AEW: Fight Forever How to Unlock Secret Character

AEW: Fight Forever How to Unlock Secret Character: AEW Fight Forever, a highly anticipated wrestling video game developed by Yuke’s and published by GameMill Entertainment, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release on July 1, 2023. With its extensive roster of over 100 wrestlers, including both current AEW stars and legendary icons, the game offers players an immersive wrestling experience across various game modes. While players can enjoy the excitement of the regular roster, AEW Fight Forever also holds some hidden treasures in the form of secret characters that can be unlocked through specific tasks and challenges.

Among these secret characters are the legendary Owen Hart, the towering Paul Wight, and the revered Brodie Lee. Playing as these iconic wrestlers adds an extra level of excitement and nostalgia to the game, allowing players to relive memorable moments and create their own dream matches. 

So, if you’re a fan of AEW Fight Forever and eager to explore all it has to offer, then AEW Fight Forever How to Unlock Secret Character is what you need. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you add them to your AEW Fight Forever experience.

AEW: Fight Forever How to Unlock Secret Character

AEW: Fight Forever How to Unlock Owen Hart Secret Character

Owen Hart is a legendary wrestler, and his inclusion in AEW Fight Forever brings excitement to fans. To unlock Owen Hart, you must play 100 matches in exhibition mode. It doesn’t matter who you face or the difficulty level, as long as you complete 100 matches. Once this milestone is achieved, Owen Hart will appear in the in-game store, and you can unlock him by spending 50,000 dollars.

How to Unlock Paul Wight Secret Character

Paul Wight, also known as the Big Show, is a formidable presence in AEW Fight Forever. Unlocking him requires perseverance and a bit of luck. You must progress through the Road to Elite career mode and trigger the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline. This storyline is part of the final block on the Road to Double Or Nothing. 

To increase the chances of triggering this storyline, intentionally lose every match in the first three blocks. Eventually, the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline will become available. In this storyline, you will face Paul Wight in the third week with a challenging condition: defeat him in three minutes. Wight is impervious to grapple moves and has a strong resistance to signature and finisher moves. It can be frustrating, but if you manage to defeat him within the time limit, Paul Wight will be unlocked in the in-game store for 30,000 coins.

How to Unlock Brodie Lee Secret Character in AEW: Fight Forever

Brodie Lee, also known as “The Exalted One,” is a beloved character in AEW Fight Forever. Unlocking him involves specific steps in the Road to Elite career mode. You need to hope for the “Join The Dark Order” storyline to appear on the Road to Full Gear.

Please note that there are always two alternative storylines, so it may not trigger on every playthrough. To increase your chances, start the Road to Elite as Wardlow and intentionally lose the initial Casino Battle Royale match. After that, win all subsequent regular matches until the end of the storyline block. Select the “Go Sightseeing” option, and this should trigger an invitation to join the Dark Order. Accept the invitation and continue winning tag team matches with John Silver. 

At some point, there’s a random chance that Brodie Lee will interfere and attack you. Instead of filing a complaint, challenge him for the TNT Championship at the Full Gear pay-per-view. Defeat him in the match, and Brodie Lee will be unlocked in the in-game store for 30,000 coins.

AEW: Fight Forever How to Unlock Secret Character


Unlocking secret characters in AEW Fight Forever adds a new level of excitement to your gameplay experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can unlock Owen Hart, Paul Wight, and Brodie Lee and enhance your roster with these iconic wrestlers.

Remember to play 100 exhibition matches for Owen Hart, trigger the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline for Paul Wight, and pursue the “Join The Dark Order” storyline to face Brodie Lee. For more tips, tricks, and updates on AEW Fight Forever, be sure to visit Gameophobic. Enjoy the challenge, and have fun discovering the hidden treasures within AEW Fight Forever!

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