Top 5 Rugby Games of all time for Android /IOS

Rugby is a game that started in England in the long early stretches of the nineteenth century, and from then to now it is always a trending topic.

This game requests a substantial contribution to the two groups. In each group, there are 15 players, and it depends on a straightforward rule of running with the ball close by and attempting to get a goal.

As we see the reports of the researcher then, back in the year 2014, 6 million individuals were playing this game, and of them, around 2.36 million were enlisted players.

It has become popular in these times, and if you also want to play rugby while joining a club, Rugby is welcoming everyone with open arms. The list of the Top 5 Rugby Games of all time for Android /IOS is below. These games will provide you the best gaming experience as they will provide you with realistic 3D involvement & will let you connect to the audience through their designs and simple controls.


  • 1. Rugby Nations 16 Android/ iPhone
  • 2. Rugby League 17 Android/ iPhone
  • 3. Rugby league 18 Android/ iPhone
  • 4. Rugby Nations 18 Android/ iPhone
  • 5. Rugby League 19 Android/ iPhone



1. Rugby Nations 16 AndroidiPhone

In-Play Store, you will get the best rugby platform  and RN 16 is one of  the top games. if you want to play the ideal and realistic game then it will be best for beginners. The good beginners guide with instruction is also available in the app itself.  It has a size of 337 MB on play store with an average rating of 4.3. Apart from that, approx 1 million people have downloaded this game. The developer of this game has provided the other level to the  game industry.  This game has all-new touch controls that will give you a better experience. you will get a 3D view in the full game view.  New touch controls provide you a good platform to run the game easily and to understand the controls effectively.

2. Rugby League 17 AndroidiPhone

 Best Rugby Games Android/ iPhone

Another in the line-up of the best rugby game is Rugby League 17 for Android and iPhone. If you want to have the best experience ,then this is the game for you. The total MB of this game is just 238. approx 500k+ people have downloaded this game from Play Store and share their reviews with 4.1 ratings as well. This game gives you an advanced feature that makes it a popular choice. one can pick this game to pass their free time with the great feeling because it provide great feel to the user. It contain cool designs, which makes its ongoing interaction very charming. also, its numerous game modes and consistent stream of live games is something to look out for. It contains a good feature where you can choose your languages. Moreover, you get a decision of touch or catch control, which keeps the game and each move under your influence. So, have some real rugby experience and Fun with this game.

3.Rugby league 18 AndroidiPhone

Best Rugby Games Android/ iPhone

if we talk about the rugby games then it is compulsary that the name of the Rugby league comes in this list. It contains so many realistic  features that it makes it in the list of favorite games of many players. This game highlights the much-mentioned bearer mode that conveys some staggering 3D visuals, liquid activity, and fingertip controls. The 3D view incorporated in this is fantastic and gives inspiring visuals to players. It also has fingertip control that further encourages flaunt rugby aptitudes, and for that, you can use onscreen virtual catches to control your players. However, for a touch of additional rugby style, you would now be able to utilize swipe motion to evade the approaching safeguard. It includes more than 160 groups and a club at global level and has energizing competitions. Do not overlook play challenges currently, and live games choices.

4. Rugby Nations 18 AndroidiPhone

 Best Rugby Games Android/ iPhone

Another game in the line up is RN 18. With this game, you will get the  rugby fever as it is designed in such an addicting way. It includes more groups to play for the gamer so that the gamer does not get bored ,with the extend of  profession mode and full directional control of your players. firstly this game contains so many faults due to which the game did not response too much after the correction. If we talk about its features then, it has five great universal rivalries like World cup, Six Nations, Four Nations, Pacific cup, America cup e.t.c. Apart from that, the game also provide to play the  game in a 3D view. Here you can go along with others and complete in standard life games, acquire focuses, and lead your group to success.

5. Rugby League 19 AndroidiPhone

Best Rugby Games Android/ iPhone

Features are its key factors that you will get in this game . This is a standout amongst other Rugby games for its gaming features itself. In this game, you have to  prepare for the  universes mightiest toughest  rugby association group. two team match which consist of players to convey you the force, speed and will. likewise  they send you to one of the world’s most captivating plays.


So, these are the best rugby games that you can play free after downloading from their particular store and enjoy their super controls with their realistic features. Please like, share, and comment on which rugby game app you like the most!

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