Is Atomic Heart Going to Be Open World?

Is Atomic Heart Going to Be Open World? Atomic Heart is a recently launched first-person shooter video game developed by Mundfish, a Russian game development studio. Do you wish to know if it offers Open World?

Is Atomic Heart Going to Be Open World?

Since it was announced in 2018, the game has been eagerly awaited, and with good reason. In a strange, retro-futuristic setting, Atomic Heart combines first-person shooter and role-playing game elements. From what I could tell from playing an early iteration, the game is building up to be one of the year’s most fascinating and exciting games.

The setting of the game is an alternate 1950s Soviet Union where technology has grown to a degree that is far beyond our reality. The participant takes on the role of a Soviet KGB agent dispatched to look into a covert research center where odd experiments are being conducted. Robots, cyborgs, and other futuristic technology merge with 1950s aesthetics in this sci-fi and retro-futuristic environment to create a singular and enthralling ambiance.

If you are here, you must be curious as to what kind of a world is waiting for players inside the game. Let us find out if Atomic Heart is going to be Open World.

Atomic Heart Gameplay

Atomic Heart’s gameplay is frantic and action-packed, with a strong emphasis on battle. Guns, melee weapons, and even the player’s fists are among the arsenal of weapons available to them. The foes react accurately to each attack, and the battle feels satisfying and impactful. The player must select the appropriate weapon for the task at hand and adapt to it on the go. They can utilize cover to avoid receiving damage to succeed in combat.

Atomic Heart, however, is more than just a mindless shooting game. The game has role-playing components that let the player level up and improve their skills. The player can scavenge resources to create new weapons and equipment using looting and crafting mechanics as well. This gives the games a layer of depth and flexibility and enables users to customize their experience to fit their play style.

Is Atomic Heart Open World?

The world design of Atomic Heart is among its most striking features. There are many different areas to explore in the game’s open world. Each location is distinctively made and reeks of character, from a large city to a spooky research center.

Also, there are many mysteries in the world to be discovered, inspiring exploration and learning. The level of attention to detail in world design is genuinely astounding; each crevice feels carefully created.

Is Atomic Heart Going to Be Open World?

Enemies in Atomic Heart

There are many different types of opponents in Atomic Heart, and each one has strengths and weaknesses. The robot beings known as “Krasnye” — which is Russian for “Reds” — are the most typical foes that gamers may run into. These robotic foes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny spider-like animals to enormous, monstrous robots. While the larger Krasnye is slower but has more potent strikes, the smaller ones move rapidly and attack in swarms.

Players will also battle human adversaries like troops and scientists in addition to the Krasnye. These adversaries present a more immediate threat to the player because they are more heavily armed with assault rifles and pistols. These foes will require players to employ cover and their weaponry, making for more tactical combat confrontations.

During the game, players will run against stronger foes like “Baba Yaga” robots, which are armed with potent energy weapons. The player has a considerable challenge against the larger, more powerful boss adversaries.

It is important to note that Atomic Heart’s enemy AI is superb, with adversaries responding realistically to the player’s actions. For instance, attackers will try to flank or flush the player out with explosives if they hide behind an object. Enemies can coordinate with one another thanks to AI, allowing for more difficult and exciting battles.


In conclusion, Atomic Heart is shaping out to be a superb game that is well worth the wait for anyone searching for a fast-paced shooter with great RPG mechanics. The addition of a vast open world to explore adds to its uniqueness, offering players a satisfying post-apocalyptic Soviet Union.

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