Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores

Let’s start with the Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores. Cricket is an extremely exciting game and individuals love to watch and play it. I’m likewise the greatest enthusiast of cricket and can undoubtedly understand the issue of individuals who need to observe live cricket matches, yet the intense timetables don’t permit them to appreciate cricket matches as they need. Let’s start with the Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores.

Thus, rather than getting some information about scores, have the best live cricket score applications for android. These applications will mindful you of pretty much all sorts of moving cricket coordinates alongside ball-to-ball subtleties.

Presently a day ICC Cricket World Cup is an intriguing issue. Along these lines, we chose to devote this article to each one of those individuals whose heartbeat is only for cricket (as you and me). In the race of Best 3 apps to see live cricket scores, we must read about the features of this app.

There are numerous odds that you can miss a match because of the matter of life. In any case, there are no odds to miss the live cricket scores and updates by having android applications for live cricket scores. These live cricket score applications for android will fill your cricket soul perfectly and cause you to feel as you are watching the match.

Live cricket score applications likewise give you the certainty to participate in the hot discussion which your companions will make after the cricket match. Before discussing the Top 3 apps we must read about the features of these apps.

Let’s start with the Features Of These Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores:

– Get live scores on your app and be updated with the scoreboard.
– Ball by ball commentary for detailed analysis
– Full cricket match scorecard and summary
– Analysis is done by the best analyzers that are working on this app.
– Best batsman, Best Bowler, Man Of The Match, and the best fielders.
– Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match.
– You will also get live streaming of every match on mobile through these apps.

These are some features of using the cricket live score apps. Read this article carefully and get the best knowledge on the Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores.

Cricket Line Guru: Fast Live Line

Cricket Line Guru sends you the notifications as the match is going on. You can know the ongoing score of the two sides. See the timetable of the matches that will come in the following. Get the itemized scorecard, details, and reports. This live cricket score application additionally empowers you to listen to analysis and appreciate the exceptional recordings of all sorts of cricket matches. Looking towards the Top 3 apps to see live cricket scores this app is on the top.

 see live cricket scores

Cricket FastLine

Cricket Fast Line is prescribed to all cricket lovers. Here you can rapidly realize the number of scores is made by your #1 group. You can get each insight concerning the players you like. This live cricket score application additionally gives you live streaming, records, news, and impending match records. So, this application is ideal to have total data about cricket.

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Cickbuzz Cricket Scores and News

Cricbuzz is the most dependable android application for live cricket scores. It can move alongside critique on your android. You can check the aftereffects of the past matches and the most recent news for the impending matches. It additionally educates you about the presentation regarding your number one player and group. This gives you an idea about the Best 3 apps to see live cricket scores.


Cricket is a shockingly large game on the overall stage. It’s particularly well known in nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Australia. It’s somewhat astounding since the game started in the United Kingdom. Regardless, there are a lot of applications out there for cricket fans and particularly ones who need to keep track of who’s winning matches from everywhere in the world. Nonetheless, it appears to be a great many people who need a decent scoring application. These are the best cricket score applications for Android.

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