Top 10 Family Board Games for Android 2022

Over the past ten years, Android board games have seen a revival, and it doesn’t take much investigation on the Google Play Store to discover that this is also true of Android. Pick up your Android phone or tablet to obtain these board games if you’re having difficulties getting everyone inside the same house or just don’t have enough shelf space for another box.

Top 10 Best Board Games For Android – 2021

It should be noted that it might be difficult to discover highly regarded board games on the Play Store. Many of the board games barely pass my approval, whether it’s due to recent upgrades breaking the user interface, incorrectly translating key elements, or losing the original’s charm.

There are a few jewels here, though, that merit consideration. When you do gather the gaming crew, have a look at the fantastic applications we’ve provided as well. After leaving here, make sure to look at the top Android board games. You can download it from Google Playstore. 

1. Among the Stars

Another board game adaptation for Android is called Among the Stars. Aliens from many species must work together to stave off an impending menace in a galaxy torn apart by conflict. The best space station ever constructed is the aim. Even though this is the smartphone version, it is fundamentally a board game that employs cards for construction.

The competitive aspect comes into play since each card symbolises a different room on the space station. You can put anything into play that inhibits another player or use card play to upgrade your space station. For example, ensuring your station has enough power reactors requires careful preparation in Among the Stars. The Android version offers local or online cross-platform multiplayer as well as a single-player campaign. It’s an excellent port of a fun game.

2. Armello

If you compared Armello to Game of Thrones with animals, you wouldn’t be far off the mark. That’s a little bit of an oversimplification, though, as Armello blends aspects of card games and tactical board games with a grandiose fantasy RPG plot. Each of the three characters you control is pursuing their goal of becoming Armello’s Queen or King. You investigate the territory, appoint your own agents, destroy your adversaries, and even use magic to give yourself a cruel advantage in the struggle for supremacy in order to capture the kingdom.

Armello offers a lot of positive aspects, but it also has a few flaws. The first is that it hasn’t received any updates since 2018. The matching in multiplayer mode might take a while considering the game’s age, and some players have experienced game stalling issues. However, if you can get beyond a few drawbacks, this game has a lot of promise and can be a lot of fun in single-player mode. If you’re searching for a more in-depth experience to test out, Armello might easily make your shortlist because it is free to play with adverts and in-app purchases.

3. Settlers

Even after innumerable customer complaints and reviews, there are a few versions of Catan available in the Google Play Store, but they seem to be horribly broken. It’s a tremendous pity because Catan is one of the best board games that has ever been created, in my view.

A companion app to the physical game called Better Settlers uses algorithms to design a board that promotes fair play in an effort to correct injustice. It is a fantastic alternative if you love Catan and want a fresh method to play a classic game with your friends and family, even though it is not a standalone Catan emulator that you can play on the fly.

4. Carcassone

The renowned developer Asmodee Digital’s Carcassonne is a well-executed rendition of the well-known board game. It was redistributed in 3D and now plays and looks better than before! Players take turns trying to finish highways, towns, and cloisters in this tile-based kingdom-building game. A limited amount of “meeples” are also dropped by players onto landmarks each round in an effort to get points after the feature is finished. You can still score some points even if you can’t completely encircle a city or complete a road before the conclusion of the game.

Currently, there are six expansions for Carcassone that can be purchased through in-app purchases. These add-ons alter the gameplay by introducing fresh components, enhancing the scenery, or even providing you with strategies to significantly boost your point total. All of that is fantastic, but none of it is required.

5. The Castle of Burgundy

A fantastic digital port of the entertaining board game The Castles of Burgundy was made for Android. I find the game to be soothing, therefore I’m happy to see it appear on the Play Store. It’s not brand-new, but when I was looking for fresh games for you guys to play, it was.

You take on the role of a French aristocrat in control of a little fief. Building communities, engaging in commerce, mining, and socialising with other travellers are the objectives. Five rounds of five turns each are involved. Players can throw their two dice each turn to do more actions or get closer to making their colony.

Players must amass victory points via diligence and forethought in order to win. There are several ways to succeed, and no two games are the same. Even though it’s really complicated, if you enjoy creating board games, you should give it a try.

6. Elder Sign: Omen

Elder Sign: Omens is one of the greatest board games accessible on Android, despite being one of the older entries on this list. You may play an amazing arcane mystery where you compete to locate the most magical objects, clues, and more for just $2 upfront.

To defend yourself from the coming Ancient Ones like Yig, Azathoth, Cthulu, and Ithaqua, you are engaged in combat. It’s still a fun game and worth the price plus the money to unlock the extra Ancient Ones, even though the emphasis is less on the eldritch monsters. This game was created by adapting the classic Elder Sign dice game, but it has undergone certain alterations to make it more appealing to users of contemporary mobile devices.

If you enjoy mystery board games with a Lovecraftian backdrop, Elder Sign: Omens stands out among the many options and is well worth your time.

7. Galaxy Trucker

The board games on my list up until this point have been quite… realistic. So let’s use Galaxy Trucker to take the pleasure into space. As you fight the ultimate frontier and all of its most brutal attempts to kill you, construct your ships. After building your ship out of a variety of tiles, you go off to confront a range of dangers, including meteors, pirates, and smugglers. At the conclusion of the game, whoever has the most credits wins.

Depending on your desire, the game offers a real-time and turn-based mode. Naturally, you may play locally with your pals or online to test your talents; you can even play many online games at once. A campaign, unique components, and other extras are included in this mobile adaptation of the same-named board game. For $5, you may purchase Galaxy Trucker to get started, and an additional $5 gets you the optional expansion. That’s a great value considering the experience this game provides.

8. Good Knight Story

A wonderful addition to the tile-matching game genre is provided by Good Knight Story. In this instance, the extra benefits come in the shape of an excellent and humorous plot combined with a few standard RPG components. Better matches will enable you to do harm to your opponents or defend yourself from the pain train during the tile-matching fights. Another slight variation on a straightforward formula that keeps things interesting is the ability to match tiles horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in any combination of three or more.

As you go, you’ll be able to improve your knight and his equipment in order to defeat some formidable bosses and regain your memories. Another benefit is the option to opt-out of seeing commercials while you play, which is a sweet feature I wish more games would have. Good Knight Story does receive a markdown, though, for having a fight later on in the game that is very hard to beat unless you spend real money to buy an incredibly potent sword that can help you win.

Although it may not be a flawless game, this free-to-play title has a lot more going for it than the majority of tile-matching games, which is a clear victory in my view.

9. Mahjong Epic

Mahjong tends to slip under the notice of many ardent board players, which is unfortunate because it’s entertaining, simple, and hard at higher levels. Mahjong couldn’t be simpler to understand: you just need to match a tile to its identical twin to get rid of both of them from the board. Tiles are arranged in complex stacks on top of one another, and you can’t match one until you get rid of the ones above it. The objective is to remove every tile from the board. Simple enough, yes?

In Mahjong Epic, you receive bonus points for finishing the board in a certain period of time and for doing it without needing any suggestions or tile shuffles. This vast mahjong collection includes over 1,800 boards, amazing 1080p visuals, daily challenges, many tile sets and backdrops to utilise, and more. This is most likely the only smartphone version that matters for mahjong enthusiasts.

The ad- and IAP-free version of Mahjong Epic is available with Google Play Pass for an even better gaming experience. Mahjong Epic is available for free with advertisements and in-app purchases.

10. Sea Battle 2

Keep your battleship from being sunk by anyone! You may play this updated version of the traditional game either alone, against an AI opponent, or against a random internet opponent. It includes aircraft, radar, mines, and submarines in addition to battleships.

You advance through the ranks, from a humble recruit to an esteemed admiral. Use the in-app chat function to debate strategy, give your fleet a proud name, and follow your performance on the worldwide leaderboard. Arenas, Bluetooth multiplayer, tournaments, and the option between traditional and sophisticated game modes are additional features.

You’ll instantly remember stealthy Battleship games from study hall in junior high because to the retro graph paper style. It’s fun to battle strangers online; it shows how well the internet and traditional games can coexist.

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The pleasure of playing a board game with friends and family is unmatched, but when that isn’t feasible, these mobile alternatives work just as well. These are a few of the top board games available on Android. The games have been painstakingly remade in full 3D for cellphones and are quite entertaining.

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