Top 7 Sports Magazines in India

Top 7 Sports Magazines in India: Are you a sports enthusiast who enjoys reading about the most recent developments in the sports world? You are heading in the correct direction.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of sports magazines in circulation all over the world. In this article, we’ll look at the top 7 sports Magazines in India that keep readers up to date on all the news, rumors, and information coming out of the sports world.

These publications publish articles on a variety of sports, including hockey, cricket, football, golf, tennis, the Olympics, health and fitness, sports channels, current events, and many other related subjects.

Top 7 Sports Magazines in India

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Cricket Today

Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

One of the top sports publications in India, Cricket Today is a monthly publication with a focus on the game of cricket. This English-language publication is an homage to the game of cricket because it informs fans of the sport about every cricket match played, whether it is in India or elsewhere in the world. Also, it includes information about players and the most recent developments in the cricket industry.

The magazine has a special section devoted to the history of cricket, its players, and competitions to keep readers interested. If you enjoy watching cricket, you should already have a subscription to the magazine; if not, sign up right now.

ESPN Magazine

ESPN is a US-based sports publication that is renowned for taking the big sports news in a much more amusing and lighthearted manner than any other sports publication. The ESPN Sports network in Bristol, USA, began publishing ESPN the magazine on March 11, 1998, and it now comes out every two weeks.

Currently, ESPN has a worldwide circulation of over 2 million biweekly copies, and Chad Milman serves as its Chief Editor. Major sporting events including NHL, MLB, NFL, and MLB are mostly covered by the magazine. Also, every year, it recognizes rising young athletes with the NEXT Athlete Award. Overall, this is a fantastic magazine with everything a sports publication ought to have.


Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

Since its founding in 1978, Sportstar has covered every major international sport, including the Olympics, FIFA, UEFA Euro, cricket, and the World Cup. The journal covers foreign sports and a variety of Indian sports like cricket, football, Formula One Grand Prix, tennis, etc.

This publication’s original name was The Sportstar, but in 2006 it was changed to Sportstar. It is currently offered as a tabloid. The Sportstar magazine had a redesign in 2012, and three years later it launched an online version under the same name. It is now among the top ten sports publications in India and is a great resource for sports fans to remain current on the latest news in their favorite sport.


Tennis is a sports publication from the USA that focuses on the game of tennis. This sports publication’s debut issue was released in August 1954, and thanks to its up-to-the-minute coverage of tennis matches, it quickly gained popularity on a global scale. Nowadays, 8 issues of this magazine are released annually.

The Miller Publishing Group is the owner of Tennis magazine. Over 603,069 copies of it are distributed each month on a global scale. The magazine is accessible both online and in print. It provides an expert and in-depth analysis of one of the most popular sports, tennis. This is the ideal lifestyle manual for tennis enthusiasts. Tennis covers a wide range of topics, including reviews of gear and apparel as well as coaching advice from knowledgeable sports figures.

Golf Digest India

Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

A magazine devoted to golf, The Golf Digest India was first published in the United States in 1950. This monthly publication is presently among India’s most popular sports publications. This journal is special since it covers all aspects of golf, including national and international competitions, the most recent gold news, and more.

Now serving as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the publication is Ravi Narian, a 1982 Asian Games gold medalist. In addition to playing a great part in disseminating golf-related news, the magazine organizes an annual India Gold Expo that attracts more than 500 golf industry professionals.


American basketball-focused magazine Slam initially appeared in print in 1994. The Source Interlink Media currently owns this magazine. The publication’s headquarters are in New York City, in the United States.

Dennis Page, a publisher from Harris Publications who invented Slam, sold it to Peterson Publishing for the first time in 1998. Source Interlink became the only publisher of this widely-read basketball magazine after acquiring the publication in 2007.


Being a business-to-business publication, SportsBusiness is a distinctive sports business magazine that examines all aspects of how the sports industry is perceived in our nation.

It serves various leaders of sporting organizations, including those who are members of the National Olympic Committee, the National Sports Federation, Sports Federation, and Associations, the Gym’s Sports Authority, clubs, and academic states sports federation, as well as manufacturers of sporting goods and services in the nation. Basically, if you work in the sports industry, this is the ideal sports magazine.

Runner’s World

Runner’s World, the most widely read running publication in the world, was established in 1966 by Bob Anderson. This bimonthly publication educates counsels and inspires runners of all ages and skill levels. This publication changed its name to Runner’s World in 1969. It is presently only published by Rodale Press, which has its American headquarters in Pennsylvania and is currently managed by Editor-in-Chief David Willey.

The monthly global circulation of Runner’s World is 710,618. It received recognition for having the Creativity of the Year and was nominated for three National Magazine Awards. When it comes to the top 7 sports magazines in India nowadays, it is a popular option.

World Soccer

Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

World Soccer Magazine, the tenth-ranked sports publication in India, offers all the most recent information and news regarding the sport of soccer. The greatest editors and writers who excel in the particular game make up the team.

The magazine features specialized pieces with expert commentary on various soccer competitions and matches played across the globe. Global Soccer has established itself as a reference work for sports on a global scale thanks to its breathtaking, lovely photographs and heartfelt stories and articles.

These were our picks for the Top 7 Sports magazines in India.

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