Top 5 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time [2021]

Let’s start with the Top 5 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time. The Ranji Trophy is a homegrown first-class cricket title played in Quite a while between various groups addressing provincial and state cricket affiliations. The opposition at present comprises 38 groups, with every one of the 28 states in India and four of the eight association domains having, in any event, one performance. The opposition is named after the primary Indian cricketer who played global cricket, Ranjitsinhji, who was otherwise called ‘Ranji’. Getting to know about the Top 5 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time, we should start with the Ranji Trophy and its history.

The opposition was dispatched following a gathering in July 1934, with the main apparatuses occurring in 1934–35. The prize was given by Bhupinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala. The primary match of the opposition was hung on 4 November 1934 among Madras and Mysore at the Chepauk ground in Madras. Mumbai (Bombay) has won the competition on most occasions with 41 successes including 15 consecutive successes from 1958–59 to 1972–73.

The 2020–21 Ranji Trophy competition was dropped because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first run-through since the competition’s origin in the 1934–35 season that the Ranji Trophy was not held, all things being equal, the BCCI has chosen to arrange a 50- over Vijay Hazare Trophy.

State groups and cricket affiliations and clubs with five-star status are able to play in the Ranji Trophy. While most affiliations are provincial, similar to the Karnataka State Cricket Association and Mumbai Cricket Association, two, Railways, and Services, are also a part.

Here is the list of Top 5 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time.

Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores

POS Batsmen RUNS Balls SR Vs 4s 6s
1 Taruwar Kohli 307 408 75.25 Arunachal Pradesh 26
2 Manoj Tiwary 303 414 73.19 Hyderabad 30 5
3 Sarfaraz Khan 301 391 76.98 Uttar Pradesh 30 8
4 Rahul Dalal 267 329 81.16 Nagaland 33 5
5 Cheteshwar Pujara 248 390 63.59 Karnataka 24 1

Let’s start with a short description of the Top 5 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time.

Taruwar Kohli

An individual from the Indian U-19 winning group that lifted the flatware under the initiative of Virat Kohli in 2008, Taruwar is one of the forgotten saints for India whose profession never truly took off after the competition, not at all like the other Kohli, who’s developed into a genius. A showy right-hand batsman and low-maintenance medium pacer, Taruwar earned 218 runs in six matches in the lesser World Cup, including hammering three sequential fifties, and was an indispensable opinion in India’s batting. He completed as the third most elevated run-getter in the competition.

It was a one-two punch for the Punjab fellow as post the WC win, Rajasthan Royals – the debut Champions of IPL – roped him in the drafts and he played alone game for the establishment. Taruwar advanced into the Punjab Ranji prize several months after the fact and scored 79 on his trip. Rulers XI Punjab got him in the second period of IPL and Taruwar played his last IPL game in 2009 against KKR before he hit a difficult time and his structure began to fall apart. After three years, in the 2013-14 season, Taruwar came into the spotlight by and by in the wake of enrolling a fine triple hundred for Punjab in the quarterfinal of Ranji Trophy. As the list of Top 7 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time [2021] Taruwar Kohli stays on the top of the list.

Individual Player Scores of All Time

Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwary is one of those fine batting gifts that fell away because of injury issues combined with the massive rivalry for spots in the Indian group. One look at his homegrown numbers is sufficient to disclose to you the capacity that he had. Obviously, measurements can be misdirected in the homegrown front however there was no uncertainty on the capacity that Manoj had. In demeanor, he took after that well-known man from Bengal, Sourav Ganguly, while in batsmanship he viewed the puzzling Kevin Pietersen. The strokeplay and creative nature were difficult to miss with the man from Howrah additionally having a strong demeanor.

The 2007 ODI World Cup fiasco subsequently saw the Indian group hesitantly selecting youth and Manoj got the odd possibility despite the fact that it was a rite of passage – on a visit through Australia. Against the high-profile Australian bowling assault, he thought that it was hard to get rolling and had an awful run. In any case, his homegrown exhibitions kept him in the chase and he turned into the programmed substitution at whatever point a significant batsman was harmed. It was distinctly in the 2011-12 season that Manoj turned into a customary in the crew in spite of the fact that getting a predictable run actually kept on evading him. As mentioned in the list Manoj Tiwari stays on the second Top 7 Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time list.

Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz Khan is a youthful 17-year old cricketer, who plays for Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy. He was additionally a part of the Indian under-19 group that played in the 2014 World Cup.

His scope of strokes and forceful hitting are notable in the homegrown circles. In the Under-19 World Cup, he scored 211 runs at a normal of 70.33 and a striking pace of 105.

Sarfaraz originally got noticed when he scored a glorious 439 in his lady Haris Shield game in 2009 when he was only 12. Curiously, he is no new to the debate. Sarfaraz was suspended by the Mumbai Cricket Association for fudging his age before they, at last, acknowledged the aftereffect of a high-level test. Before long, he was excused from the MCA’s indoor foundation camp on disciplinary grounds. It took some time for the youthful chap to put everything behind him yet once he did, he procured a noticeable spot in the Mumbai Under-19 group. His exhibitions there, at last, drove him to be a piece of the Indian Under-19 side.

Cheteshwar Pujara

There was a murmur in the cricketing clique in the mid-2000s – a kid from Saurashtra had recently scored a triple-hundred at the Under-14 level. Then, at that point there were sightings: a similar kid scored a twofold hundred against England at the Under-19 level. The murmurs got more noticeable as he tortured bowling assaults on his serene home-ground in Rajkot, and nearly constrained authorities to change the playing conditions, such was his run-production ability at the Ranji level.

It was a couple of years down the line that we ran over little paper sections about a similar kid with a squarer facial structure and denser beard growth passing by the name of Cheteshwar Pujara, scoring twofold hundreds for breakfast and triple-hundreds for supper at the Ranji level. Following quite a long while of being laughed at for making runs on a level Rajkot wicket, Cheteshwar Pujara began to saturate the personalities of the selectors. In the personalities of the Indian public, we had effectively tracked down the normal replacement to Rahul Dravid. As an Indian player Cheteshwar Pujara also comes in the top 7 list of Ranji Trophy Individual Player Scores of All Time in the list.

Rahul Dalal

Rahul Dalal is a youthful 19-year old cricketer, who plays for Haryana vs Odisha at Rohtak – November 17 – 20, 2012. He was additionally a part of the Indian under-19 group that played in the 2014 World Cup. The last match he plays against Meghalaya vs Arunachal at Dibrugarh – February 12 – 14, 2020. He scores 138 runs not out against Mumbai on 1 March 2021.

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