Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games: It’s simple to assume that football players only practice and play the game. They do, however, have a life outside of football, including engaging in the same interests that you and I do.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

This includes eating and shopping out, and as you will learn today, playing video games is a typical pastime. Football players frequently share screenshots of their gaming rigs and sponsored games on social media.

As a result, I have listed the top Football players who play video games in their leisure time. Additionally, watching them through those who broadcast themselves doing so.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane enjoys playing video games when he isn’t scoring goals for Tottenham or reading about player transfers out of the club.

The 28-year-old striker has gaming equipment set up in his home. He said, there, he plays video games alongside Dele Alli and Harry Maguire, among other players.

Fortnite is one of his favorite games out there, and he is well recognized for playing it.

He frequently hopped on this game, especially during the tumultuous 2019–20 season.

In a BBC interview with Gabby Logan, which is captured in the image below, he also admitted that when not playing football, he enjoys playing Fortnite as a kind of entertainment. He did acknowledge, though, that the birth of his third child has made him less likely to do so than he formerly was.

It’s appropriate that Kane was most recently added to the Fortnite and other footballers’ skins market. This allows the gamers to explore the map as the number 9.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Neymar Jr

One of the top footballers of his generation is Neymar Jr.

He may be seen enjoying his favourite video games when he’s not on the field.

Not only does he enjoy playing video games, but he also enjoys playing CS:GO with his buddies.

The PSG player, who has 1.7 million subscribers to his Twitch channel and 160 million Instagram followers, has a fantastic PC setup that he uses to stream games to his fans.

While he appears to play CS:GO primarily—he even drew inspiration from it to do a grenade celebration during the World Cup—he also shows off his skills in various other games.

This includes the video games Among US, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, which you can see him playing in several online video clips.

Being a professional football player, it would be surprising if he didn’t play any video games, and it turns out he also enjoys playing Fifa occasionally.

Although it doesn’t appear to be at the top of his list, some Fifa players have talked about how they have faced off against his unique 99-rated card.

Football players signed to legitimate clubs are issued this card.

Below is a video of him playing Fortnite with a US-based streamer; despite the fact that Neymar does not speak English, the two teamed up to obtain the dub.

Dele Alli

I am aware of the potential for video game addiction.

Finding time to even sleep might be difficult once you get into them.

Dele Alli, who during the hiatus from football found himself getting more into video games, appeared to be the case in this regard, especially with other players on this list during Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite sessions.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Indeed, some sources even state that it was a contributing factor in his breakup with his fiancée.

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Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero has struggled to wow fans with his goals and on-field prowess due to injury.

However, he has amused millions of people online by embracing broadcasting while undergoing treatment.

The Argentine who recently signed with Barcelona has a lot of humorous Twitch videos of him playing various games.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Getting killed by Neymar in Among Us, sliding off in Fall Guys, and even packing Jurgen Klopp on Fifa.

Diego Jota

Diego Jota might have succeeded as a professional gamer instead if it weren’t for the fact that he is doing so well with Liverpool FC right now.

Contrary to some professional footballers, the Portuguese international turns out to be quite skilled at video games.

His major game, Fifa, in which he has made some of his name, saw him place first globally among all Weekend League players.

Which is a remarkable achievement considering that it’s one of the game’s most competitive modes. Since that time, Jota has established an esports team that competes against other elite gaming organisations.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The last player you would probably expect to associate with video games and football, if you were to do so, is none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He gives off the impression of someone you would expect to be against using a console to play video games.

Now, are you surprised to learn that? You might be even more startled to learn that the Swede occasionally plays Fortnite with his friends.

Top Football Players Who Play Video Games

Mesut Özil

Near the end of his tenure with Arsenal, Mesut Ozil struggled, leading some to believe he had lost interest in the game.

This might have been the case; there’s a chance the playmakers’ minds were on video games.

He has been playing Fortnite in videos, and from what I can tell from viewing a few of them, he appears to be a competent player.

Ozil was likely practising for the survival game on his console on those days when he wasn’t included in the matchday squad.

Antoine Griezmann

By adding video games into his celebrations on the field, Antoine Griezmann has often demonstrated his enthusiasm for them.

After scoring goals for Barce, Atletico Madrid, and the France national team over the previous few years, the Frenchman has performed a number of popular Fortnite dances.

Some fans may recall the day he gave his team the advantage against Croatia and then did the “L” dance.

He now frequently shares his gaming with his fans, so it’s not simply his moves that reveal that he enjoys playing video games.

From exhibiting his Football Manager saves like the ones below to playing Mario Kart 8 with his pals.


As you can see, football players like playing video games just like any other regular person would. And with that, our list of Top Football players who play Video Games has come to an end.

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