Top 7 Upcoming Play Station racing games 2021-22

Are you a racing games fan? Wondering what are the upcoming Play Station racing games of 2021-22? Now that we’re finally moving beyond 2020 (which is one of the worst recorded years in human history), it’s time to get familiar with 2021.

And when we look at things as far as gaming goes, games are going to release in the coming few years. on the behalf of racing games, there are so many games that are pending and estimated to release in the following years; for both the platforms mainly for pc and mobile. there are a bunch of racing games which are going to launch for the pc, mobile and PlayStation.

 list of Top 7 Upcoming Play Station Racing Games 2021-22:

1.Taxi Chaos – Upcoming Play Station Racing Game

upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Team6 Game Studios
Publisher: GS2 Games
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: February 23

Crazy Taxi is one of Sega’s greatest franchises. It is a very simple game which is mainly for children in this game you have to pick the passenger from different parts of the city and have to drop them at their destination. Thankfully, a spiritual successor thereto amazing IP is arriving and it’s just like the Crazy Taxi follow-up everyone has been crying out for. Taxi Chaos is mainly known for its pickup and drop purpose which is the key factor of this game.
And as you fulfill your assorted taxi cab driver goals, you’ll get your hands on new rides, get acquainted with new drivers, and get to explore a massive city with plenty of traffic to maneuver. Crazy Taxi fans have finally had their prayers answered with this one.

2.Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 – upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), Google Stadia
Release Date: March 2

2019 was the first year to grow this game which is mainly liked by gamers and it is well known for its off-road track. The game contains a healthy collection of trucks, stadiums, and professional events which gives satisfaction and friendly behavior to their user. With the arrival of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, comes more love and ratings from all over the world for this game.  Five new tracks supported fans’ touch of fantastical flair to the proceedings. The total truck count will now be increased to 38 and include faves like Sparkle Smash and Backwards Bob. And for the primary time ever, online multiplayer is going to be enabled and permit up to 6 players to interact in some intense stadium races, freestyle competitions, and waypoint challenges.

3.Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4

upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam), Google Stadia
Release Date: March 11

It’s time to indulge in another serving of motorbike shenanigans with a new Monster Energy Supercross installment. The fourth game within the series is coming in 2021 and features all the exciting stadium competitions and varied track races fans have come to enjoy. The newest feature coming to the present upcoming sequel maybe a fresh change to the normal Career Mode.  Players can now begin their motorbike journey from the super stadium with different platforms and participate in this league. the all-new features of this game is for gamers fun plus their love toward the game. Track Editor comes back with even more improvements to boot. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 is upping the ante for its fanbase in a myriad of ways for the new year.


4.MotoGP 21 – upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Milestone S.r.l
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)
Release Date: April 22

MotoGP 21 is here to supply motorbike racing fans with their latest batch of two-wheel entertainment. The power of next-gen consoles is set to make every race look and feel as fast and fluid as possible. this game will provide you updated form of the previous version, meaning a new updated track plus bikes which is good for the next generation with well-desgined track. Other fresh features for MotoGP 21 include the better features- if you fall from the bike you can manually reclaim the bike with a good temperature break, and a revised bike suspension system. And as always, you’ll get to zip across each and each track at breakneck speeds as you deal with a formidable lineup of AI rivals.


5.F1 2021

upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC – Steam
Release Date: July 16

Noted racing game development studio Codemasters is now a neighborhood of Electronic Arts.  And for its first of the many projects with the juggernaut computer game publisher, it’s doing it big with the newest entry within the F1 series. F1 2021 will retain all of the elements that fans adore and introduce a host of new features that are sure to keep those same fans entertained.  A fresh story mode called “Braking Point” is going to be included alongside a co-op-enabled Career Mode and a replacement approach to competing entitled “Real Season Start.” Those fresh elements will also be joined by a bunch of familiar ones, like My Team Mode, casual racing options, a full online multiplayer suite, etc. F1 2021 is certainly shaping up to be a must-have by the looks of it.


6.RiMS Racing – upcoming Play Station racing games

upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: Raceward Studio
Publisher: Nacon
Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam
Release Date: August 19

RiMS Racing is looking to require the highest spot within the motorcycle racing sub-genre. This new franchise features a top-notch mechanics management system that allows you to tinker around with every part of your ride in an attempt to maintain/upgrade it after each race. 600+ officially licensed parts are going to be available to players who are definite gear nuts that want to form sure their motorbike performs at the very best level. RiMS Racing also offers a super realistic physics system, iconic racing circuits, an incredibly immersive Career Mode, and so much more. This motorbike sim looks, sounds, and can presumably feel amazing in action.


7.WRC 10 – upcoming Play Station racing games

upcoming Play Station racing games

Developer: KT Racing
Publisher: Nacon
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)
Release Date: September 2

IT’S CELEBRATION TIME, FOLKS! WRC 10 is doing it big by celebrating the 50th anniversary of the planet Rally Championship. This sequel’s History Mode is very interesting for the game that at the 50th  anniversary they are releasing their top legend game for the gamers which will take you on a playable learning experience that tests your driving skills across 19 real-world events. The racing game will provide you the better features from their previous version which is mainly good for the gamers. if you want to play this game you can download it for the PlayStation after its release. And when it involves new stuff, there’s gonna be four new 2021 rallies, six retro rallies, 120 special stages, 52 official teams from the 2021 season, and 20 legendary cars from a wealth of famous manufacturers. WRC 10 is building itself up to be a feature-rich racer that sim fans will surely adore.

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