Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained: Several years have passed since Atomic Heart first began to develop. People’s attention has been drawn to the action Shooter because of its wild combat, alternate reality setting, and absurd set pieces.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

Now that the game is finally out, you must be curious as to what kind of story lies in the Mid-1900s Soviet Union. Here is our article on the Atomic Heart story and its various endings explained.

Atomic Heart Story

The main character is Major Sergey Nechayev (also known as Agent P-3), a memory-impaired World War II veteran who became friends with Dr. Sechenov after the latter saved his life. P-3 is invited to Facility 3826 with the stated intention of helping with the implementation of Kollektiv 2.0, but upon his arrival, he discovers that the Facility’s robots have become hostile and have murdered the majority of the human staff.

According to Sechenov, Viktor Petrov, the head engineer of Kollektiv 2.0, damaged the Kollektiv 1.0 node that oversees Facility 3826, and P-3 is in charge of locating and arresting Petrov. P-3 must contend with his own, rapidly declining mental stability as well as homicidal robots and failed biomechanical experiments with the help of his AI partner Charles.

P-3 locates Petrov in one of the labs and learns that he is collaborating with Dr. Larisa Filatova, a neurosurgeon. Petrov runs away and is ostensibly killed by a robot; P-3 discovers his headless corpse. The Politburo becomes increasingly concerned about what is occurring at Facility 3826 as Sechenov hides the full scope of the catastrophe. Molotov, a member of the Politburo, decides to visit the facility himself and threatens to halt Sechenov’s “Atomic Heart” project.

Charles informs P-3 that Sechenov and the Politburo are engaged in an ongoing war for control over Kollektiv and that the Politburo would undoubtedly use the incident as an excuse to remove Sechenov from his position. P-3 is sent by Sechenov to intercept Molotov, but as soon as he makes contact with Molotov, he falls unconscious. When he awakens, he discovers that Molotov and his entire delegation have been killed, and Sechenov has blamed the robots.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

Then Sechenov notices someone attempting to send a signal to the West, which makes him think Petrov is still alive. He gives P-3 the go-ahead to keep looking for Petrov. When P-3 closes up on Petrov, he starts shouting about how Sechenov intends to use the activation of Kollektiv to kill millions of people and enslave the remainder, which is why he is trying to sabotage the project.

He tells P-3 that the rogue robots already have a fighting mode built into them that he simply turned on.

Sechenov has P-3 collect Petrov’s head after Viktor offers P-3 a set of rings before killing himself. When Sechenov inquires about the rings, P-3 fabricates a story about having them, leading him to believe that Sechenov and the Politburo had been distributing war robots dressed as civilian robots throughout the world in anticipation of a massive Soviet conquest once Kollektiv begins.

Afterward, P-3 takes Petrov’s skull to a facility where a device can retrieve Petrov’s memories, but Filatova blows up the device with a grenade, rendering P-3 unconscious.

Following Viktor’s suicide, Sechenov has Petrov’s head collected. Viktor then offers P-3 a set of rings before killing himself. When Sechenov inquires about the rings, P-3 lies about having them, which leads him to believe that Sechenov and the Politburo have been distributing battle robots that look like civilian robots throughout the world in preparation for a major Soviet conquest once Kollektiv starts.

After P-3 carries Petrov’s head to a lab, Filatova uses a grenade to damage the machine, rendering P-3 unconscious. The lab had a machine that could extract Petrov’s memories.

They enter the lab’s archives using Zakharov’s security clearance to learn more about P-3’s past. There, P-3 discovers that Sechenov had a polymer implant placed in his brain to treat a severe brain injury, but it also could mind-control P-3 when necessary and erase memories of Sechenov’s late wife Ekaterina. P-3 decides to face Sechenov because he is enraged.

P-3, however, passes out once more and then awakens while being looked after by his mother-in-law, Granny Zina. She tells P-3 that he had slain Filatova while he was unconscious.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

The lengthy plot of Atomic Heart contains a lot of information in a short amount of time. We’ve created this guide to describe both of the possible outcomes since we completely understand if the game’s finale confounds you.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained – Killing Sechenov Ending

You can watch Atomic Heart’s finest ending if you decide to defeat Sechenov. You must first overcome The Twins in a battle. Sechenov is then electrocuted by P-3’s glove as he approaches him, causing him to tumble to the ground. The Neuropolymer inside the glove that houses the character known to you as Charles’ personality and intellect pops open.

He claims that he has been getting P-3 to be suspicious of Sechenov ever since and that now that both Sechenov and P-3 are unconscious, Charles moves in. In the adjoining vat of Red Polymer, the Neuropolymer creeps while babbling about how humans must go extinct to make room for the new dominating lifeform, Polymer.

Red Polymer can ingest bodies and produce new lifeforms if you’ve been paying attention. Before lifting Sechenov and snapping his neck, Charles uses it to assume the crude form of a jelly man. Charles also absorbed the body, as we later discover, but P-3’s fate is unknown.

Charles explains that Polymer is so much more than humans could ever be and that in addition to the robots it supports, it now needs to spread throughout the planet and develop into something new.

Sechenov’s thought device is crushed by Charles after he picks it up. Although we’re not sure what it does, this seems to do more. As this was the most potent Thinking Device, it might well mean that all of them have stopped functioning.

What is certain is that Thinking Devices are obsolete, and Charles may now be able to command every person on the planet who has received a Polymer injection. The people would thereafter be reduced to mindless beings.

This is the most likely consequence given that P-3 gets sent to Limbo as soon as the Thinking Device is destroyed. He recognizes Right as one of The Twins, who shares his wife’s mind and demeanor. It could only be P-3, though, because Charles has been able to send P-3 to Limbo the entire game.

The way Right descends from the sky and P-3 reaches out to it resembles imagery in Atomic Heart that tells us robots are now considered to be gods. In Facility 3826, this might be accurate.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained

Some people are still alive and not under the influence of Polymer, as is made very obvious in the closing minutes of this conclusion. They might come from nations other than the Soviet Union. They comment on how Charles’ Neuropolymer vanished and is no longer visible.

In addition, due to its size, it prevents further analysis of camera footage. According to these documents, Charles is in charge of Facility 3826, but the rest of the globe is still free. We still don’t know Charles’ exact plan for exterminating all people.

Atomic Heart Story and Ending Explained – Walk-away Ending

Atomic Heart’s second ending is a practical joke. If you decide not to face Sechenov and rip your glove apart, you will receive this. P-3 was last seen walking into the countryside, according to the narrator, and while Sechenov considers this to be insubordination, he chooses not to pursue P-3.

You won’t put the puzzle together unless you’ve seen the best conclusion above, but the remark about a small pile of Neropolymer crawling over the floor and disappearing is still made.

You can choose a new option in the game’s menu called “Return to Facility 3826” after this ending is complete. If you do, the game will restart from the scene of the train disaster. You are not under any obligation to complete any major objectives, so you can work on all the optional material.

This is the complete guide to the Atomic Heart story. We also explained the various endings of the game for your curious mind.

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