie Ravenholm streets to the menacing Citadel that dominates City 17 like a steel and glass dictator. It may have lost some of its polish with time, but the FPS game is still visually stunning and engaging.

8. RAINBOW SIX SIEGE: shooting games

Rainbow Six Siege is virtually unrecognisable from the mediocre shooter that debuted in 2015 with a whimper rather than a bang kudos to sustained support from Ubisoft. It is now one of the finest shooting PC games thanks to its growing esports community, a steady stream of Rainbow Six Siege operators, and some of the best multiplayer gaming available. From the time you start scanning an area with your drone, hoping your foes don’t detect it before you can discover the captive, to that last effort to rescue the day by blasting down walls and breaking through the roof, every second of Siege’s boxed-in fights is rife with drama and peril.

It is a game about manipulation and control as you strive to make your opponents respond in precise ways while attempting to keep your own squad together. It is a psychological struggle as much as it is a series of gunfights. You never feel secure since attacks can occur anywhere and almost always all at once. The destructible surroundings of Siege compel you to use your initiative and trust no wall after spending so many years feeling safe behind barriers. If you enjoy Rainbow’s unforgiving gameplay, you can rest easy knowing that Ubisoft Montreal’s shooter is here to stay with regular updates to its seasons and content.

9. Escape from Tarkov: shooting games

Numerous first-person shooting games (FPS) claim to be realistic, but none come close to the meticulous attention to detail given by Escape from Tarkov’s development team when it comes to modelling weaponry, attachments, and ballistics. In addition to having more than 60 firearms, Escape from Tarkov allows players to modify or deconstruct any weapon until it is completely different from its stock form. For each type of ammo, you may switch out the barrels, mounts, sights, flashlights, foregrips, pistol grips, handguards, muzzle attachments, stocks, charging handles, magazines, receivers, gas blocks, and many round options. In-raid weaponry is never the same as one another.

For novice gamers and anyone who, well, doesn’t know anything about weapons, this causes a lot of malfunctions. You’ll eventually start finding out how to fit each attachment until ultimately developing an emotional tie with your custom construct after heaps of wasted rubles and an inventory full of pointless accessories. In Escape from Tarkov, if you die in a raid and an adversary loots your body, you lose everything you took with you, including your prized assault weapon, thus that final sentence is very crucial.

Escape from Tarkov can be quite daunting for novice players because of these harsh regulations, but even while it’s simple to lose your expensive equipment, it’s also simple to enter a raid with nothing more than a pistol and come out with some of the greatest armour and weaponry in the game. You may even loot a seemingly useless thing, like a statue, and exchange it for a brand-new HK416 thanks to a player-driven economy.

10. TITANFALL 2: shooting games

This shooting games sequel’s multiplayer was so expertly balanced by EA and Respawn, who expanded on everything the previous game did well, that it became one of the top PC games of 2016. There is nothing quite like the contrast between agile pilot combat and gritty, industrial mech brawling in Titanfall 2. The solo mode of this first-person shooter also doubles as a fantastic introduction to the game’s mechanics and a fun, stand-alone narrative, as you can see in our review of Titanfall 2’s campaign. The campaign never makes an attempt to surpass the gameplay with grand setpieces or Hollywood-style spectacle. Instead, the game’s basic mechanics provide all the excitement: racing up against a throng of foes while firing a few, terrifyingly gratifying shots with your shotgun feels thrilling every time.

A four-player co-op wave mode is a great addition to the competitive multiplayer that features a broad selection of Titanfall 2 classes, and Respawn has not just deepened the single-player experience. It’s a breath of new air for the whole mech games genre that Titanfall 2 is a larger and better beast than the first. Although a Titanfall 3 has not been announced, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale Apex Legends is situated in the same world. Even if wall-running is no longer an option, weaponry from Apex Legends like Mozambique and Hemlock pay homage to this developer’s illustrious heritage.

So there you have it, the best FPS games on PC. Let us know which one of the shooting games you liked the most.

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