What are the best things about Witcher 3?

What are the best things about Witcher 3: If you have been thinking about what are the best things about Witcher 3 then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you what is the best or the most wholesome thing you can do in Witcher 3.

Best wholesome things about Witcher 3-

5. Snowball Fight With Ciri

The events of The Wild Hunt are stressful and exhausting. Geralt and Ciri find themselves with a modicum of time-out at Kaer Morhen just after a snowfall. What difference is there to do but have a snowball fight?

What results is a touching sequence where the two have a grand superpowered fight in the snow. Geralt can win, but seeing the look on Ciri’s face when she claims palm is a price in itself. Playing in the snow with Ciri is an islet of peace in a stressful world, and is one of the most wholesome moments in The Witcher 3.

4. Say Goodbye To Ciri

The so-called” good” ending means Ciri leaves Geralt to come to Empress of Nilfgaard. It means she will be suitable to legislate real change in her new position, but it also means saying farewell to Geralt.

The father and son spend their last moments together fighting a monster and fishing. Ciri is apprehensive that their time together is drawing to a close, and reminisces on her time at Kaer Morhen with Geralt. Geralt gives her a piggyback ride through the snowy forestland and, for a time, it feels as though this perfect moment will noway end.

What are the best things about Witcher 3?

3. Commission Ciri A Witcher’s Sword

There are several consummations to The Witcher 3, all of the varying happiness situations. One of the happier consummations is Ciri surviving and getting a witcher alongside Geralt.
The sequence begins by informing Emperor Emhyr that Ciri is dead. Geralt also goes on to admit a beautiful tableware witcher’s brand he’d commissioned. It’s easy to assume the brand is for Geralt until he travels to a tavern, where he meets a cloaked youthful woman who’s revealed to be Ciri. Geralt gifts her the brand, important to her surprise and joy. Rather than leaving Geralt, the two of them plan their coming contract and their lives as monster nimrods.

2. Drink With Regis

In the Blood and Wine DLC, Geralt is contracted to get relieved of a periodical killer who’s revealed to be the advanced shark, Detlaff. The Witcher is backed by his friend Regis, who’s also an advanced shark in his hunt to put an end to the payoff. Depending on which path Geralt took during his hunt, there will be a scene where the two musketeers will have a chance to partake in a drink when all is said and done.

Regis and Geralt will look for some mandrakes which Regis distills into an excellent drink. As this is the end to The Witcher saga, Geralt can protest back and enjoy a nice drink with old friend Regis one last time.

1. Making Peace Between Anna & Syanna

During Blood and Wine, Geralt will learn of the true reasons and provocations behind the murders in Toussaint. Syanna, the viscountess’ family, reveals she’s taking vengeance for the treatment she entered as a child and is killing those who wronged her, with her family Anna being the ultimate target. She tells Geralt that she was believed to be under the Curse of the Black Sun and was banished from the area, taken to the edge of the Duchy, and left to die.

Geralt sympathizes, but reasons that Anna didn’t have a hand in the fire, as she was a child herself. He argues that her family would in no way have wanted any of the effects Syanna went through, after which Syanna appears to reflect. During the final trial, Geralt can essay to reason with both sisters, persuading them to forgive each other and let history go. Anna and Syanna clinch each other and Toussaint has peace again.


The Witcher 3 is still one of the best games ever made. The game which was launched in 2015 is still gamers’ favorite. The game has a lot of wholesome moments and some of them are really sweet and adds to the charm of the game. The best moments of the game have been listed in the article.

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