Top 10 Horror Games for iPhone in 2022

Top 10 Horror Games for iPhone in 2022: Horror games have mostly stayed undisturbed. Although we immediately download each new game that appears on the Apple Store, we always give any title in this category a second consideration. The horror game genre has resurfaced in recent years. You can now find a plethora of games for your smartphone that will fill you with the chills. We’ve compiled a list of the top horror games available on the iPhone in 2022.

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Scott Cawthon developed Five Nights at Freddy’s. It all started with a video game of the same name released in 2014. It has since grown in popularity all around the world.

The core video game series comprises eight survival horror games set in settings associated with Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a family-owned pizza parlor. In most games, the player assumes the position of a nighttime employee who must protect oneself against aggressive animatronic figures by using resources such as security cameras, lights, doors, and vents.

The franchise also contains spin-off games and other media, including a novel trilogy and an anthology series, as well as a fictitious realm that spans the globe. Certainly, there are also plans for a cinematic adaptation. The games include merchandising, and for Halloween 2016, the Adventuredome staged a horror experience based on the series.

GAMEPLAY of The Five Night’s at Freddy

Five Night at Freddy’s is a monarch of jump scares.  The game earned a cult following matched by 1980s slasher flicks. It only takes a few minutes with this gaming app to see why Five Nights at Freddy’s has such a terrifying reputation. You can’t help but leap out of your skin at times. Players certainly take on the role of new nighttime security guards striving to survive until they can cash their first paycheck in this game set in a family-friendly pizza shop with an animatronic cast of performers. Due to a lack of electricity, players must alternate between security cameras and door locks to keep a watch on these metal-boned creatures as they attempt to survive another day.

The series has generated a slew of sequels, each of which teases a far larger plot. As a result, there are several message boards dedicated to analyzing and understanding Freddy’s legend. Start with the first game and work your way through. You may participate in the discussion and try to solve the riddle of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for yourself.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is compatible with iOS 8.1 or later.

Download Five Nights at Freddy’s


  • An excellent game of escape.
  • Stunningly designed
  • A common plot runs through all of the titles in the series.

2. Into the dead

Into the dead

Into the Dead is a zombie theme horror game. It is developed by  PikPok and released on December 6, 2012, for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 platforms. The game is a sequel released for Android, Apple, and the Nintendo Switch. It is perhaps the best utilization of the principal individual point of view on iOS and a totally fabulous boundless sprinter for cell phones.

Get ready to venture through the zombie end times in a competition to save your family. Arm yourself with an armory of strong weapons. Take the necessary steps to make due, damage cut down, and slaughter the Dead. In our current reality where nobody is protected. How far will you go to survive the ordeal?

GAMEPLAY of the Into the dead

There’s no story. There are no levels or finishing. Your character won’t ever talk. He simply runs, ever-forward, into the powerfully thick mist. The thick fog helps set an exceptionally frightening and reminiscent environment, but at the same time, it’s there for a vital interactivity reason. As players run forward, they should tap (or slant) left and right to stay away from the undead that unexpectedly rises up out of the miasma. Meanwhile, the dead chase you the entire time until you’re no longer to run and get eaten.

Running over a weapon container arms you with a gun – a last line of protection assuming that you can’t exactly stay away from a walker. All the more remarkable weapons open as players complete objectives like arriving at distance and zombie kill achievements. The shotgun can dissipate shots, and the trimming tool can cut through zombies. However, all weapons operate much the same – an impermanent “get out of having your brain eaten” card.

Players acquire coins for each run and can spend these on one-off supports like beginning with a weapon or avoiding the initial 1500 meters. Gamers can likewise settle up to skirt precarious objectives or open weapons early.

Download Into the Dead


  • Zombie-filled settings
  • Excellent and spooky sound effects

3. White Night

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On 3 Walk 2015, Activision released White Night on Linux, operating system X, and Windows, and on 6 Walk 2015, they released it for Xbox One. The game has a monochromatic graphical style. Its slow jazz piano soundscape is suggestive of exemplary noir spine chillers. The narrative tells the player through “voice-over, on-screen text, and diary sections.

Abandoned and harmed in the dead of night after a lamentable car crash, players should explore a close by run-down house and associate with their environmental factors looking for help and replies. In short, White Night provokes players to defy the bad dreams of the past on an undertaking wherein obscurity is the adversary and murkiness is all over.

GAMEPLAY Of White Night

One dull evening in 1938, an anonymous man passes as the night progressed. Steering to keep away from a figure in the street, he crashes his vehicle and limps in a creepy manner, expecting to track down help. Staggering through the obscurity, he starts to track down locked entryways and jotted diaries, secrets, and recollections. His inconveniences are simply starting, as is White Night’s.

In White Night, the screen divides into obvious contrasts, haziness, and light. The best way to illuminate the misery is by using matches that you find around the house. Your overcoat has the smallest pockets in computer games history, permitting you to just convey twelve matchsticks all at once, and the minutes when the lit match falters, and you should stand by in the dimness while you endeavor to light another one, are stupendously tense. You’re not alone in the house and in the darkness lurk grim specters who don’t want you there.

To endure this drawn-out night, the player should tackle puzzles dependent on the utilization of light. His wellbeing will rely upon the distinctive light sources spread all around the estate. Some are delicate, while the most impressive make endeavors to be reached. However, on the off chance that dimness is dynamic and deadly, a secretive presence will likewise edify the night.

Download White Night


  • Aesthetic design and graphics
  • Eerie atmospheric titles
  • Classic thriller game

4. Year Walk

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Simogo created and released Year Walk, an experience game for iOS devices in 2013. The game is loosely based on an antiquated custom (“Arsgang” Year Walk”). The game was ported to Windows and operating system X PC stages through Steam in 2014, and on the Wii U by means of eShop[5] on September 17, 2015.

While the forest gives a creepy setting in pretty much any ghastliness situation, it’s not the things prowling in them that keep you anxious in Year Walk. All things considered, you get disrupted by the quietness, confounding scene, and the revelations you make.

It is a dreamlike, dreadful experience set in the Swedish winter. This is certainly not normal for anything you played previously. Peculiar craftsmanship, choking out isolation, and a deliberately puzzling route keep you doubting everything until you arrive at the end.

GAMEPLAY of the Year Walk

Stina, the heroine of Year Walk, mentions that she has been proposed to by her beau Daniel Svensson. She cautions the player about the risks of year strolling, warning her cousin had lost his life in the action. Daniel gets back and gets ready to take part in the Year Walk in any case.

As he continues toward the church, the hero experiences a progression of pixies and legendary animals from Swedish old stories: the Huldra, the Creek Pony, Mylings, the Night Raven, lastly the Church Grim. Eventually, the player prevails with regards to getting looks at the future, as foreboding pieces of discussion that are apparently from Stina. They then, at that point, see a lovely verdant knoll. At the point when they adventure right, they see Stina on the ground, her eyes shut. Right away, she seems safe, however at that point blood leaks from her chest onto her garments and the grass.

If the player utilizes the clues given after the credits to get to the Diary part of the computer Game/iOS buddy application, they can find the diary of Theodor Almsten, a cutting-edge man fixated on Swedish legends, as he researches the significance behind the year walk. His examination uncovers the full story.

Download Year Walk

5. The School: White Day

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The School: White Day is a remake of  White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, in Korea, and is a survival-horror game.  Korean game development developed and published studio Sonnori in 2001. It got revamped in 2015 by return on initial capital investment Games and was coordinated and delivered by the previous Chief (Lee Won-Sool) of Sonnori. PQube Restricted made the change available for cell phones in 2015 and for Windows and PlayStation 4 stages on August 22, 2017, in North America and Europe.

Beginning life as a South Korean computer game in 2001, The School: White Day is a redo that helps us to remember exactly how agitating Asian awfulness diversion can be and why we love it to such an extent.

Introduced in the primary individual, The School: White Day is about understudies who have secured a school for the time being with a messed up janitor, phantoms, and positively no assurance. This isn’t the kind of game where you battle beasts and rule triumphant.  But this is the kind of game where you attempt to track down a spot to stow away and implore get by until morning. With seven different endings, The School: White Day offers plenty of replayability.

GAMEPLAY Of The School: The white Day

The game depends on the components and a plot foundation of old Chinese strict investigations of Taoism. It features numerous trouble modes to look over. Hard and genuine challenges open later.
It has its own head-up show, where there is a heartbeat symbol showing the medical issue, a compass procured right off the bat in the game, and a square appearance of the currently prepared thing.

There are no weapons in White Day. You, as a player, have to accept the job of Lee Hui-min, a normal male secondary school understudy.  You help out different understudies caught in the school: Han So-Yeong, Seol Ji- hyeon, and Kim Seong-ah. The player should explore through the school and departure safely. The game uses discourse trees. In conclusion, the discourse decisions the player makes while collaborating with the NPCs influence the story movement and the closure. There are eight potential endings.

At the point when one of the two Janitors observes the player, he blows his whistle and pursues the player until they surpass him or stow away effectively. Assuming that he gets up to speed to the player, he over and over hits them with his bat until they kick the bucket. The Janitor finds the player a lot more straightforward in the event that they make clearly commotions. Stowing away in haziness doesn’t help as the Janitors have spotlights.

Tumbling from tallness, strolling into phantoms, or taking harm from different dangers will make the screen streak red and increment the player’s pulse. Running for a really long time will tire the player and increment their pulse.

Download The School: White Day

6. The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead is a rambling, realistic experience computer game series created and distributed by Obvious Games and Skybound Games, in light of  The Walking Dead comic book series. Since it was first distributed in April 2012, the series has had four fundamental five-episode seasons. Firstly, an additional episode is a downloadable content. Secondly, a smaller than usual three-episode season. The fourth and final seasons released and concluded in 2018 &  2019 respectively. There have been advanced and actual deliveries of the games to PCs, game control centers, and cell phones.

The series, similar to the comic, begins with a scourge that transforms the dead into zombie-like “walkers” that pulverizes development and happens along the US eastern seaboard. As a series, it’s centered around the persona of Clementine. She is a young girl centered around by Lee Everett throughout the opening season. She sails both by herself in the first season and with different gatherings after Lee dedicates himself to her in later seasons. During the subsequent season, she turns into the assenting overseer of AJ, a baby left parentless.

When Clementine later joins a group called the New Boondocks in the third season, they take AJ from her. So she works with another survivor, Javier Garcia, to protect both their families from the New Wilderness. During the last season, a few years after the fact, Clementine and AJ join different teens holding out at their all-inclusive school to shield it from outlaws and walkers. A portion of the characters from the comic series, like Shawn Greene, Glenn Rhee, Hershel Greene, Michonne, Siddiq, and Paul “Jesus” Monroe, have shown up during the game series.

GAMEPLAY of the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead games follow a similar point-and-snap experience game methodology. Inside an episode, the player controls a hero as the story advances through a few scenes. Inside a scene, the player can move the person to investigate the region, look at things, and start discussion trees with non-player characters; in these discoursed, the player has the choice of choosing various choices to answer to characters, including the choice to remain quiet. Different scenes depend on true-to-life components involving speedy time occasions in which the player should hit a regulator button or a console order as demonstrated on-screen to respond to an occasion. Inability to do as such in time can prompt the person’s passing or other bothersome completion, and the game will restart only before these scenes.

When the player proceeds from a similar saved state in The Walking Dead, certain decisions will affect future scenes throughout the episodes and the series. For instance, in the primary episode of the main season, the player has a choice to save one of two non-player characters from a walker assault.  The other person dies fatally. On the other hand,  the enduring person will extraordinarily affect different parts of the story. On different occasions, choice of specific discourse choices will impact the disposition of a non-player character towards the hero and can appear in later scenes as giving extra choices to the player to choose from. Obvious Games tracks these choices, including five fundamental decisions made over the span of every episode, permitting players to contrast their decisions with others.

Download The Walking Dead

7. The Dark Meadow

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The Dark Meadow is a 2011 survival horror game for the iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android working frameworks. Phosphor Games created this game, a juvenile organization that uses Unreal Engine 3.

Toward the start of the game, an anonymous man awakens in a neglected clinic questionable of how or why he arrived. An elderly person, who generally addresses you through the speakers, cautions of a delightful witch whose flunkies wander the corridors looking for the living. Furnished with a crossbow and a sword, it’s dependent upon you to take on the white witch and her swarms of abnormal animals.

The game starts with sword fighting following a couple of moments of terminating with a crossbow. During battles, individuals deal with one enemy at a time, instead of evading in a true sense during battles. The champion can likewise hinder assaults, and fight back with his blade.

As the man kills the beasts, he improves gear and experience to make him a superior contender. He likewise begins to get diary passages and reports that explain the genuine justification for why he is there. So, numerous things are not what they appear to be in this neglected clinic.

GAMEPLAY of the Dark Meadow

The game begins with an outwardly dazzling universe of profound investigation, a holding story, and a heart-hustling battle. You are conscious in a clinic unsure of how you showed up there or why. An elderly person cautions of an excellent witch whose cronies meander the lobbies looking for a living. As soon as the Witch annihilates, you become free.

Utilizing fun and instinctive completely signal-based controls, you investigate the rotting remnants of Montclair Medical clinic, outfitted with your crossbow for long-range battle just as your blade for very close skirmish fights. Typically, pretend games play a crucial role in the investigation since a wide variety of objects are distributed throughout the world. The hidden notes illuminate your detention, weapons,  supplies, and cash spent on better gear and weapons.

Download The Dark Meadow

8. Dead Trigger 2

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Madfinger Games created and distributed Dead Trigger 2. It is a first-person endurance game that is zombie-themed. It was delivered for Android and iOS gadgets on October 23, 2013, and for Facebook on February 20, 2014. Nvidia displayed Dead Trigger 2 as the primary tech demo for their impending Tegra 4 versatile framework on a-chip; Slide to Play and Android Police contrasted the graphical quality with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Dead Trigger 2 uses the Solidarity game motor. It was an allowed-to-play game. However, the designers had tried the game without in-application buys to ensure the center’s ongoing interaction works without them.

GAMEPLAY Of the Dead Trigger 2

The Game mostly revolves around finishing destinations while killing zombies. It additionally has an endless rush of zombies in the field of death. There are additionally various missions and competitions. The player has a restricted measure of wellbeing reviving towards the beginning of every mission. One loses wellbeing when hit by zombies or by specific ecological risks (for example radiation). You can recover well-being by taking recuperating pills or getting a well-being power up from a unique zombie.

Foes come in two flavors, standard zombies and extraordinary zombies. Standard zombies frequently trudge along at a sluggish speed and assault with their arms, however, some might run or convey skirmish weapons for expanded harm. Extraordinary zombies have unmistakable appearances and one-of-a-kind characteristics; they are deadlier and harder to kill, yet drop plans or a lot of money when killed.

As well as conveying two essential weapons, the player likewise conveys a scuffle weapon and up to three kinds of consumable things. To sum up, the game features consumables incorporating wellbeing pills, explosives, detonating chickens, and others.

Download Dead Trigger 2

9. Dead Effect 2

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BadFly Interactive developed and published Dead Effect 2 in 2015. It is a sequel to Dead Effect. The tale of Dead Impact 2 is a somewhat basic one to follow. In the wake of Teacher Wagner’s passing, the top of the investigation local to the boat, Earth sends 2 warriors to move toward the boat and clean up all confirmations of what has really happened.

This is because of the flare-up of the Dead Impact; an infection that was in a trial stage to attempt to save life as far as we might be concerned, permitting interminability to those impacted. After a nearby experience with one subject during a test, Teacher Wagner succumbed to death. His zombie manifestations release on the huge boat to cause disruption and grant the cognizant casualties to escape. All through the remainder of the story players set out determined to get the proof of what occurred, all while keeping away from the danger of the approaching troopers.

GAMEPLAY of the Dead Effect 2

The ongoing interaction mechanics of Dead Impact 2 are like the first game. In the default arrangement, the player attempts to get a finger across the touch screen to see or point, the virtual joystick on the left of the screen controls the development. Despite the fact that there is two alternate way fastens on the left and right of the screen to permit the player to immediately turn 90 degrees to the left or right. Players can utilize explosives, iron sights, reload, change weapons, shoot and enter slow movement mode utilizing virtual buttons on the right of the screen. Controls can be altered from the fundamental menu, with every symbol separately repositionable as the player sees fits. Not at all like the first game player character fires naturally when their reticle lays on the adversary.

in story mode, the player can play as Gunnar Davis, Jane Frey, or Kay Rayner. Dissimilar to the primary game there is a distinction in weaponry. Davis is an expert in weighty weaponry, Jane Frey utilizes shotgun and Rayner utilizes skirmish weapons. Davis highlights ongoing interaction that is the most like the first game.

The Steam variant of the game was delivered on May 6, 2016, and highlights agreeable multiplayer and player versus player.

Download Dead Effect 2


10. Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

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Mr. Meat is a horror game that provokes you to wander inside the place of a psychopathic executioner who appears to have seized the understudy who was working for his meat handling organization. Tragically, soon you understand that you’re confronting something undeniably eviler than a solitary seizing. He is the fundamental enemy of the round of a similar name. He grabbed a little kid named Amelia Clark and the Player needs to rescue her within 3 nights.

The antagonist is uncovered and solid. He wears boots, a green shirt with a white cover with the Mr. Meat logo, and filthy pants. He has blood on his mouth and his cover.  The villain of the game has thick, dim eyebrows and blood on his mouth. It could be facial hair growth or grime on his jaw. He holds an enormous meat tenderizer which he utilizes as his weapon.

Mr. Meat is one of those games that most certainly causes you to remain alert as you travel through each setting. The realistic and sound areas, as is regular in Keplerians Frightfulness Games titles, are great and help hugely with the drenching experience. Also, the game incorporates a few diverse trouble modes.

GAMEPLAY Of the Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

Mr. Meat will some of the time stop to “eat” the meat tenderizer he is holding. He will thunder each time he recognizes the Player and he will find the speediest method for pursuing the Player. When the Player is sufficiently gifted, he can avoid being hit by him. After ensuring there is a hole between them, the Player can take him out with the Shotgun or with the Sedative Firearm.

In the event that Mr. Meat gets the Player, he will swing his meat tenderizer and take the Player out and drop the thing he is carrying on the ground; bringing about the Player losing a night or getting a game Over assuming it’s the final night. The villain of the game is insane because of a ton of human legs he cut and an excessive amount of investigation in the pig compartment, most likely in light of the fact that he had ingested such a large number of medications.

Mr. Meat’s control framework is the norm of the class. On the left half of the screen, the virtual development stick is located, and the activity buttons are on the right. However long you stay down, you can likewise stroll around in complete quiet. If not, the mental case will carve out you in no opportunity.

When you’re inside the place of this curious butcher, you really must focus on everything around you. You need to address a lot of riddles to protect the captured young lady. If you are going to complete your main goal, you will need a few keys and whatever number of tools you can find. The issue, obviously, is that you need to settle every one of the riddles while a maniac is perseveringly pursuing you.

Download Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

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