What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile: The Firing Range in Apex Legends is an excellent way to improve your aim and movement skills. It provides a safe setting for you and your buddies to test out weapons and other equipment. In case you are looking for everything related to the Firing Range game mode, read along, and explore with us.

What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

The Firing Range is filled with standard target practice drills along with test dummies. Not only do these enable you to test out every Legend in the game freely, but also serve as a great warm-up exercise before diving into the actual game.

Features of Firing Range in Apex Legends

Every weapon, categorized by ammo type, is available here. Aside from the weapons, there is an infinite supply of Attachments, Grenades, Regen supplies, and Gear of every rarity.

A variety of targets are set up for target practice. While the blue square targets just show the amount of damage done, the ones that are close can be targeted with a headshot and will flip down when shot.

What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

Several Extreme range targets may be seen in the backdrop, including the ship, the catwalks behind the ship, and the lone rock spire.

Three DUMMIES are waiting for gamers to shoot, each with a Level 4 Body Shield. They quickly respawn after being slain. They are also not provided with helmets to ease your training.

Friendly Fire can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu. This will turn all of the players in your group against one another. Everyone will be respawned into the cave in order to begin.

A Charge Tower is placed at the bottom of the far-right tunnel (when viewing the caverns) and rapidly recharges. These towers can recharge your Ultimate ability almost immediately.

Only Lifeline’s Care Package provides you with the only access to survival materials. In training mode however, they do nothing.

What are Challenges in Firing Range Mode?

When you take a closer look, you will notice that some of the firing lanes showcase an isolated Weapon in their center. These are special Challenges that have been designed for you to practice with the special weapons specific to that lane.

What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

Note that-

  • All weapons used in these challenges have an infinite ammo reserve.
  • You will be restricted within a marked area unable to use abilities. However, you can move around freely.
  • As you take your first shot, a timer will begin its countdown from 60 and that’s how long you have to land as many shots as you can on the blue Valid targets.
  • At the end of your 60 seconds, the timer will turn to zero. It will then present the results of your challenge. The results will be detailed, including the number of shots you took, your Accuracy, the Damage dealt, and even your Critical Hits.

Here is a list of Challenges that Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile offers to its players. Each challenge has a different set of tasks and items that are mentioned below.

Scout of Action

  • Gun used in this challenge is the G7 Scout.
  • Located in the central firing lane.
  • Attachments provided: Golden Magazine, 2x HCOG, and Epic Sniper Stock.
  • Tasks- Hit 11 static targets that are arranged in four rows ascending in distance from you. Targets might keep switching from Blue to Red and vice versa. You are supposed to aim for the blue ones.

Jackson’s Bow Out

  • Gun used for the challenge is the Bocek.
  • Located in the leftmost firing lane.
  • Attachments provided: Shatter Caps, Deadeye’s Tempo, !x-2x Holo Scope.
  • One target in one row, moving left to right perpendicular to the lane. The target will change colors and move randomly at times, on a fixed path.

Smoke Show Challenge

  • Gun used in the challenge is the P2020.
  • Can be found between Jackson’s Bow Out and the next firing lane.
  • Attachments provided: Golden Magazine, 1x Digital Threat Scope, and Hammer-point Rounds.
  • This challenge will make you fish out dummies that spawn inside a cloud of smoke. Initially, these targets will be stationary, but start to move toward you after a while as the difficulty progresses.
What is Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

Additional Features of Firing Range in Apex Legends Mobile

With the recent update to the game, the Firing Range brought two new capabilities that you can access by having no weapons in your inventory. All you need to do is crouch and look downwards in a certain position, and switch Legends. Think of it like hidden easter eggs from the developers of the game.

1. Hostile DUMMIES: activated on the catwalk on the far left corner of the cave’s roof. The DUMMIES become hostile to players as a result, patrolling the region and firing at them with guns such as Hemlok, a Peacekeeper, and an L-STAR in bursts.

2. Third Person Mode can be easily activated in the bushes behind the targets on the right side of the middle peak. It causes players to take an over-the-shoulder approach to the game.

Although the firing range is not the most interesting aspect of the game, spending some time there improving your skills will pay off in the long run. Keep this information in your mind, and you’ll soon be outflanking rival teams, grabbing victories. Witnessing why Apex Legends Mobile outperforms the rest of the battle royale genre.

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