Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in the World 2022

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in the World 2022! The top PUBG players on the planet are debated and classified. They aided in the development of the game we now know as PUBG. Here are some more of the best PUBG players we found. If you want to be at the top of the world as a serious poker player while also having the most fun, you’ll be looking for the top and best Pubg player in the world. 

You’ll want to find a man or woman who can lead his or her team from the tables to the money without being thrown out onto the cold floor. You’ll be looking for a guy or girl who can teach you everything you know about the game while also making sure you have fun while playing it.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players in the World 2022

1. XQF Order

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2. BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy is the most popular Indonesian PUBG Mobile Player. Bagas Pramudita’s real name is Bagas Pramudita, but he’s better known as BTR Zuxxy among other players. His YouTube channel is called Zuxxy Gaming, and it has nearly 1.7 million subscribers. His consistency is unrivaled by any other player in the world.

3. XQF Paraboy

I didn’t know much about the XQF Paraboy when I first saw it in PubG, except that it was owned by Epsilon and designed by Valve Corporation, the makers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). When compared to other fragrances and colognes, it is one of the most affordable items on the market. The Paraboy in PubG is ideal for those looking for a low-cost fragrance that still smells great; it simply needs to be applied properly.

4. Jonathan

Jonathan is a well-known PUBG player in the Esports community. He always uses the gyroscope during gameplay, and it will be difficult to find another player who can use the gyroscope as well as he does. He has become one of the best in the business when it comes to close encounters.

5. Coffin

The coffin is Turkey’s best PUBG player. His gaming journey began in 2017, and he vowed never to look back. Asimaltan Yucel is his real name, and he spends the majority of his time creating content for his YouTube channel. Coffin currently has approximately 1.12 million subscribers on YouTube.

6. Mortal

Mortal is the best PUBG mobile player in India. Naman Mathur is his real name, and he is from Mumbai, India. He’s best known for his four-fingered clay technique. He currently has approximately 6.35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

7. Scout

Scout is a name you’ve probably heard if you’re a player in the Indian region. Tanmay Singh, his real name, is one of the most dominant Indian PUBG players. He is a professional PUBG player who represented India in the 2018 PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Asia. 

8. TQ Marco

He is a member of Team Queso and has already won the PUBG Mobile pro-League Fall Split 2020 first prize. Other PUBG players refer to him as TQ Marco.

9. C9 Beowulf

The majority of the players on our list are Asian. Jack Schultz is the only American on the list who is best known for his PUBG gaming skills. Among other players, he is known as C9 Beowulf and is a member of the Cloud9 team. Everyone is looking forward to seeing how he performs in the major PUBG leagues and tournaments.

10. RRQ Earnny

RRQ Earnny is another expert at close combat. He is from Thailand and is a member of the RRQ Athena team. Many players must second-guess themselves if they want to face Earnny.

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FAQ ( PUBG Mobile Players )

Who is the world’s best PUBG player ( PUBG Mobile Players )?

Athena Gaming, Paraboy, and the other players mentioned above are the best PUBG mobile players in the world in 2022.

How many people are involved in PUBG ( PUBG Mobile Players )?

Approximately 186,110.6 people are currently playing PUBG Mobile.

Which country has the highest number of PUBG players ( PUBG Mobile Players )?

In India, PUBG was the most popular online game.  China currently has the game’s largest player base.

Who is the best in PUBG Lite ( PUBG Mobile Players )?

  • GodPraveen  YT

Praveen Chaudhary is well-known for his YouTube channel, GodPraveen YT.

Who is the world’s, Mr. Conqueror ( PUBG Mobile Players )?

  • Madan

Mr. Conqueror is a YouTube content creator and PUBG streamer from India who has wowed his fans with his breathtaking gameplay streams. His real name is Madan, and he regularly streams battle royale games on his YouTube channel.

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