Best WWE Games for Android

Best WWE Games for Android: There are more WWE fans than you can conceive in the entire world. With so many WWE icons like The Undertaker, The Big Show, The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, etc., it even now has a different world.

For the majority of us, playing this sport on our TVs made our childhoods fantastic. It continues to be the sport that many of us choose.

But if you’re a die-hard WWE fan, you can now take advantage of playing it on your Android device itself. These are our picks for the Best WWE Games for Android.

Best WWE Games for Android Devices

We stunted several games while doing research for the WWE games. Yet, the majority of them ultimately failed to satisfy us due to their subpar aesthetics, divergent functions and plotlines, jerky controls, and similarities.

We also received three genuine WWE games to round out the collection. For the obsessive fans who never want to miss an episode, I have also added the official WWE app. Let us look at what you might do best in this situation.

Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D will be our first stop. It’s most likely the most well-liked WWE match in town. Yet, this competitive fighting game will be the greatest option for you if you enjoy playing the hard-core WWE game.

To create an amazing Universe, this tough game is also rumbled into the third dimension. It will additionally urge you to fire a shot into the ring.

Best WWE Games for Android

Let’s see what else it will offer, then.

  • The main aspect you will adore is how many characters you can play in this game.
  • There will be well-known WWE stars present, and you can take on their roles as well.
  • You can collaborate with other players to take part in the special episodes of the weekly and monthly competitions.
  • You can employ various instruments, such as ropes, chairs, tables, etc., in the instrument performances.
  • This game offers top-notch visuals and realism in the audio.


This time, it’s an app that will provide access to all WWE games rather than a specific WWE game for your Android smartphone. If you’re a die-hard WWE fan, this app is for you because it’s the official WWE Networking app. Through this app, you can view every episode of the game.

Also, this app has several sections for various occasions, making it simple to locate themes. You wish to learn more about it.

Now, let us review the characteristics listed below.

  • Displays all WWE episodes as well as those from WCW, ECW, and other wrestling organizations.
  • Weekly incredibly spectacular in-ring shows are published as exclusive shows.
  • There will also be original programming and documentaries about wrestling.
  • Any Raw, SmackDown, or NXT episode is available for viewing at any time.
  • There are also special programs there, including the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, Backlash, Extreme Rules, Clash of Champions, Hell in a Cell, etc.

WWE Mayhem

How often have you considered replacing the most well-known WWE legends? WWE Mayhem contains all the features necessary for you to play on your smartphone at the same level as John Cena, Rhonda Rousey, Randy Orton, Sting, The Undertaker, and The Man Becky Lynch.

You can use your unique movements and fighting style to prevail in the final battle. The game also has a setting that will transport you to a whole new level of the WWE Universe.

Best WWE Games for Android

Features of the game:

  • To help you become the ultimate champion of your desires, the game sets up a fantastic fighting match between you and the WWE Superstars.
  • You can get synergy bonuses by raising your level and controlling the groups.
  • You can form a team in the game with your friends to forge the strongest alliance and triumph in the contests.
  • You can challenge your friends in Versus mode, and you can add WWE legends to your squad to improve your performance.
  • You can obtain special rewards, Gold, Boosts, unlock new character classes, and much more by opening the treasure cases.

WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Collector Card Game

WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Collector Card Game

One of the top WWE games available for Android is WWE Supercard. This game has a unique approach and many fresh elements, thus I love to recommend it.

In contrast to previous games, you must defeat wrestling through group card fights rather than having to fight a battle fiercely. But, by gathering WWE legends and continuing the game against other players, you will be able to level up your cards.

To stay up with the WWE action, you need to acquire fresh cards. Also, the cards give several actions including Leg drop, Slam, and Rock bottom.

  • With Asuka, Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, and other luminaries like Ric Flair, you may put together your team in this multiplayer game.
  • It enables you to alter your card so that your signature move performs more effectively.
  • Every new event in the game, like Clash of Champions, gives unique rewards.
  • By participating in open challenges and monthly events, you can also earn bonuses.
  • You can reach the top of the leaderboards by triumphing in matches during the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.

WWE Champions

You can’t stop watching WWE Champions after a few seconds. This game is modeled after actual competitions like Raw, NXT, Smackdown, etc. You can play with your pals on a team and join a faction so that you can support one another. There are dozens of potential combinations and objectives to complete. Also, new contests are added each week. Your ranking will rise as a result of your improved performance.

  • 250 famous superstars, including The Rock, John Cena, Alexa Bliss, and others, are listed. Each of them has its style.
  • You can upgrade your team and alter the moves as you win more games.
  • You can decide on your fighting style in this action role-playing game. You can also hire trainers to help you develop your abilities.
  • Puzzle battles, match-3 gems, combos, finishing moves, and more may be found here.
  • Outstanding 3D graphics and upbeat music effects are features of this game.
  • You can engage in player-versus-player gameplay with others from all over the world through multiplayer matchmaking.

WWE Undefeated

Another free-to-play WWE game for Android is WWE Undefeated. Both Android phones and tablets can use it without any issues. It will be your preferred source of amusement if you are a fan of the WWE superstars. In the live head-to-head match, take on the role of your favorite celebrities.

Gamers can engage in realistic activities and special moves while competing in various VS types. There are no lags and the touch controls are quick and fluid. Since it functions rather well on the majority of devices, you don’t need to worry about your device’s resources.

Best WWE Games for Android
  • The Rock, Seth Rollins, and other well-known WWE superstars are all represented in it.
  • The game has extensive multiplayer gameplay capabilities that allow for real-time player interaction.
  • You’ll enjoy the traditional arcade-style action in the various matches.
  • To study and exchange various wrestling techniques, players can join various communities and factions.
  • As you advance in the game, you can improve and alter your preferred wrestling stars.
  • To keep you interested in the WWE gaming universe, this game also offers unique events, championships, and daily assignments.


We are here to share our opinion of the best option. If you pay close attention, you must see that all of these games are initially highly compatible and cannot possibly tire you. Also, you are already aware of the official WWE app, which guarantees that you will never miss an episode.

I’ll have to say Wrestling Revolution, WWE Mayhem, and WWE Supercard. These three games are the most amazing and have the fewest bugs, in my opinion.

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