Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful in Jedi Survivor

Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful in Jedi Survivor: Are you ready to create the ultimate lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor? Respawn’s incredible sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, offers an amazing range of customization options. You can personalize your lightsaber like never before, choosing from a wide variety of parts, textures, materials, and colors. Let your imagination run wild as you forge a saber that reflects your unique vision for the character Cal.

Need some ideas? Feast your eyes on these amazing designs! Let us check out Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful Jedi Survivor. Unleash your creativity and wield a saber that will leave other gamers amazed.

Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful Jedi Survivor: “Guardian” Lightsaber Design (Blue) 

The “Guardian” lightsaber design captures the essence of practicality and strength, deviating from ornate aesthetics. Not everyone prefers fancy and artistic hilts for their lightsabers. The usual lightsaber designs in Star Wars are practical and plain, focusing on functionality.

The “Guardian” lightsaber design follows this philosophy with its straight lines and basic metalwork. Despite its simplicity, it looks dignified and sturdy, making it a dependable weapon for a strong Jedi Guardian. It represents resilience and the unwavering commitment to protect justice in the galaxy. So, if you’re looking for a reliable lightsaber without all the frills, the “Guardian” design is perfect for you. 

“Consular” Lightsaber Design (Green)

Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful Jedi Survivor 

Green lightsabers were typically wielded by Jedi Consulars, which were highly attuned to the Force and emphasized contemplation rather than pure combat. This lightsaber design suits their astute minds, blending traditional elements with functional touches. It features subtle rows of lighting and a dignified green cloth grip that extends for better handling during longer Jedi: Survivor lightsaber stances.

The design combines elegance and practicality, reflecting the Consulars’ deep connection to the Force and their focus on understanding its nature. With its unique features, this lightsaber serves as the perfect weapon for Jedi Consulars, allowing them to wield their skills with precision and grace. 

“High Council” Lightsaber Design (Purple)

This lightsaber design draws inspiration from the legendary weapon of Jedi Master Mace Windu. It features a striking purple blade, accentuated by golden highlights crafted from Haysian Smelt, a superior conductor. The hilt itself exudes a darker and somewhat intimidating aura, perfectly suited for a precise and unwavering blade.

It is particularly fitting for a Jedi like Cal, who occasionally ventures closer to the tempting influence of the Dark Side during intense battles. As you embark on your journey, you can assess whether this lightsaber design aligns well with Cal’s character and style as you immerse yourself in the game. 

“Justicar” Lightsaber Design (Orange)

Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful Jedi Survivor 

The orange lightsaber design is a fantastic combination of different textures and materials, making it look like it was crafted with great skill and attention by the owner. A few standout features make it special, like Cere Junda’s impressive ring pommel and the small blade-like elements on the side of the switch. These additions give the lightsaber a powerful and elegant appearance.

If you set the polish on the Secondary Material to 0, you’ll achieve the ideal texture for this design. Overall, it’s a stunning lightsaber that exudes both a threatening and regal vibe. 

“Relic” Lightsaber Design (Magenta)       

The “Relic” magenta lightsaber design, setting the condition to ancient creates the most impactful effect. This ornate hilt resembles a beautiful piece of artwork rather than a weapon. It could be an old ceremonial blade that Cal, our protagonist, recently discovered and now wields.

Without revealing too much, the concept of rediscovering and bringing old items back to life aligns well with the Jedi: Survivor story. So, let your imagination wander as you envision Cal’s journey and the significance of this ancient, majestic lightsaber. 

“Warrior” Lightsaber Design (White)

Which Lightsaber Design is the Most Powerful Jedi Survivor 

This particular lightsaber design stands out for its elegance and luxurious appearance. It features a beautiful white blade that emanates a sense of grace. The hilt of the lightsaber is crafted with precision, incorporating carefully positioned angles and spikes to add a touch of menace to its otherwise sleek form.

The silver alloy hilt is adorned with textured tan rubber grips, not only adding a visual break but also serving a functional purpose. Despite its grand and opulent look, the overall design retains a practical aspect, making it a truly remarkable and eye-catching lightsaber. 

“Wilderness” Lightsaber Design (Yellow)

Introducing the stunning “Wilderness” lightsaber design, an absolute standout among the rest. Crafted predominantly from wood and bone, it possesses a unique and captivating charm. This exquisite lightsaber design brings to mind visions of a Wookiee Jedi Master or a Jedi hailing from a lush forest or jungle planet.

The hilt’s rounded edges and sleek profile give it a welcoming appearance, despite its lethal nature. The addition of copper rings enhances both durability and power, lending a sense of strength to the overall design that would be lacking if it were solely made of wood and bone. The “Wilderness” lightsaber design truly mesmerizes with its natural elegance. 



Among these seven lightsaber designs, there is no definitive measure of which one is the most powerful for a Jedi Survivor. The power of a Jedi Survivor is not solely determined by the appearance or components of their lightsaber but rather by their skills, connection to the Force, and experiences they have endured. 

Each lightsaber design offers unique characteristics and reflects different aspects of a Jedi’s personality or background. Whether it’s the functional and spartan “Guardian” design, the contemplative and Force-focused “Consular” design, or the regal and commanding “High Council” design, the power of a Jedi Survivor lies within themselves and their connection to the Force. 

It’s important to remember that a lightsaber is a tool for a Jedi, and its true power comes from the wielder’s knowledge, discipline, and mastery of the Force. Ultimately, the strength of a Jedi Survivor is determined by their abilities, experiences, and choices, rather than the specific design of their lightsaber. 

Ultimately, the selection of a lightsaber design is a deeply personal decision, guided by the Jedi’s intuition, values, and the challenges they face. The lightsaber becomes an extension of their identity and a source of strength as they navigate the path of a Jedi Survivor. 

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